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  1. At the same match P a mate from B/met KT who travelled down under with your kid grabbed the cash bag from the turnstile guy as he was taking it to be weighed in he bolted up those steep steps into the crowd but the police got him we'd have had some night in the Mecca with that .
  2. Yes mate I saw it happen it was mad really massive police presence segregating us from them on thier kop and then at half time you could go where you wanted at the back of the terrace. It was during a bit of a stand off in proceedings that the kid well known lad darted forward and stabbed him brought it home to me as a 17 year how futile all that shit was a punch up was one thing but this wasn't good .Was planningon staying in Blackpool and going to the Mecca but the atmosphere understandably wasn't good so got home which wasn't easy police everywhere a grim day a long time ago .
  3. Your spot on about Blackpool in the fixture at Burnden prior to that bad incident which I saw happen at the back of thier kop they brought a decent mob and came on the Great Lever End they got a good kicking mind .The lad who lost his life was called Kevin Olson I think,and he was with their lot at Burnden .
  4. Once saw a great photo of Boltons sky line when all the mill chimneys were belching out smoke think it was taken from Scout Road.Thankfully someone had the foresight to put the arch over Newport St .
  5. Not been but gutted by this result what the fuck is going on ?think the step up from that ale house league we were in last year as become harder to breach than this one to the prem .Perhaps we will have to yoyo for a few seasons to re_establish ourselves,the worry with that is when the yoyo string fucks up .
  6. Exactly why I'm choosing clitheroe over the match,as I've got older I value my time more hours I can't get back bother me .I won't wait for petrol or a haircut dread traffic jams ect ,so when it came to a choice of a nice train journey a mooch round clitheroe a few scoops in some different pubs and lots of live music or the Macron I feel a little sad to admit but no contest .
  7. Big mod weekend in clitheroe starts tonight ,big scooter ride through town tomorrow afternoon and bands in all the pubs all day till late,saw Johnny Boy doing his northern soul repertoire last year.
  8. Interesting debate on radio yesterday as to whether the drone operators sat in complete safety should receive medals for the work they do,can see it must be extremely stressful wondering if you've got it right they also said after months of surveillance they can actually form a bond with the target.
  9. Woman on the radio yesterday said that if you see a white middle aged woman leave a parcel of some description in a public place or a young man of asian descent do the same ,then she would and you should treat them with equal suspicion.Thankfully I know which one would get me on my toes first .
  10. They were mentioned way back in the thread before I did .
  11. On the subject of Nazi's off to Southport airshow today to see two major players in their downfall the Spitfire and the mighty Lancaster "they sowed the wind now let them reap the whilwind " tally _ho
  12. Worked in Germany in summer 1976 on the building site's I'd just come out of my apprenticeship,it was very much like the Auf Wiedersehen tv series.I was in a town called Bielefeld looking back you think you know everything but your a bit naive at 19 or at least i was.Got on well with the younger locals but at the time sensed some resentment from the older end.Had some great adventures loads of beer they used to deliver it to the site and drink it like we drink tea a local lad also showed us how to send any fat lads we could find into the chemist shop where they would sell him amphetamine in a
  13. An interesting one I remember was for the club legend Eddie Hopkinson it was that last game against dirty Leeds we were safe and their was a not to bothered party atmosphere amongst our supporters,a minority of Yorkshire low life's didn't respect the silence and the whole mood in the ground changed to one of get into these bastards,I think playing a part in their relegation.
  14. Sad when the main talking point of an England game is a jumped up no mark who's career will probably finish trophy-less making obscene gestures.Had a glimmer of hope with big Sams appointment thought he may at least get the players to look interested and want to be involved,I honestly think most of them would rather be elsewhere.My answer give it back to amateur players selected by a panel convinced they could see of the likes of Malta,and you would get 100% effort and the same trophy haul as the toss pots who turn out now .
  15. Agree and remember most of the memories above but I believe their was something a bit special about that Peterborough game last season,I saw the next generation of whites and they really got behind the team from the start.I was sat near the away supporters and got the impression that they hadn't expected or witnessed partisan support like that before.
  16. The ex footballer pundits here drive me fucking mad they say Birminum and fucking Notinum imbeciles.
  17. Ha I see the reason i thought a certain number stopped was because I was on Entwistle platform trying to board one and the blighters kept flying by !After attempting to flag the first 3 down I abandoned the plan and retreated to the Duck .
  18. Pretty sure they are running on that line up to Clitheroe so you can get to Entwistle (Strawbury Duck) just be aware though that every train doesn't actually stop probably only every 4th or 5th .
  19. Cricket match this afternoon think SKD and Jussi involved,raising money for lad injured in Manchester bombing hope the sunshines ????
  20. Cheers for that Bolty (P)I know the N/S shop in Clitheroe there's another quality clothes shop there called Dapper and a big mod weekend in September I'll be going to .
  21. Something with a hole in the middle .
  22. Had a maroon coloured one but was always looking for a Prince of Wales checked one never managed to get one ,still have one now think they were worn by American college kids and got it's name from a 60s soap opera called Peyton Place a character in it called Harrington,think Sinatra also wore one .
  23. Remember him signing to replace the late great "Hoppy" I was only a kid but recall feeling underwhelmed sad to hear he's gone though.
  24. Shearer un Rooney = pair of cunts
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