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  1. Ben Macintyre writes some good stuff, Agent Zig Zag one of my favourite reads.
  2. Not read the whole thread but am I right assuming none of the 6 English clubs are owned by Brits ?
  3. Aye and the last 5 minutes against Forest.
  4. We have done remarkable well and I'm not as convinced as everyone else seems to be that we were a lot worse today, we came up against a team fighting for their lives who caught us cold with a brilliant finish that he'll probably never do again and if our goal had come 5 minutes sooner we probably would have found an equaliser.
  5. Dried Vesta ones fucking hell , why ?
  6. I've thought for a while that it's hardly an advantage and a long punt from the opposition goalkeeper suits us better, wonder how many miles Santos and John the Baptiste have done jogging up and legging it back all season and never got near an header.?
  7. He didn't spot Crellins as quick as me. 🤗
  8. Okidoki must be summert at the rear then, enjoy.
  9. Not sure it is , they've built a timber framed cover at the front, probably use the traffic lights for the disco.
  10. That top scorer only bent his fingers back about 4 weeks ago , I'd er yanked em back into place there and then soft twat and whilst I'm at it why did he need a stretcher?
  11. Been confident all week that we'd put this lot to the sword, until I saw em coming out fuck me they just looked fit, young and focused and the first half mirrored that. But we won so who cares.?
  12. Have they got 11 players on ?
  13. Stamp duty returns also.
  14. He some times as a bemused look on his face,like hes not sure where he is, may be throw back to Greece.
  15. Tranmere have Salford and Bradford as well not easy ones.
  16. Right pal it's just updated now .
  17. App thingy on my phone got em on 38 same as us just Cambridge on 39 fucking thing must be wrong then.
  18. Don't think they have a game in hand mate.
  19. Salford due to lose at home, and we'd have all taken the play offs 8 weeks ago.
  20. Chill out fella stop being so personal we all want the same at the end of the day.
  21. I know it's all been said, but fucking 6 points we gifted Tranmere if we'd only drawn one of em.
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