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  1. Think I've told this story on here before but never mind, it's about Frank being the speaker at a dinner at Breightmet Utd, it was on a Friday night and I was committed to going but sadly it coincided with that famous game at Hull, loads of lads were listening to our game on radio's and every time Frank got up to speak the place erupted in the Oh Frankie Frankie chant , it was pandemonium he eventually sacked the speech of and went on the piss with us all, a very very late night as I remember.
  2. Also sort of responsible for getting me twatted getting on the No 8 bus in Salford after we beat those red fuckers , the bastards jumped me , think it was the huge smile I just couldn't help myself.
  3. Responsible for my favourite football night at Ewood, and numerous other great memories RIP Frankie.
  4. Knew a lad years ago got weils disease from rat piss , he was doing drainage on site was in a bad way in hospital. I think iwas immune due to Prnce Bill Boddies .
  5. That hugemunus fella called it, for a complete knob he knows his footie.
  6. Doing a thing on us on Football Focus now.
  7. I remember leaving the Reebok and a bloke leaping from his seat shouting this is shit Allardyce fuck off, I think we were 5th in the prem made me smile then and still does.
  8. Just had an appointment at the hospital and called on Burnden on my way there, don't normally get over that way so it was just coincidence I was there about 3 o'clock strangely poignant when you think what was happening all those years ago .
  9. I'm to become a grandpappy for the first time in May, my sons expectant girlfriend as a beautiful long flowing mane of red hair, I have had to beg the question..... bloodnut alert.
  10. Happy birthday for Tuesday, 3 points be very nice.
  11. 75 years to the dsyof the Burnden disaster.
  12. Wounded at the moment, but this team is growing.
  13. Better than home schooling.
  14. Good chippy was Kens proper lard in't fryer and good quality Roy Hudds.
  15. Aye straight down the boot of Italy and on a boat from Brindisi , better to fly.
  16. Did a similar thing in 1976 cheapest holiday available 12 days in Corfu by fucking charabanc never gave the journey a second thought me and my mate got pissed in the Albion and chucked our bags in the boot, got on the bus every one else had shaving tackle and change of clothes didn't really know why, fuck me what followed nearly killed me four fucking days trapped on a wreck of a bus , I kept getting cramp and my legs swelled up I lay in the isle for 2 days . We had 3 fucking days in a tent and then back on the bastard bus home. Stopped at a service station in Italy and decided I was getting p
  17. I'm off to Darwen for my jab this morning, bring it on.
  18. Definitely I can't wait .
  19. A fine upstanding gentleman, I've known him for about 50 years , he'll survive he's a Tonge Moor lad.
  20. Wish him no harm but can't stand the smarmy fucker, and as for the name Tiger for a golfer ! ?
  21. What would happen to Manchester United the only games they plain Manchester were at Maine Rd when OT got bombed.
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