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  1. SatanGreavsie


    deja vu reading DerbyWays - threads about what division their phoenix club could end up in, players asked to take wage deferrals etc etc
  2. And keep in mind that just 7 months (almost to the day) ago we were 2-0 down at Mansfield with 10 minutes to go and facing being 20th in L2. After surprisingly winning that, having the run we did and a good start to the season, we're 37 places higher than that. OK, we can still be critical of performances, but also need to count blessings...
  3. Th'East Midlands Whites are just back, and are drinking heavily - almost as heavy as the rain at the back end of the A50
  4. aye - perhaps the (Tim) Flowers reference alongside three Saints was too much of a giveaway. Must try harder...
  5. SatanGreavsie


    DerbyWays has gone into meltdown Notice to appoint administrators - Derby County Forum - DCFC Fans
  6. Ted Undies at his best "Well, I mentioned Poirot. Who wrote about him? Yes, that's right Agatha Christie. So you said Morecambe as they played at Christie park. Good answer. But who was another famous Morecambe? Eric. And name another famous footballer sharing a name with his on-stage partner? Dennis Wise of course. And who did he play for - well it was Chelsea, and who is another famous Chelsea. Well, Chelsea Clinton - and where did she get her Masters degree at - Oxford. Yes, the answer was Oxford, not Morecambe. Bad luck Tony and Beryl from Swadlingcote...here's your Dusty Bin miniature, here's what you could have won"
  7. Aye, that's what I was thinking with a game like Sunderland; if it's highlighted on their forum (RTG has a shed load go on it) and 4k of the buggers turn up encouraged to dig out spare change, then that's a significant amount could get "bucketed" in the space of an hour or so
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