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  1. Just a little follow on from that. Looking at Carliseways again about how their day went, there's further proof that things are a bit different up there: "The best one I heard was some bloke on one of the CUSAT buses put his bag in the luggage section then when he fancied a bite to eat when reaching up he was bitten by a Bat! Not sure which coach company it was."
  2. Echo all the thoughts on here; horrible news 😔
  3. Fucking Vulcans, coming down here and taking all our jobs. I'm not speciesist (some of my best friends are Klingon), but them pointy eared bastards swan in thinking they own the gaff just because they have an IQ of 600. "Live long and fuck off back to where you came from" I say...
  4. Aye, I don't trust Pompey. Only a handful of points off playoffs last year but drew 19. Start converting a few of them, and with good fan numbers, they could be a worry. Said it before, but much as I'll love going back to Orient for old times sake, having it later in the first half of the season - when they've lost this year's momentum - would be good. Looked at their site. 4k STs sold in their renewal phase but also they have an incentive scheme for the ticket to get used. So there are rewards for the number of times a bum hits a seat (even, of course, if it's not the actual ST holder). Pretty meagre e.g. you get an exclusive scarf for 20 uses and a % off next year if it's used for every game. But interesting they are trying to maximise actual attendance.
  5. Reet, that answers my question I guess then - so the risk all falls on whether just the club itself goes into admin (not necessarily goes under completely, but you'd be screwed under admin?).
  6. as one poster says: " no wonder the world thinks we're backward" 😆
  7. Big meltdown on Carliseways. Club have fucked it big time; didn't do with an e-ticketing company in order to "save supporters money and give the face to face experience of the ticket office". But they're still adding a £1.50 service charge ( it was £2.50 for us, to immediately have a ticket you could print off or have on our phone) - and they had to pick it up or rely on the post. Or pick up from Wembley, but they haven't confirmed to people a ticket will be waiting or where exactly to pick it up from. No worries, they said, there'll be pay on the day. Except now there isn't. Those that were ST holders could get first dibs - but were only given the cheap seats. And even those buying later could only specify category not the actual position that the etickting gave us. And out of the blue they stopped selling at 3 yesterday afternoon! Due to managing the ticket sales themselves, they didn't have time to organise coaches (unlike the 72 we took). Oh and to distinguish tickets that are at concession rates for kids or oldies, they've handwritten "con" on them (someone has included a photo of one and it's true). Except some people buying standard tickets have that written on them due to a fuck up. So they'd expected 20+ k going and it now seems 15. To think, they could have remembered how us and Plymouth filled it with 79k and got on the blower for some tips 🤨
  8. gives the game away if you google it. So don't!
  9. New Fistmaster advertising slogan - "boldly go where no man has gone before"
  10. For just £15 you can buy this Halloween treat from their club online shop. I say Halloween treat, but in fact I suspect it's actually the squad photo for next season:
  11. Question for the production team of FistmasterTM - is there a version with AI yet (asking for a friend)?
  12. Looking it up, the Charlton takeover seems to be a bit rocky, with ownership of the ground an issue? But if they sort that then you could imagine someone having the good sense to invest some serious money into a club that is London based. There aren't many of them to pick up after all. Pompey must look back on a season where they finished, what 6 points behind playoffs?, but drew 19. If they'd converted a draw to a spawny win every few months they could have been at Wembley. As you say, Wycombe if they gain consistency, and you won't want to play Orient early on in the season (but they'll fade, bit like Shrewsbury did). Get rid of Wednesday and there's no reason to put us behind Derby and Barnsley in terms of automatics (as it stands anyhow - hopefully still saying that at the end of September!).
  13. Indeed. No reason to fear Barnsley or Derby (or assume we're any better than them). Tinpot teams coming down (though one will come good, they usually do - won't be Wigan though), few else from this league to worry about apart from if Wycombe get consistent or Pompey learn how to convert some draws into wins. Nobody coming up that's a sleeping giant (though Orient will be one to avoid early season until they run out of steam - cracking old school away though).
  14. I hope all that metal she's wearing was ethically sourced/manufactured
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