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  1. Cracking image today of the space station as it travels direct in front of the sun https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E42ZkkfVgAMwiuv?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
  2. This one should be priority tickets for those with vouchers from the last time we really played away at Wimbledon, at Plough Lane, in the snow.
  3. Roast Beef & Yorkshire Terrier with spuds and gravy - can't beat it
  4. So it's my fault now is it?!
  5. Giant Haystack's first "nom de guerre" before he changed it after the threat of legal action from the Royal Horticultural Society and Percy Thrower. When the latter was murdered in March 1988 Haystacks got a knock from the coppers but was never charged as his alibi (that he was beating King Kong Kirk by two falls at Mansfield Civic Centre) at the time was accepted. But the thing is, Kirk died in August of the previous year after being splashed by Big Daddy in Great Yarmouth ( see Malcolm Kirk - Wikipedia ), so it makes you wonder....
  6. Few years back, down a boozer just before Xmas, I tied the challenge of how fast you could eat 3 standard sized mince pies (swallowing all of one before starting the next, and no drink to help). Properly timed etc and did a time (just under a minute i think) that we just assumed would be rubbish compared to the professionals. Then next year there was summat in the national press about Guinness ratifying a new world record - and the old record they quoted was slower than my time. So in fact for a short time I would have been, in the words of Roy Castle " a mince pie munching, suet scoffing reco
  7. 18-crown-6 for the copper. Testicular atrophy - they drop off.
  8. Their planet is called Deffo? Others in their solar system: Maybe, Nochance and Nah. Always kicks off when Nah play then Deffonian bastards in the Zlargon Cup (it's a bit like the Sherpa Van trophy, but for beryllium-based insectoids who breath through their testicles).
  9. Remember one year there, couple of lads in the row in front finally made it to their to their seats after half time a bit worse for wear. Another asked them where a missing guy was - "fallen asleep in the bogs" was the reply. 10 minutes later he turns up, leathered, and then after a few minutes chucks his guts up all over the poor sod in the row in front. That fella on the receiving end was not happy (can't have been a pleasant journey home!). Might have been the game Yuri Geller was in our end. Knowing him he'd probably claim he used his mental powers to cause the spewage.
  10. aye. Leigh White's head lower left, doing summat unspeakable and the bloke in the middle's looking down and saying "you dirty sod"...
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