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  1. Ted Undies at his finest. "Well Ethel, you heard me say "Uncovered a clue. It may help for them with good memories" and guessed that the "good" bit referred to Goodison and hence Everton. Well, it was a good (pauses for laughter) answer but in fact wrong. I also mentioned "Memories", which is a famous song from the musical Cats. And who sang the version that made the charts? Well, it was Elaine Paige as you well know. And which ground shares the same two starting letters of her first name? Yes, it's Elland Road. Hard luck Ethel and Barry. Here's a Dusty Bin to take back to your modest East Midlands home in Syston, just behind the Pukka Pie factory. And here's what you could have won:
  2. All cheetah cubs are born apparently headless, as their entire heads are actually retracted below the level of their shoulder blades and angled up so they can suckle. They only pop up after a month or in some cases up to six. In rare cases they don't come up and they're fucked as they can run very fast but have no idea where to.
  3. Did you used to go on your pushbike on the coal (I guess?) tips on Lostock Lane opposite the old Bromilow? Many a memory from that as a kid in the 70s, th'uppy downies as they were nicknamed.
  4. no idea, but it does have a Donny and Marie
  5. Feeling I might have to go all Ted Undies with this
  6. Might be, not sure. But it wouldn't be there and back same day...
  7. aye, it's like a portal to Narnia
  8. Yeh, I remember when Simon Inglis published his football ground guide in the early 80s he commented that Chelsea's big stand was unlikely to be repeated anywhere else in the future! His crystal ball must have been in for its MOT that day. On the subject of big stands, by all accounts you can see Liverpool's big redeveloped main stand from inside Goodison. I suspect you could be inside either Notts County's ground or Forest's and see a bit of the other on the opposite bank of the Trent. Any other grounds where you could see someone else's if you were inside yours? Obviously most of the new "bowl" type ones are likely out as there'd be no gaps...
  9. as above, yes. I'll need to start photoshopping some red herrings in 😃
  10. This one might not be - ground is circled
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