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  1. If we are winning handsomely and it's 0-0 at derby, at what stage in the game (if ever) do they kind of give up the ghost in terms of really pushing for a goal and just revert to not conceding?
  2. And Soton even though we lost. Astonishing turnout.
  3. It would be an eclectic mix, with summat for everyone. MickyD gets a pop inspired highlight While Casino's is darker and takes the audience down a different route but to finish off Gonzo provides a tearjerker (not sure where he's "going back to"? Chippy near Preston? North Stand Upper? Wembley?). And who are the other WWers accompanying him.
  4. aye, can't knock them if they manage that
  5. Aye though maybe he was under fire for allowing big away numbers for a crucial game. If they're out of the reckoning for autos by then, then they might as well hand over as many as possible?
  6. This mon Great-grandad, 111, is world's oldest living man - BBC News Born August 1912, so would have been starting to look forward to his 11th birthday when we played the White Horse final. If he'd been local he could have been dragged along to try to get in! I'm sure he can still tell stories about hearing about the match the next day. All down to fish and chips it seems; there's a moral there (but he can fuck off with the mushy peas) 😃
  7. is that credit off the next ST? Or just towards some tat from the club shop?
  8. The shittest had to be Libya's during the Gaddafi times; no expense spared on the complexity and deep allegorical and historical matching of symbolism, functionality and history. A rich and intelligent nod to the renowned green vastness of the desert nation :
  9. It was only 27 years after they were champions of the whole thing!
  10. Yeh, I remember thinking it could be us in a year's time after Aldershot did us. Wasn't it Lincoln went down after Torquay's game got extra time added after a police dog bit a player! Still, after all the fuss about being the first to go out automatically, they just came straight back as I recall.
  11. Aye, didn't they beat Brentford in the playoffs about 10 years ago to get to Championship? Compare them now - one has a new ground and reasonable Prem security, looked at as a great model - other is a basket case as you say.
  12. On the third day he'll rise again
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