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  1. From CNN Company debuts vending machines selling ammunition in 3 Southern states | CNN Vending machines selling ammunition will now be in grocery stores in Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma – a move that has generated mixed feelings from officials in those states. American Rounds, the distributor of the machines, uses AI technology to scan the customers’ identification as well as facial recognition software to verify a customer’s identity, according to the company’s website. The software works together to verify the buyer’s age and that the person using the machine matches the identification scanned. Each machine sells ammunition for various firearm calibers, including rifles, shotguns and handguns, according to American Rounds.
  2. Could be a very good game now....
  3. Article in the BN. Not sure why someone in Northumbria is locally relevant, but the quotes at the end suggest that the esteemed David has a rival to take over his mantle of the quiet but authoritative voice of nature on "Living Planet V" or summat https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/24436239.man-films-wild-poisonous-snakes-crawling-around-uk/ Tommy then demonstrates how he deals with the serpents: "So what we do is we gently prod her." He prods. Then addresses the snake directly. "Go on, f*** off." The offended snake slithers away. "And she's gone. You'd think we were in f****** Texas, not Northumbria."
  4. Get fettled cockers!
  5. Self identifies as a buddleia as well, and sobs when he says all the butterflies are shunning him. "It's so hard being a trans-plant" he wails at the start of the gofundme campaign (aiming to raise 100L of John Innes Peat Free compost and a bag of mulch).
  6. Vincent Kompany. In a car.
  7. as per a previous response to you saying this
  8. From the wiki page on St.Florian, Patron Saint of firefighters. The bit I've bolded shows he was, in fact, a reet hard cunt Florian was born around AD 250 in the ancient Roman city of Aelium Cetium, present-day Sankt Pölten, Austria. He joined the Roman Army and advanced in the ranks,[3] rising to commander of the imperial army in the Roman province of Noricum. In addition to his military duties, he was also responsible for organizing and leading firefighting brigades. Florian organized and trained an elite group of soldiers whose sole duty was to fight fires.[4] During the Diocletianic Persecution of Christians, reports reached Rome that Florian was not enforcing the proscriptions against Christians in his territory. Aquilinus was sent to investigate these reports. When Aquilinus ordered Florian to offer sacrifice to the Roman gods in accordance with Roman religion, Florian refused. Florian was sentenced to be burned at the stake. Standing on the funeral pyre, Florian is reputed to have challenged the Roman soldiers to light the fire, saying "If you wish to know that I am not afraid of your torture, light the fire, and in the name of the Lord I will climb onto it."[5] Apprehensive of his words, the soldiers did not burn Florian, but executed him by drowning him in the Enns River with a millstone tied around his neck instead.[3][4]
  9. Thing is the game is supposed to be about skill. Nobody has the skill to judge a fast moving attack, where they're looking for the ball and keeping half an eye on the man, to the level of a few centimeters when things are moving at printers pace. yeh you can play mind games with the opponent and leave them a full pace ahead or behind. But an inch or less? That's not skill, it's pure luck. And at speed and camera frame rates its meaningless anyhow. It almost comes down to a philosophical question - when do you "play" a ball? Is it the last moment you're in contact with it or after the first appearance of daylight from your boot? At the very least there must be daylight between planted boots. That's an absolute baseline for skill to be genuinely involved surely i.e. the attacked has genuinely stepped behind (in any sense we meaningfully use the phrase in real life) the opponent before the ball leaves his teammate's foot. So in the above case if the back of his his boot was touching the grass and was directly below the right edge of that 2nd "E" in "respect" then OK. You could just about claim he'd fucked up or the defender had done well. They could just about realistically say they meant it. Anything less is bollocks. Especially when so much subjective stuff can then come in about obstructing keeper's views etc. Still, Hawk Eye made £46M from global football in 2022, so that goose will not get shut of its golden egg any time soon; corporate jollies for FIFA elite will see to that.
  10. Them two look like a couple of low-level "geezers" from opposite sides of the River greeting each other at a Kray funeral
  11. Thing is, if someone lacks charisma but has done the bizzo then players will listen with respect. Fashion sense, political leanings etc are all mere bagatelles as well. Fact is he had three years at Boro which saw them relegated. In itself that's not a badge of dishonour for a club that size, if you then went on to spend the next four years building success somewhere else. Bring a giant back into the prem, do an Emery and get an unexpected CL place, deal with adversity in some cup games and battle through to an unexpected FA Cup win. Etc. What did he do for those next four years? To quote wiki: he had " four years out of football". That lack of experience cannot be bought through international management. There's not enough games - at all, never mind meaningful ones (ie not friendlies or half the qualifiers which will be against tinpot teams). It's not even his fault really; he simply doesn't have to "been there, done that" as a manager to gain players respect and awe and to deal with adversity in real time. Still, on £4M a year I doubt he gives a toss.
  12. His wiki page suggests he's already paid nigh on £1M in club fines. That page is an interesting 5 minute read! To think it's only 2 years ago he won manager of the month for Bristol Rovers and then oversaw that 7-0 win that got them up, one of the most amazing results in league history really. Shows that for all the hard man talk and desire to criticise others, he hasn't got the bottle to knuckle down (though he's good with is knuckles, I'll give him that!) and actually just grind out a managerial career while behaving himself. He's just taking the easy way out by taking to the keyboard. He should realise it's a waste of potential - but I doubt he's arsed really.
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