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  1. They missed out the bit where the old cock goes round to thank them the next day and accidentally runs the dog over with his mobility scooter. Shaking with shock they sit him down by their door to have a ciggy to get over it and he inadvertently sets sets fire to a bottle of paint stripper they were using - and burns the house down. Back at the pub he tries to get over all with a pint and the battery in his scooter goes off, burning the pub to a cinder. "I'm not crying" he says as he sifts through the charred wreckage of wood and bones, with a strange look of satisfaction in his eyes. He's finally shaken off the grief of his wife's death and it's just like the old days before her mysterious chip pan fire (which was mysterious, given that she didn't own a chip pan). As he saunters off clutching a pack of Swan Vestas the video finishes on a quote thus: "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire" W.B Yeats
  2. Wasn't it him who implored the doctor "don't tell me I've shaved me nuts fer nowt?!" after the vasectomy appointment turned out to be for a discussion only?
  3. Aye, Tony Curtis looked nowt like Kirk Douglas! Fun fact - the latter was born Issur Danielovitch but changed his name to the capital of the IOM as he was a big fan of the TT races.
  4. Aye, back in very early 90s I was living in London and mate at work was a Hull fan. So a few of us went to their League Cup 2nd leg at Loftus Road. 3-0 down from the home game they were, but even so quite a few Hull had come down just for the hell of it!
  5. Trouble is, can you imagine the legal power City have at their disposal - not to mention political. Schemes as you say have been used - there was City thing where they got significant sponsorship from a betting company nobody had ever heard of and they wheeled out Teddy Sherringham (for some obscure reason) and the company's "CEO" (who turned out to be a "glamour model" power dressed for the day) to celebrate it. A company started and owned in the middle east, with no discernable activity. Everton are any easy win at the moment as right now the 3 or 4 basket cases will ensure they don't go down (though they will be hit with positional prize money at the end of the season - it was nigh on a million per place when we were struggling, so it'll be very significant now). In their case, fuck 'em. I hope their new ground stalls and they end up playing in L1 in their ramshackle pit for the foreseeable - they deserve it. Though they won't. But the self elected big boys have too much clout unfortunately, even if the investigations are remarkably thorough. City could take the hit of a big points deduction, wipe the slate clean with a lack of CL for a season and then obliterate all and sundry from then on. Long term they'd care not a jot. Best you could hope for is Newcastle's owners to be a bit more discreet in spending their $0.5 trillion PIF money from now on.
  6. Right thinking but wrong answer
  7. me too edit: just seen it's not. Shite.
  8. Not sure if posted before, but this site shows the scale of the first events. On the first page hit "next" and you can zoom into each area. Mapping the Massacres (oct7map.com)
  9. No they've moved on. It's "truck or treat" nowt
  10. Thing is still alive and living in a retirement home in Grange-over-Hands
  11. Never a fan anyway, but last year sealed it for me when a good week or more before Halloween I was up my my recently departed owd Mam's house in Daisy Hill doing some more clearance, and the neighbours two doors away (but effectively in front of the house as she was in one of two at the end of a cul de sac) had Halloween placcy gravestones laid out all over their front garden.
  12. Funny how names get engrained on memory. In the 70s as a kid I had no great interest in cricket but his name stuck with me and the notion of slow bowling (I didn't appreciate any complexities, I just assumed they cobbed it down as fast as possible). Similar for this guy Ehteshamuddin (cricketer) - Wikipedia Stuck in my mind ever since simply because I was idly watching on the tele and it was announced he played for Daisy Hill, and here he was in a test match. Odd really; I remember both names from decades ago in a sport I'm not fussed about, but couldn't tell you what I had for tea yesterday. Fucking thick old cunt that I am.
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