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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Ted'll get his comeuppance one of these days, mark my words.
  2. Southend indeed - but actually during some movie filming, not a game
  3. Well when I went all Ted Undies with "Leading us up a garden path again" it should have given it away.
  4. Leading us up a garden path again
  5. That sentient Google AI thing will be managing the Isle Of Man team who will be in the Championship thanks to its prowess and unlimited funds from China, who sensibly kept well out of WWIII. Ted Undies will be posting "name the ground" questions based on 6 pixels and a quote from Alvin Stardust's debut album. Bolton will have proudly wrestled the title "highest ground in the country" from WBA thanks to the new "Rivington Pikes Lane" built up Winter Hill, with the slope playing to our advantage. The 2034 World Cup will awarded to Moon Base 1, thanks to an underhand bid from NASA. The COVID 21 pandemic means that the Champions League will be played behind closed doors in the Antarctic. Captainmed attends with snow shoes, crampons and a ladder.
  6. 🙂 Check out 10 years ago to the day Terrace Talk - Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021
  7. Remember away at QPR when he came over to our end after the whistle, clapped us then bent down to pick up a tooth he'd dropped off behind the goal line!
  8. Plus its just a cue for situations where someone plays a long ball cross field directly in front of them, so then when summat comes from it, VAR then spends ages working out if it went backwards just a little or not.
  9. Aussies qualified for WC via penalties today
  10. Not a documentary, a comedy, but if you're of a certain age the number of references they put in will jog the memory as much as a doc would. Fairly ropey quality vid, but that's to be expected as I don't think it was ever repeated or released on dvd etc. Which is a pity as it is brilliant! Pick a time you can watch it all in one go and revel in 1970s nostalgia
  11. Good stuff, but I got nowt on the first go as I thought it was based on goals per game ☹️
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