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  1. I'd pay good money - good money - to see the 3-0. One of the greatest experiences watching Bolton, and an atmosphere the yoof of today couldn't even begin to imagine.
  2. Ditto - only my 2nd or 3rd away game and was in that stand. One abiding memory is looking at the away end - as packed as any stand I've ever seen since, seriously. And I saw a good few packed ones on the Embankment with away fans at Burnden in the next few years e.g. Liverpool in '79 when they stuffed us 4-1.
  3. is the main figure taking a gander round the pitch?
  4. Anthill Mob - the early years
  5. original link seems to have died but anyhow, you're all much too far north...but there is a mining connection of sorts (or at least Ted Undies would find one)
  6. Third replay in fact! The other match has one as well, so 6 games in total to sort the semi finals out! It's what they did back then.
  7. Yes, it's Liverpool v Arsenal...
  8. Exactly - plus there was also the fact you were promoting that country. Danny Baker made the point a while back, that back in the day a "friendly" was often exactly that. So breaking down barriers - I' sure there was an England v East Germany many, many moons ago that did (or tried to do) that. If you go back to the 70s it was a novelty to see a live colour broadcast from somewhere far away. To some extent that continued until cheap extensive travel and youtube meant that nobody needs to "learn" about somewhere else and their players now - as you say, half of them are playing here anyhow. Single country tournaments do make it easier for travelers, but it'll continue to be just about money. For example Saudi's $40B dollar bid for 2030 propping up Egypt and Greece. Saudi Arabia to bid $40 billion for FIFA 2030 World Cup - Arabian Business
  9. Things is, when they had the one in Japan/Korea back in 2002 it seemed an odd choice. But there was some logic behind it in that with a combined area twice the UK and a population >3 times it was possible to hope for a legacy. And given the players that have come out of them, and the continued tv interest that no doubt bolsters PL coffers, you could argue it kind of worked. Qatar is half the size of Wales, and the population (nationals, not fast-buck earning ex-pats or disposable immigrant labour) is about that of Cardiff. So in effect it's like a WC taking place in South Wales. Not even a combo of Max Boyce, Plaid Cymru national executive and the Eisteddfod organising committee would advocate that! And that's before all the other issues. The next one is continent-wide and I don't see why that shouldn't continue.
  10. Aye, probably - I lose track!
  11. Aye, it's as north and eastern as the North West is north and western after all?
  12. "Well Doreen, you correctly noticed I'd used 3 emojis. So you thought of "we three kings of Orient are" and went for Brisbane Road. Well it was a good guess. But what other "three" has historical significance? Well of course it's the fact that William the Conqueror invaded England on 28th September 1066, exactly three days after a significant battle up in the North East. And where was that battle? Stamford Bridge of course. Yes you're nodding in agreement now, you realise your stupid mistake. Hard luck Doreen and Ernie. Here's a ceramic Dusty Bin to take back to your delightful static caravan in Kegworth in the East Midlands, directly below the airport flight path approach. And here's what you could have won..."
  13. and out of the draw so early not even any suspense
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