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  1. Connection to the ground is the Ian Greaves stand
  2. Another easy one to make up for the last
  3. No, more of a field than a wood
  4. There is a Bolton connection to the ground though
  5. not according to Google Earth
  6. not in Wales, though I guess there's a connection if you dig deep enough
  7. Bit tougher this one, even for Traf
  8. "Driving through a shithole"?
  9. aye (location, not the pic - I've not "done a Mounts" 😀 )
  10. New variation Name the ground from an altitude of 10 kilometers. Easy one to start
  11. Now Jim, when I mentioned "rattle" you immediately thought of "rattler" a colloquial name for a train, and suggested Crewe Alexandra, a place inextricably linked to trains. Well it was a good idea but...what's another famous "rattle"? Yes, of course it's Sir Simon Rattle. And what was the highpoint of his early career? Well as you know, it was being made music director of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in 1980. Now what's another high point in Birmingham? Yes, the it's the Hawthorns, the highest ground above sea level in the country. So hard luck Jim and Irene; here's a dusty bin to take back to Newton Burgoland, near Swepstone in the sunny East Midlands. And here's what you could have won...
  12. Aye, never understood that - you talk about complacency but I'm pretty sure that results that day could have put us out - and that would have been out of what realistically could have been the last Euro competition we'd ever be in in most people's lifetimes.
  13. Villa semi final. Was in the director's bit for the return leg thanks to connections. Holte End was fecking noisy that day from where I was, to be fair.
  14. Implants are the next big thing: The microchip implants that let you pay with your hand - BBC News
  15. £8 a game for someone committing to a whole season is a fucking rip off.
  16. Talking of Burnden, as I never venture anywhere near there now - and maybe only ever driven past the old site a couple of times since the last ever game - couple of questions. Have a vague memory of someone saying the position of the old centre spot is marked on the car park - or did I dream it? Plus, are there any remnants still in situ? Looking on streetview there seems to be quite a banking between the car park/ store and the old streets that run alongside by the old Lever End and Paddock. Is this totally "new" or is it old rubble from the ground that has been planted over??
  17. Imodium should help
  18. Main thing I remember about the postponed game was driving up from Th'East Midlands in the worst rain I've ever driven any distance in. I, and many other cars, had to stop under a bridge at one point on the M1 as you literally couldn't see . Coming across the hills it calmed a bit but then just by Halifax the news came on R5 it was off. Then my fan belt almost completely gave up the ghost and I had a miserable journey back with the car squealing like a banshee that had wandered onto the set of Deliverance. Needless to say Th'East Midlands Whites drank unusually heavily once back.
  19. I thought you had it then for a moment
  20. Ted Strikes again, with his inflatable ego
  21. aye, at the demo someone put a brick through the Aldershot Team coach windscreen. Proper shook the driver up and he was being checked out. I remember thinking, "yeh, he's the main man at fault for all this, clearly.... the poor sod"
  22. Burnley had just survived in the 4th on the last day (as it was the first season of auto relegation to the Conference) - so I remember thinking that could be use in a year's time. It was a bigger deal back then as it was being equated to extinction, even though Lincoln (?), who went down, actually came straight back up.
  23. The only consolation for walking away from Burnden that day, wondering what the hell the future would hold, was walking away from Fratton Park 18 years later having just qualified for Europe and wondering what the draw would hold. The former made the latter even sweeter, and I wouldn't have missed them 18 years for the world.
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