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  1. Rennet Rosenthal Alan Curdishley
  2. Aye - very much a "half full or half empty" scenario. While you can make a case for other teams you can dismiss it as well. In recent years the division has had plenty of "sleepers" who you knew could latch on to momentum - the Sheffields, Sunderland, Ipswich, Derby and Pompey. Along with us. But of the ones left after this season you're not looking at any of that magnitude (unless maybe someone came in and really had Charlton make the most of their potential fan base). Yes, Peterborough, Barnsley will do their usual stuff; Lincoln might even keep their late momentum going. Brum and Huddersfield came down for a reason and will need to build while Wrexham need to go up a notch despite their Hollywood backing. So we've as much chance as anyone to get off to a good start and dominate. Part of that is getting rid of the Wigan, Stockport etc hoodoo. That's my "half full" rant. Of course I could do "half empty" as well...
  3. They should get rid of that fucking drum
  4. Th'East Midlands Whites are just back - not sure we can even bother to start drinking heavily. Maybe I'll just open a can and pass it from one hand to another for 10 minutes while the glass in front of me stays resolutely still. Then I'll just go backwards and pour it down the shitter and start again.
  5. Bit miffed nobody has radio rights
  6. Aye, that was the take on it on here back then. he was saying well you could do this, and on the face of it it might solve issues, but then it just raises others. Looking back 12 years almost to the day, when we finally went down from the Prem at Stoke: at that stage Brentford and Bournemouth both finished mid table L1. They're now in new grounds and are on the back of a good few years in the Prem. Luton finished in the playoffs in Conference (didn't go up) but have now had a Prem season and have a new ground in the offing. In that time we've nose-dived and almost ceased to exist. That's football, that's the beauty of it, albeit sometimes a horrible beauty. Back in May 2012 if you'd have asked most fans who, out of those 4, would have the brighter future for the next decade, I doubt many would have put us bottom of the heap. As Sharon says, that's why you have the pyramid.
  7. well remember that game at Mansfield with everyone having to watch on iFollow as we were 2 down with not long left and a cross spawned into the net and then we somehow ended up winning. If that cross had stayed as a cross, and we lost, the whole momentum of the run in would have been lost. Look back to the time in the game it went in and have a round of applause on the dot at Wembley for it? Of course not.
  8. It's an interesting question going forward, not so much in terms of paying homage to FV, as just in general. Of course we need perspective in that Feb 2001 we were 20th in L2 and 18 months or so earlier were on the brink of ceasing altogether. That can never be forgotten; but when you've then risen a few full levels in both sporting and financial viability terms, it also has to be about how you get to the next level. Difficult balancing act; in anything in life if you rise from rock bottom you need to keep progressing and can be critical of lack of progress - while always keeping that perspective. Thing is, I'm sure Sharon appreciates that completely. Become a "safe" Championship side and if in a few years they step aside then that's the stage we can look back and show our appreciation.
  9. Got the impression that half of them were Chelsea fans in their day jobs.
  10. Bravo, I doff my hat sir!
  11. Indeed, I don't know why I bother. Pearls before swine 😃
  12. So Crewe v Crawley at Wembley. Is this first ever match (between teams not from the same city/town) in a Wembley final whose names begin with the same first two letters?
  13. 2?? Bit excessive isn't it? Floodlight output should be limited (could always play the "green" card here) and the ref allowed to stop the game if he can see both goals perfectly from the centre spot; mandatory fines for any club having a pitch playable on after 75 minutes and/or a penalty spot that doesn't need re-painting mid game; expulsion from the competition for any club's catering fielding edible food and a life-time ban for vegan comestibles; "kick it in" banners round the ground reminding fans of the FA's commitments to casual violence; Financial Fair Play rules introduced making it fine for the ref to get a free Lada for services rendered. It's the future.
  14. Terell Thomas at Charlton isn't happy at being released "You absolute shower"
  15. They should make the League Cup retro to get interest back as an experiment. As above plus urinals have to be capped to ensure rivers of piss; trainer's medical bag limited to wintergreen rub, 20 Capstan full strength and a flask of brandy; red cards only for life changing injury; yellow card for failing to head the ball or for keeper not wearing a green top or possessing gloves; stewarding limited to ensuring smoking in the ground and taking St.Johns Ambulance donations at half time; screens turned off and score updates limited to an alphabetical system decipherable only via your programme, which has a cut out and keep voucher stamp for the final. Tv coverage could go retro as well - Jimmy Hill kipper ties and presenters half pissed. The FA Cup is on its arse but this would see the League Cup rise like a Phoenix. Oh and cash only and away fights count double.
  16. Are train strikes deffo not on that day?
  17. Absolutely, I was impressed - and while there were expensive options for build your burger etc they looked quality and some cheaper stuff (chicken and chips plus pint) options did the bizzo at not ridiculous cost. Key moral of the story is do not buy outside as it's shite and well overpriced.
  18. Long opinion piece on the Yank protests They aren’t revolutionaries. They’re bigoted brats - spiked (spiked-online.com) Thing is, they didn't need to send the cops in - just cut off the internet and put phone jammers out and they'd have left within the hour claiming human rights violations
  19. Yeh, I'm sure it never used to have that wooden lid
  20. I've just had a "big crunch" thanks to the past-its use-by-date microwave shepherd's pie I got from the Co-op for lunch today. So there might be summat in what you say. But it didn't take me $12B to prove it - it was 49p. Money well spent to probe the intricacies of the cosmological constant and me poor old expanding ring-piece. I think I've just shat a good few Higg's Bosons worth of dark matter. The splash-back probably contained the secret of the long sought after relationship between gravity and quantum field theory. Be a Nobel prize there if I hadn't flushed it. Twice.
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