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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. While everyone shakes their head at the last one, there's this:
  2. aye Pompey - but you only get half marks 🙂
  3. nope we did have a particularly bad night there once
  4. yep! Plus - whenever I did it anyhow - the flight path was always slightly south of the ground on approach. Hence "rightly so" in the clue. Ted Greavsie
  5. nope As I say, most of us will have looked down on them; rightly so during Euro years.
  6. Well on that last point, I wonder what the best one was before it was vacated. Not in terms of history/memories etc as Burnden would not be beat. But in terms of perfectly serviceable grounds being sold, knocked down and moved from simply for economics?
  7. if you're all replying to my last but one effort, copied at the top of this page, - then it's been solved: Grimsby. My last one still stands though (Traf knows, but he always does and is not saying).
  8. remember, it's a Ted Undies clue....
  9. Ted Undies type clue - all of us have probably, quite rightly, looked down at them at some time or other.
  10. If Stuart Holden had played for the land of his birth, Scotland, then not only would his career have been more successful, Bolton fans would have regularly joined the "tartan army" on their travels...
  11. Filbert Street - you used to enter through a terrace of houses
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