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  1. Closer it gets the more worried I get !
  2. Still pissed off but like previous posters we have been poor recently we have to find a way to score more than 1 goal to make sure we win that said still think we will do it against Crawley coywm .
  3. It's gone win next week we are up let's move on
  4. Just win next week that's it we are up
  5. I am worried for next week we just cant put teams away
  6. Ffs last game now surely we cant mess this up now
  7. Well done great to see coywm
  8. Agree with everybody we need to be at it from the start because I guarantee they will but must take our chance could this be the game we finally trounce somebody !
  9. That was an awful last 20 minutes but we have scraped another win just hope Sarc is fit for saturday we need his goals and hope for once we take our chances and dont have to watch another 20 minutes of hanging on my heart cant take anymore.
  10. Yeah but that is the problem Casino we dont take our chances and it's a worry goals win games and we are missing too many and it's going to cost us.
  11. Today Grimsby wanted it more than us on Tuesday its Carlisle I expect us to win no excuses . Sooner we get Sarc back the better because we do not have a number 10 Lee is not the answer
  12. That was poor how bad are out set pieces and it's been like that all season. IE needs to give them a rocket up there arses
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