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  1. Looks like he’s enjoyed his 65th birthday .
  2. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Foden done nothing ?
  3. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Don’t agree Gonzo he’s more direct and doesn’t fall over when touched but heyho it’s all about opinions.
  4. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Don’t agree he slows the game down to much and falls over to easily and he’s been poor this season according to a City fan I work with .
  5. Excellent interview explained everything now we move on COYWN!
  6. A really good interview just shows the limitations of Evatt tactical nous !
  7. That’s the tweak needed to the system a DM who can sit in front of the back 3 and cover for the WB who are easily caught out of position and this is what the DM can do he can fill in these gaps but Sheehan in this present system cannot do this he’s too easily knocked off the ball .
  8. Disagree you need a DM who can win the ball protect the defence and play a simple pass to players like Sheehan who can pass the ball and make things happen.
  9. Got to agree with this we need somebody as Sheehan would be better further forward .
  10. I would suggest that midfield was weak in numbers 5 players for 3 positions and GT continually getting booked didn’t help either .
  11. Seems Dempsey was playing with a back fracture no wonder he was struggling!
  12. Agree with this our midfield is just not good enough disappear when the going gets tough especially Sheehan.
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