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  1. Humphrey’s is carrying an hip injury
  2. Rizlar


    He will go back to West Brom if that’s the case feel sorry for him could have played a part in our promotion.
  3. I live and work in Wigan and believe you me they hate us and for me the feelings are mutual bunch of deluded tossers with no backbone!
  4. Good result for us Peterboro will now have 1 eye on the final !
  5. Excellent result better second half just need to start quicker against Blackpool who are losing tonight to Peterboro.
  6. Critical next 45 minutes sort it out Evatt!!!
  7. Yeah 71% possession and losing says it all really !
  8. Mounts will have a right go about him later 😂
  9. Sick of this pissing about at the back
  10. Ffs talk about making it hard for ourselves
  11. We cannot start slow tonight .
  12. That’s what they want make it a battle ! Wigan tossers I work with saying nailed on 3 points for them?
  13. Not got a good feeling about this could be a long night !
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