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  1. Work and live in Wigan they are furious the couple of latics fans I work they had hoped to sign they rate him highly doesnt help me laughing at them and informing them he wanted to play for a big club.
  2. Great news it's great being a wanderer atm .
  3. Agree with you on this I do think though he will try and loan out a couple as well namely Comley, Gordon and a couple of younger players. As for Greenidge I really dont see what he will bring to the team he cant take a throw in.
  4. Iwe have an excellent manager and he will get the players in we need so yes
  5. We all won we got promoted 🤑
  6. Brilliant scenes last night that shows how much we care about our club great to see the players joining in. Proud to be a wanderer onwards and upwards thanks to everybody who as posted those scenes from yesterday brought a tear to my eye.
  7. What a day to be a Bolton fan going to get pissed well done to the players manager coaching staff and the owners and finally we trounced somebody .
  8. Starting to get nervous .
  9. Slept really well dreamt we won 5-1 let's face it we all keep saying somebody is getting a thrashing off us well could it be finally today.
  10. Closer it gets the more worried I get !
  11. Still pissed off but like previous posters we have been poor recently we have to find a way to score more than 1 goal to make sure we win that said still think we will do it against Crawley coywm .
  12. It's gone win next week we are up let's move on
  13. Just win next week that's it we are up
  14. I am worried for next week we just cant put teams away
  15. Ffs last game now surely we cant mess this up now
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