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  1. Our midfield is weak and short on players Dempsey is playing with an injury says it all , IE as messed up by not recruiting an experienced midfielder.
  2. Agree he was poor again yesterday .
  3. Red card for me , my issue our I’ll discipline is killing us GT booked again at this rate he will be getting more and more bans, Gethin was stupid this ref was known for handing out red cards and he puts in a stupid tackle. Biggest issue our manager sick of him ranting and raving at the officials concentrate on the game !!! Midfield is a major issue Evatt as not sorted it from last season otherwise battling point,
  4. First goal critical whoever scores first wins .
  5. Got to be Forrester at LCB Iredale is shit !
  6. Excellent post you have summed it up completely.
  7. Ffs predictive text god!
  8. Drained and fatigued ffs not half way through the season yet and if Dions out for a while Dan and Vic up front grid help us?
  9. 4-3-3 never going to happen IE is fixated with our current system.
  10. Jerome is finished as for Dan yeah on the Hackney marshes on Sunday!
  11. Useless not seagull lol
  12. Correct Dan is bloody seagull and was last season so god knows why IE bought him and Jerome is past it as for Bod I thinks he’s fucked!
  13. I don’t have any issues with Vic and Dion at leat they are getting chances and they will come good my issue is our midfield is weak and IE as not sorted it .
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