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  1. Pile of shit that thanks lads I will be ripped to bits next week as I live and work in Wigan as for promotion contenders IE not a fucking chance .
  2. Rizlar

    SW away

    So disappointed second half we just didnt compete as for Doyle he needs to be benched for a while just not doing it atm. Agree with comments about crossing into the box piss poor . Need to be better next week otherwise Wigan will stuff us .
  3. Rizlar

    SW away

    Think he was a Daubhill lad if my memory serves me right
  4. Rizlar

    SW away

    Blast from the past not seen Joe for years had some good away days with Joe and his mob. Is Watty still around ?
  5. Great result onwards and upwards
  6. Ffs why do we keep giving teams a 1-0 start .
  7. Goals win games nd Doyle is just not doing it at this level atm hopefully he will come good .
  8. By giving away the first goal we cause our own problems
  9. Sad news dont think I met Neil but a big thank you from me for his work on this site. My thoughts are with Neil and his family .
  10. Robbed how are they near the top of the league!
  11. You would think we was at home just seen gangs of Bolton youth walking down to the ground.
  12. I missed Saturdays game as well as last night as I am in Portugal shit planning really .
  13. Work and live in Wigan they are furious the couple of latics fans I work they had hoped to sign they rate him highly doesnt help me laughing at them and informing them he wanted to play for a big club.
  14. Great news it's great being a wanderer atm .
  15. Agree with you on this I do think though he will try and loan out a couple as well namely Comley, Gordon and a couple of younger players. As for Greenidge I really dont see what he will bring to the team he cant take a throw in.
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