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  1. I don’t take it as gospel when it’s put out by papers etc I wait until the club announce it that way you don’t get your hopes raised .
  2. Wrexham , Derby and Plymouth now in for McAtee at Luton.
  3. We do have several players made of glass.
  4. Thing is every team will want to beat them so they will be up against it every match and they will be the most hated giving us a break!
  5. Rotherham signed another a striker from Forest .
  6. Welcome he’s not been mentioned for a while so possibly not a player IE is interested in but you never know.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday , Derby and Portsmouth are all after Dembele.
  8. Same here football on the back burner now for me need a break.
  9. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Same here over it already .
  10. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Overall I thought it was a very poor tournament with very few enjoyable games this tippy tappy possession based football is getting boring really need a break from football for a while as I am really not enjoying it anymore!
  11. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Best team won no argument disappointed with Kane , Bellingham and Foden!
  12. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    And Saka he as the beating of the left back from Chelsea.
  13. Don’t think it’s Harry Kite he’s off to Bristol Rovers according to latest rumour.
  14. So did I until I read it and White was poor when he played for us.
  15. Morecambe signed 15 players since Thursday .
  16. Happy with that when he left Rangers I was hoping we would have tried to sign him then.
  17. Good solid experience player just what are team needs 👍
  18. I don’t see it doesn’t fit the IE player profile but you never know ?
  19. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Fecking brilliant Ollie Watkins what a sub well done Southgate lol
  20. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    It’s like watching us great 45 minutes then nothing .
  21. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    We have reverted back to type and Southgate is doing nothing to respond to koemans changes.
  22. This topic as become a load of pollocks !
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