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  1. Unbelievable I am speechless !
  2. Won’t be watching again !
  3. Thank god don’t have BT sport
  4. Yeah I watched who was the presenter never seen her before either .
  5. You are right but it’s getting worse transfer centre this morning 2 women on the panel and then another 1 brought in to talk about City never even heard of her !
  6. Is it me but every time I put sky sports on it’s full of women presenters discussing football it is starting to do my head in rant over !
  7. Really enjoyed it think Jordan as met his match !
  8. Souness and Jordan really good 👍
  9. Watched all the England games and enjoyed them all great result well done to them says a lot about Phil Neville as a manager !
  10. Still plenty of time for a couple more yet .
  11. Think teams who play with a big centre forward will target Johnston who for me is easily bullied maybe a case Toal plays against the more physical teams rather than Johnston.
  12. Plenty of time yet and places in the squad . I would think we still need a defensive midfielder .
  13. I was hoping we would sign Hutchinson I was impressed with him when we played Wednesday last season.
  14. Will Grigg signed for them yesterday .
  15. Josh Cullen signed for Burnley forgot about him he’s been playing for Anderlecht for the past 2 seasons so he’s followed Kompany
  16. These 2 female commentators are bloody awful !
  17. Rizlar


    It’s in the local paper
  18. Rizlar


    Natives getting restless second month in a row wages paid late and no new signings 😂
  19. IE should put his boots on and play now that would be worth paying to see .
  20. Same here he’s not bloody ronaldo
  21. Doubt we could afford Stockton think they want a million for him
  22. In our favour Dempsey is here
  23. Rizlar


    The guy is such a fraud
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