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  1. Are Reading going to have any players left?
  2. Excellent transfer window no more incomings but a couple going out on loan also Forrester back is great news.
  3. Santos got a slight tare to his calf will be out for at least 2 weeks it’s in a complicated place!
  4. Rizlar

    Barnsley (H)

    They can have him now Jokeburn want 500k for him so can’t see us bothering with him now.
  5. He’s a free agent great shout if he stayed fit league 1 would be a piece of Piss for him?
  6. Typical Sky Sports only mention premiership and championship deals .
  7. Let’s see if we sign another centre back if not then injuries not as bad as we think for Toal and Santos.
  8. Christian Diodge goes back to Forest Green !
  9. Deal agreed for £750k for Collins according to various sources.
  10. My sentiments as well don’t understand the signing unless it was IE thinking to give us a different option in some games .
  11. Stop panicking wait for the club to update us on the injuries to both Toal and Santos and see what happens then!
  12. Play each other in the final best result for us .
  13. Fecking Lang he had a parting shot at us when he left Wiggin.
  14. I don’t see how Gomss fits into our system tbh !
  15. Let’s move on thrash them in the league instead!
  16. They really are our bogey team!
  17. 8 changes from the weekend same as Blackpool .
  18. Linked with Cameron Humphries Ipswich midfielder on loan
  19. Charlton had a bid turned down for Collins ?
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