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  1. All we can do is win all our remaining games and hope Derby slip up .
  2. Rizlar

    Reading (H)

    Inconsistency is our problem and as been for a while let’s hope from now to the end of the season we carry on playing as we did today just 1 criticism cut out the silly mistakes at the back !
  3. Rizlar

    Reading (H)

    Excellent result Collins excellent game keep this level of performance in the last remaining games.
  4. Rizlar

    Reading (H)

    It’s crucial we score first.
  5. Rizlar

    Reading (H)

    Evatt making excuses before the games played great bit of confidence booster for the players in the squad for today.
  6. Rizlar

    Reading (H)

    Stop fecking sulking and do your job and asking fans to get behind the players what about the players getting stuck in and getting us up for it!! Sick of his moaning and whining!
  7. Correct he looks beaten to me he as no answers only excuses brand Evatt is failing unfortunately.
  8. We can still go up automatically it’s not gone yet but do the players believe it and as several posters have said mentally they are weak and too easily beaten on the pitch. IE needs to believe it as well he looks a beaten man atm which must pass onto the players?
  9. Interested to hear Evatt post match comments more than likely watched a different game to us .
  10. We need Charles back asap ?
  11. Just not good enough play offs it is Derby not going to throw it away now!
  12. Santos wtf yet again pissing about at the back.
  13. Poor first half we need to wake up !
  14. Ah right thought it was just for the players
  15. 11.5 million wage bill is the correct wow !!
  16. Just asking that’s all I am interested to know ?
  17. How long is Gayle out for ? Mendez Laing if it his hamstring could be out for 6 weeks depending on the extent of the injury.
  18. Highest paid player on the books now after Wyke left !
  19. I can see a fire sale at the end of the season Hughes , Tickle and Greta sold to the highest bidder and new contracts at considerably lower terms.
  20. It’s time IE shut up and let the team do the talking on the pitch he really can’t help himself !
  21. Local paper seems Maloney been told to cut the wage bill for next season new owner is not using his own money to prop the club up need to live within the means.
  22. Accounts out today 17:5 million loss
  23. Warne knows how to win and also makes important changes in a game when needed alas IE sticks to the same format most games too bloody predictable.
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