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  1. Was this the game we had to take our boots and shoes off when entering the game?
  2. IE sets the team up and I would suggest Vic fits his system with DC more than the other strikers and as we are winning and playing some decent football why would he change it he’s the boss!
  3. Good half time team talk sort our left side out .
  4. 2 pts I am expecting at least 4 minimum !
  5. As for GT he’s playing a different role in the team which suits him he was never a DM.
  6. 2 words Matt Craddock !
  7. Fabulous performance hard to pick mom so it’s a team mom for me and really happy for Dan let’s hope that gives him the confidence to score more. could easily have been 10 sends out a strong message to our challengers.
  8. Not seen enough of him to make a decision on him .
  9. Been invisible for us with his injury problems !
  10. Didn’t realise Sheehan was in the welsh squad .
  11. It’s way too slow build up we miss Bellingham !
  12. Never a penalty this refs useless .
  13. That takes me back bloody awful pitch .
  14. Jerome is supposed to be helping him but that doesn’t seem to be working for him I really want the lad to succeed .
  15. That’s his issue confidence .
  16. Don’t take him on Wooli I didn’t go or watch it I asked the question about Dan out of curiosity and you answered it thanks for that and you was not being negative .
  17. That was my issue when we signed him just could not understand it .
  18. I want him to do well but I just can’t see him doing as nothing. !
  19. Cheers so he was hopeless again ?
  20. Is our favourite ex player on the pitch ?
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