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  1. It's a no brainier nothing else but 3 points tomorrow required.
  2. If we lose to Bury I reckon these players will blow it we have to beat Bury end of!
  3. Down to the players and the management still need 2 wins if we can't win 2of the last 3 we don't deserve promotion! My worry who plays up front because the last 2 games we lack any ideas hopefully not bloody wilkinson.
  4. Not too worried at the moment but will be after Tuesday if we lose to bury !
  5. Well if those 4 are out God help us wilkinson for Madine and more than likely trotter for Pratley because Derik will after cover for Dervite
  6. Absolutely fantastic happy for the fans who went down tonight you deserve it .
  7. Absolutely brilliant result well done PP and the lads win on Saturday we are up and we deserve it.
  8. Poor game take a draw against Southend and second place will be ours can see us beating Scunthorpe.
  9. What a great day and result and to top it all Fleetwood and Sheffield Utd drop points.
  10. Got to give a shout out for Dervite not his biggest fan but he's playing well in a back 5 .
  11. I am with you on that they would love to do us at our place
  12. Bloody great result well deserved just hope Alf Spearing and Pratley are fine for Shrewsbury , well done lads!
  13. I was in Wigan when the Shrewsbury lot chased the Wigan youth TBH they were bits ok kids the Wigan lot .
  14. Don't think Bury and Oldham away will be easy for them Bury hitting a bit of form and Oldham will not be easy for them.
  15. Great result need to keep this up.
  16. Yes Chelsea did but most of the Bolton lads had moved into Burden Terrace by then and the Chelsea fans who tried to get into the terrace got smashed up.
  17. Any good tips anybody can't buy a win at the moment on the horses.
  18. Great result just got home from the Maldives really put me in a better mood coming home to the cold onwards and upwards.
  19. Remember it well me and my mates spent the match in the Lever End scrapping with the red shite remember doing a group of sale reds but yes by the end they did us but we put up a good show just outnumbered!
  20. Rizlar


    Got to agree won't be to bothered if Spearing goes he's way too expensive and I hope somebody takes Pratley off our hands however his injury record will stop that, as for Mark Davies never rated him we have dropped from the prem to league 1 while he's been with us always injured and way too lightweight good riddance , this league is his level.
  21. I want Haye to knock the scouser out can't stand the bloke!
  22. Rizlar


    If it's his medial ligaments then he's gone for the season so we are now well and truly fucked !
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