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  1. What did PP see in Proctor he was hopeless again!
  2. Madine was awful today but tbh they all were shit today way too slow . PP really needs to sort this out and quick before we fall further behind,
  3. Didn't he get sent off and since new manager arrived he's not played!
  4. Crock of shit devoid of ideas no pace no goal threat not looking good at all and how the fuck as Anderson scored 3 ? Got to be this shit hoof it upfront and hope for the best teams have now worked us out.
  5. Bloody bogey team Charlton can see a draw here but hoping we win we really need a win.
  6. Lost all respect for him after being caught lining his own pocket has for criticising our support Palace was worse on Tuesday what a knob heard!
  7. Rizlar


    Tbh never rated Pratley same as Davies overrated overpaid and also fecking injured all the time and both been with us since we got relagated from the premiership get rid Asap and save our club some money.
  8. Could do with Dervite , Trotter and Moxey doing one in this window we could then get a few in with the wages those 3 are on!
  9. I think we desperately need a striker and winger so Clough can move inside because out on the wing he just isn't good enough! I don't understand all this criticism of Thorpe every good team have a player who does the simple things and never stands out , for me a lot better than Trotter.
  10. Tbh I am not too concerned just a blip but I do feel it will be between the top 3 as it stands who goes up automatically and I done agree with posters saying sunny will blow up can't see it TBH they have goal scorers in there team if anything I can see Shett Utd being the team that could blow up .
  11. We seem to struggle to find a way to beat some of these clubs at the bottom hope we can get Ameobi back but doubt it on the bench at newcastle today.
  12. Luckily only Scunthorpe won but we need a striker in this window Clough and Madine not the answer.
  13. Ffs I had a bad feeling about this with them signing 4 new players we desperately need a striker otherwise play offs at best I feel.
  14. Gonzo thanks for that can't believe 24 years on remember as though it was yesterday.
  15. Great draw just driving back from the gym listening to talksport scouse git Danny Murphy that's a good draw Palace vs City oh so we are going to roll over are we Murphy you idiot!
  16. If it is Alf we are signing we can only play 4-4-2 like people have said he cannot play as a lone striker in our current system.
  17. Excellent performance every player gave it a go thought Spearing best player on pitch and I agree I thought Thorpe played really well no nonsense footballer I like him.Henry will get goals no doubt about that.
  18. Fat Frank to Bolton don't make me laugh next it will be Stevie G as well.
  19. I reckon we will win this one Fat Sam will play reserves
  20. Buxton was on the bench last week I am sure!
  21. I hope that's the last we see of trotter in a white shirt farm him out on loan asap then get rid at the end of the season he can't run tackle or pass a ball he is turd.
  22. Our away form is poor if we go behind we always struggle this will be the difference between automaic promotion and the playoffs TBH Sheffield United look favourites to win this league.
  23. Decent side Scunthorpe they will be battling it out for promotion with us and Sheffield United I reckon.Decent performance by us it was great to score a late winner not done that for a while.Vela was immense really as improved under PP I agree with a few on here I would rest either Clough or Ameobi for Coventry game and give Henry a game.
  24. A wins a win not a great performance but like everybody else in here can't see what CT brings to this team
  25. Rizlar

    First 11

    So he could be called to the African nations cup therefore losing him for about 6 games from the end of Jan into Feb!
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