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  1. IE in the Bolton news hinting of exciting developments in the transfer window said that last year and signed Shortire !!!!
  2. Stokes as gone to Bristol City from Aldershot for next season loaned back to Aldershot for the rest of this season , thought he would be good for us?
  3. Still cannot believe we spent 300k on CMG !
  4. We are too predictable to the point everybody knows what substitutions he’s going to make and time of the substitution.
  5. The United kid we was linked with Gore is off to Port Vale.
  6. Never rated him he can run fast and take a long throw and that’s it tbh.
  7. Yeah so do I they are a strong physical team with proper goal scorers!
  8. End of the day we lost not 1 player can come off with any credit just 1 of those games but Tuesday if they play like they did today then we do have a problem. On another note Peterboro win again 11 games now unbeaten and strikers who are banging them in they are looking strong!!
  9. Think Cheltenham will be really tough coming into the game fresh and if they press us high we are up against it!
  10. Really poor today Orient done a job on us pressed us high and we have no answer to it again!
  11. Plenty of time left but Dion wtf !
  12. Ah right didn’t realise!
  13. Back to his club we loaned him from or have I got that wrong !
  14. For me CMG is a waste of a place in our squad he just doesn’t fit our style of play if we could send him back then we could sign a midfielder who would fit our system.
  15. Think the Ennis deal is more or less done I reckon he will switch from a midfielder to a defender now ?
  16. I think he will have to bring in a CB now we lose 1 more we are in serious shit.
  17. They are linked with several players bid for Tyler Blackett turned Down by Charlton and now linked to Smith at Sheffield Wednesday!
  18. Thought Derby was skint ?
  19. He’s not done it at Burton had 1 good season at Morecambe and that’s it !
  20. Another rumour Jerome on his way once Ennis deal done ? Also Lang of the tics off to Rotherham according to a Wiganer I work with !
  21. We need green genie to let us know .
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