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  1. How many goals as Amos conceded from 20 yards the cunt needs glasses.
  2. We won't win again this season these players are too use to losing they don't know how to win fuck all of them off at the end of the season otherwise we will go down again next season.
  3. Spoke to a couple of Blackburn fans today they reckon Lambert will walk seeing as Venkys lied to him sounds familiar!
  4. The Blackburn fans stil protest about the Venkys
  5. According to BBC Sport they are 102 million in debt Lambert asking questions of the board sounds familiar.oh and Burnley make a 30 Million profit.
  6. I see none of our overpriced dross have got a loan move, says everything.
  7. Anderson Wil sort the players out he willhave plenty of contacts with other clubs and agents and hopefully get rid of most of them.
  8. The more I read what Pratley said the more my blood boils I hope Jimmy takes the captaincy off him because it's his job on the pitch to sort it out not just go around fouling the opposition. Kevin Nolan would never have let it happen and neither would Gundi.
  9. Fortunately for the club several of them will be wanted by other clubs but on reduced terms which does worry me with these greedy shits. If none of them leave it will just show that they don't care about the fans and the club.
  10. According to morning papers The club trying to loan out as many high earners they can before Thursday's deadline.
  11. From a fan, Fuck off the lot of you!
  12. Oh I believe the players are unhappy with the shit performance on Saturday well so are we and we don't want you at this club anymore so fuck off the lot of you !
  13. My worry is these useless turds we still have playing for us next season on stupid money, I can't see anybody wanting them after all the shit performances this season.They will not leave for less money so all I can see is relagation again and possibly administration.
  14. Unbelievable statistic only 1 tackle made by our back 4 ffs
  15. 6-0 these players don't care play the kids next week nothing to lose they might even try.
  16. 4-0 hang your heads you useless shits this lot only know how to lose can't wait for the season to end hopefully they will all be kicked out of the club.
  17. We are the only team not to win away all season could be a record here for us no away win all season spineless bunch of player the lot can fuck off at the end of the season.
  18. Hope that's the last we see of Davies !
  19. Davies foul then handball 25grand a week fuck off you over priced shit.
  20. All Pratley does is give away fouls useless shit.
  21. Think Reidy and Jimmy now know this lot are a waste of time.
  22. This could be about 8-0 this a lot are a disgrace get rid
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