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  1. Wtf is Davies doing starting he's absolutely useless
  2. We need an experienced midfielder and at league 1 level he will be good for us plenty of experience if he's out of contract offer him less I think he would stay nobody else at the club I would keep anyway they all want good money none of them deserve it.
  3. Hate Villa they deserve everything that's coming to them they won't be the only ones Derby, Blackburn,Forest ( being told by a forest mate of mine he thinks they are heading for admin as well) QPR are finished if they don't go up they are paying way too much in wages and some high earners still under contract for next season!
  4. Great appointment in Reidy I now think Jimmy should get the job with Reidy supporting him it's about time Jimmy was given a proper go of it. We need a new captain as well Pratley is a waste of time and no doubt will be off at the end of the season.I would keep Neil Danns and make him captain.
  5. Brownie will be our next manager guarenteed I was told this before Xmas by a referee who told me about SS wanting the club but not wanting to deal with PG.
  6. If Lennon could have motivated this squad I am convinced we would have been mid table and that's the type of manager we need a motivator and some tactical knowledge which sadly Lennon didn't have.
  7. Shocked to see he's gone I thought he would be here until the end of the season however I am glad he's gone just not up to it unfortunately. Phil Brown will be the next manager and good luck to him. I reckon Jimmy will get a performance out of the shower of shit and maybe we may get the elusive away win which Lennon couldn't manage.
  8. Please put a lid on this lets all move on ffs it's becoming boring!
  9. Lose just to keep Lennons great away record in tact can't see us winning another games for the rest of the season shit manager shit players one and all.
  10. Rizlar

    Is It Over?

    Bookies got it right
  11. We are stuck with Lennon and co until the end of the season then hopefully the useless shit will be gone as for the players they can all do one for me especially that overpriced overhyped shit Davies.
  12. Let's just get behind Deano and support the club this is our new era, sick of all this talk about finances.
  13. Whether we go down or stay up one thing is certain a lot of these over paid players will be gone and I hope Deano makes the right decisions on who goes and who stays and that includes the manager and his team.
  14. As far as I am concerned we have to get behind the club now new owners new era. Lennon dead man walking he will be gone by the season end guaranteed.
  15. This transfer embargo stinks what chance do SS have to turn our team around if we cannot sign players ! For me that is a distinct disadvantage and we could end up dropping another division because of it if they do not lift the ban.
  16. Players after take some of the blame also no excuse for the likes of Pratley Davies etc we expect them to at least give a shit for me the whole lot of them can fuck off next season .
  17. This manager is incapable of motivating this team to win a match we will not win again this season and will finish bottom. I have had enough of Lennon since the Rotherham away game he as demoralised me as a fan to the point that I am now used to us losing and Cba going to the game anymore.
  18. Same old story shot from outside of the box hits the back of the net totally given up with this manager and these useless players.
  19. Lennon as officially lost the plot !
  20. I stand corrected my apologies. I still however feel that with Majalby we would be in a better position than we are now!
  21. We haven't kept a clean sheet since he left which any club needs to win close games .
  22. Nothing we can do as fans we just have to see what happens tomorrow
  23. Mjalby was the main man once he left it was curtains for us ask Celtic fans they will all tell you the same Mjalby was the driving force the link with the players Lennon is a moody twat always falling out with players.
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