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  1. What is it with ED saying one thing then changing his mind again ?
  2. Ok I understand the players wages which is a joke but the 10 million a year non playing costs what's that all about and why doesn't ED pay the tax bill it's his anyway while he's in charge!
  3. A lot less than you Kent white!
  4. I would be interested to know how many goals Amos as conceded from distance this season I reckon it's a lot!
  5. Never said it was I am going off this season not 1 game,
  6. If the rumours are true then sooner Phil Brown arrives the better because this moron is useless!
  7. Nothing changes with this manager shit team shit tactics and shit signings be glad when his contracts up for me he's finished as a manager.
  8. I was told months ago that Big Sam was an investor in sports shield wether that's true or not I don't know that many rumours about just wished it was sorted one way or another.
  9. Administration looks favourite to me selling assets to pay for it what a joke we are!
  10. We are going down not enough games left at home can't see us winning a single game away relegation a cert!
  11. Seem to forget brum is away from home have you seenNLs away record it's the worst in all of the leagues.
  12. Cba anymore really lost faith!
  13. The lot of them can fuck off players manager coaching staff they are an embarrassment to our club!
  14. another away defeat don't know what NL does in training can't defend as a team and wtf is Davies playing for us no way are we staying up we haven't won away from home for 12 months. While this muppet in charge we don't have a chance.
  15. A fitting tribute to Phil 5 minutes round of applause from all us fans.
  16. Very sad news my thoughts are with his family RIP Phil you will be missed by all us wanderers fans!
  17. Still dont see what Davies gives to our team anymore !
  18. Impressed with Holding looks the part decent enough performance 3 points will do me still don't see what Davies brings anymore.
  19. Please be respectful to PG and his family I have been through similar it is heartbreaking watching somebody you love fighting for life end of the day this is just football life is way more important.
  20. Rizlar

    44 Points

    We have only won 3 all season
  21. If we are losing away from home again I am switching the radio off and hoping we win.
  22. Always stay till the end then frankie and bennys for a burger and a pint !
  23. Cheese you come out with some crap that is the first time this season away from home this lot have shown some fight! Let's see if they can repeat it for the rest of the season.
  24. Can't believe it I switched the radio off at 2-0 just been on here 2-2 unbelievable could this be the start of some fight in these players.
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