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  1. The only glimmer of hope I have is that we are close to be bought because I cannot see any other reason why NL hasn't been sacked yet the football is crap tactics are crap and the players don't look interested it's like freedman is still in charge!
  2. Huddersfield sack Chris Powell because they only managed 3 win ! NL only managed 1 this season and still in a job!
  3. TBH don't think the players know what formation they are supposed to be playing.
  4. Great we are going to get a right thrashing tonight and yet again no RB and 3-5-2 taxi for NL had enough now he's clueless.
  5. I think we could win this one!
  6. I blame NL he sets the team up and dictates the style of play we just don't look fit enough ! Still don't understand why sign 2 right backs and play a cart horse instead for me NL as 3 games to get a win otherwise get shut if we don't we will be playing league1 football next season. I really want him to succeed though!
  7. Shit game still only 1 win had enough crap football going down enough said.
  8. Rizlar


    You could be right !
  9. Rizlar


    I have been watching football since the 60s but I cannot remember the amount of injuries which happen in football at the moment not just at our club but every club. Is it the boots the pitches or the pace of the game but it's a concern.
  10. Rizlar


    :lol: neither does a Scottish premier league manager!
  11. Gartside was never off the radio when things was great now he's avoiding talking to anybody about the clubs dire situation no wonder fans are so pissed off with this club! As for yesterday a draw not good enough no matter the situation still only 1 win all season bottom of table owners don't give a shit players don't give a shit why should we!
  12. Struggling to find faith but will be at the macron this afternoon hoping we win!
  13. 1of my favourite players ever no nonsense got stuck him a legend in my eyes good luck Fabrice
  14. Only 1 result acceptable home win anything else is a disaster somehow I fear the worst just don't expect us to win anymore totally lost faith.
  15. Given up trying to gues what our starting line up just like having DF back in charge changes it every fecking game what happened to playing a settled side!
  16. What striker NL States in the BEN he has no idea if funds are available for a striker! I am convinced we are close to being taken over don't see any other reason forED to allow this club to implode.
  17. Forget the money issue the table doesn't lie ourselves brum Brighton and Reading all got new managers at the same time we have picked the worst that's simple check his record! I will stand by what someone involved with the development side of the club told me Vela will only start if we are desperate due to a clause in his contract that his wages will be doubled on his next start.
  18. By the end of the season more like can't score can't defend!
  19. 1 win in 12 says it all Our away record is abysmal our home form not much better only 1result relagation!
  20. Easier said than done that bunch we have playing for us don't have it in them,
  21. I have a slant on this I reckon this takeover is on because no way would ED put up with this if he needed a buyer being bottom of the league wouldn't help his cause, I reckon Lenon would have been sacked by now but why would ED do that if he had a buyer because a new manager might not be the new owners choice so he's leaving Lennon in charge and leaving the decision to the new owners!
  22. It's got worse since Mjalby left I just think he doesn't have a clue how to sort it!
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