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  1. What about Steve Keane who managed Blackburn my mate whose a Blackburn season ticket holder still bemoans the fact they sacked him and so do a lot of other rovers fans !
  2. Wenger according to paper this morning offered 1:5 million for Holding I hope Anderson tells him to do one!
  3. Madine I could mark him out the game useless piece of shit!
  4. Be happier when Davies, Trotter ,Dervite and Pratley have gone they are costing a fortune in wages.
  5. I doubt he can be both it just would not work!
  6. Agreed we have to have a manager in place in the next few weeks otherwise we don't stand a chance of coming back up.
  7. Starting to get worried now still no manager more job cuts rumours of financial troubles all sounds pretty grim.
  8. Morgan chose Wigan instead of us shrewd man.
  9. Wigan don't need Wheater got Morgan but hope they are after Pratley he can do one for me been bloody useless while he's been with us!
  10. Think it's a case of needs must good luck to the lad! Clough next!
  11. Not a single away either complete and utter dross served up by a load of shit players.
  12. Well done Leicester great season proper team.
  13. We can't afford to keep Pratley he's on too much thank god!
  14. Rosler wasn't the main man at Brentford it was Warburton see what Warburton achieved at Brentford and what he as done at Rangers.
  15. No way Rosler he's useless stick with JP and Reidy
  16. Overall really happy with today Danns played well all the kids did great stayed behind to applaud the kids Pratley can fuck off for me but otherwise wel done Jimmy looking forward to next season .
  17. Please not Rosler he's useless
  18. What a shit game hope this lot don't try and do a lap of honour at the end of the season I am liable to throttle Mark Cba Davies
  19. Tbh good luck to the new manager he Wil need it trying to motivate this pile of shit we have as players.
  20. No same person who told me before Xmas that sports shield wanted to buy us and Phil brown would be manager! so a reliable source!
  21. I was told today by somebody that Kevin Davies as agreed to become assistant manager? Think it's nailed on Phil Browns job and wouldn't be surprised if Nolan is player coach Deano did say he wanted people at the club who knew what it meant to play for the super whites.
  22. I would play the lot of them and then we can show them what we think of them all let the kids wait until next season. I only hope we can get rid of the ones stil on contract the likes of Pratley trotter Davies and Moxey.
  23. What's 3 points between friends!
  24. I want to give a big thank you to the following for the immense enjoyment they have provided for the fans this wonderful season. ED PG God rest his soul The Board Neil Lennon and his staff The Players Well done in not winning away for 12 months and possibly the rest of the season well done for only winning 3 games all season which will not change, Well done in getting us relagated and more than likely with the lowest ever points. Well done on the exciting football you have played and too the players well done for caring really trying and being consummate professionals on and off the pitch we fans applaud you one and all! WANKERS
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