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  1. Those individuals on Facebook are arseholes I really feel for PG and his family been there myself with my late wife it's awful and takes sometime to get over it End of the day it's only football get it into perspective!

  2. Lennon brought in 4 strikers not PG or Ed buck stops with him pissed off with this he's been shafted shit his signings his fault! If this had beenDF everybody would have been calling for his head.

  3. Sacking Lennon is the only choice he's fucking useless he's signed 4 strikers and none of them any good a complete new defence and still we lose I will say it again 1 win in 19 no other ma anger would survive no matter what the excuse.

  4. Good article I posted on here a couple of months ago ref a takeover and stated that I was told that the buyers wouldn't deal with PG I got slated well that article proves that what I was told was correct because since he got ill Deanos consortium have pushed ahead with there bid!

  5. Enough is enough Lennon as to go he's bloody clueless he's worse than Coyle 1 win in 19 says it all! The defending is appalling to weak in midfield and we score 2 for the first time in ages and still lose resign now give us a chance of staying up ffs

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