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  1. I believe Disley not involved with Holdsworths consortium
  2. I heard something yesterday ref Holdsworths lot close to a deal and that he does have some major backers as for Disley nowhere near close to getting a deal done!
  3. Or does he mean the bloke buying the club is local
  4. Fuck off mavies you money grabbing shit we are in a mess you spent most of your time injured when you did play you turned up1in every 5 games club is on its arse and you want severence pay .
  5. I can't find anything saying Davis has gone also Sheffield We'd signed hunt from Palace so they may have told Davis to do 1
  6. No I don't unfortunately we are stuck with him for the foreseeable future and that's the problem he isn't capable of getting us out of league 2 wins all season enough said worst record in the whole of football in Europe I am reliably informed. Ffs
  7. Even if we somehow don't go into administration this moron in charge will still take us down he is tactically inept .
  8. When has he ever had a good game? That's not the point NL didn't want him sends him out on loan then soon has he's back plays Lennon is totally out of his depth he's got no idea whatsoever.
  9. 2 wins in 38 games in all competitions fucking useless manager no matter what is going on behind the scenes. Trotter goes out on loan DF sends him back what does that idiot Lennon do play him ffs what as spearing done wrong really have had enough of NL.
  10. Can't fecking defend what the hell do they do in training ffs
  11. Sick of him playing that useless lump Madine why doesn't he give Woolley a chance
  12. I do feel it will all come out eventually how all this mess happened!
  13. Daft scouse gits came in the griffin after the game massive mistake they got hammered!
  14. I am in the something dodgy camp with our club it's strange all this as happened since PG got ill !
  15. Southampton at home in the cup a midweek early kick off wagged school and got the cane for my misdemeanour well worth it.
  16. 1968 first game at 8 years old in the manny road with my uncle and his mates( God rest him) lost 5-3 against Derby County was hooked ever since. Been everywhere following the wanderers remember smashing up the Everton lot on manny road great days we did have a good crew then we very rarely lost a ruck no matter how many we came up against.
  17. Zac needs to wait for a better club then go.
  18. I can see a draw then replay at ours and Eastleigh beats us 3-0
  19. If we lose this one what will happen to NL reputation then?
  20. If we lose this one what will happen to NL reputation then?
  21. What a load of bollocks that the Koreans didn't turn up with the cash Friday ffs! ED is pissing me right off sell the fucking club or put us in administration now! As per normal who gives a shit about the fans.
  22. Casino I was asking did anyone know how he was not if he had died!
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