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  1. I wonder if the assistant manager is Kevin Nolan?
  2. Welcome Benny I was also a Bolton banterer
  3. Really getting fed up with this new manager business I don't think these 2 in charge can make a joint decision! Tbh don't think they like each other!
  4. I really don't give a shit if he's ex manure I just want a Manager who can instill some passion back into my club and turn this losing mentality into a winning mentality which unfortunately the last 3 managers failed to do!
  5. TBH getting sick of this just hurry up and sign a bloody manager and stop pissing about!
  6. Wonder what odds are for both Blackburn and Rotherham to get relagated.
  7. They are in a complete mess!
  8. Just listened to Blackburn fans on talk sport they are organising protests only 14 players at the club 110milion in debt and rising and no manager.Also rumour as it Steve Kean new Leeds manager now all the Leeds fans kicking off!
  9. I was hoping for Steve Evans but McDermott not for me but if he is to be our new manager then he will get my support.
  10. Adkins or Reid for me also Redfearn done nothing and we cannot gamble with Steve Thompson!
  11. What about Steve Keane who managed Blackburn my mate whose a Blackburn season ticket holder still bemoans the fact they sacked him and so do a lot of other rovers fans !
  12. Wenger according to paper this morning offered 1:5 million for Holding I hope Anderson tells him to do one!
  13. Madine I could mark him out the game useless piece of shit!
  14. Be happier when Davies, Trotter ,Dervite and Pratley have gone they are costing a fortune in wages.
  15. I doubt he can be both it just would not work!
  16. Agreed we have to have a manager in place in the next few weeks otherwise we don't stand a chance of coming back up.
  17. Starting to get worried now still no manager more job cuts rumours of financial troubles all sounds pretty grim.
  18. Morgan chose Wigan instead of us shrewd man.
  19. Wigan don't need Wheater got Morgan but hope they are after Pratley he can do one for me been bloody useless while he's been with us!
  20. Think it's a case of needs must good luck to the lad! Clough next!
  21. Not a single away either complete and utter dross served up by a load of shit players.
  22. Well done Leicester great season proper team.
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