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  1. If I was Zach I would tell ED to fuck off and wait until a better club come in for him! Any news on PG ?
  2. Sodding Wigan I will never live it down at work ffs
  3. Sodding Wigan I will never live it down at work ffs
  4. If clough is sold all it shows is that nobody is close to buying us thanks a lot ED PG and the useless wankers we have had as managers since Big Sam.
  5. Couldn't care less about Davies for me he's been rubbish always injured too lightweight to afaid to get stuck in we won't miss him done nothing for years as for clough I would try to keep him and hope he fulfills his potential.
  6. According to reports Holdsworths lot have pulled out!
  7. Sick and tired of this waiting game nobody is going to buy us so let's get on with administration and start all over again,that's if we still have a club.
  8. We are stuck with no team would want him he's bloody useless but then again so are a few others what did Lennon see in him?
  9. Is he still at the club and have the players all been sold yet!
  10. Lennon just fuck off you are a clueless useless manager! And Terry Robinson sell the whole lot of them they are spineless.
  11. I am getting sick of all this shit it's taking way too long so if these morons don't have the money so tell us and go into administration and let's start again.
  12. So how much is he being paid I thought we was skint
  13. It does my head in when fans single out a player while game in progress wait until the end ffs.
  14. Good results today apart from Preston need Fulham to do Rotherham.
  15. We have to win Saturday 2 wins on the trot will make all the difference to confidence feels great winning forgot what it was like. Love beating jokeburn really hate them shits !
  16. Excellent result let's hope it will carry on wheater and moxey had excellent game unsure about vela don't think we will miss him if he goes!
  17. 55/1 I am having a tenner on it
  18. Dreading this game Rhodes will get 6 with our shit defence!
  19. Well pretty gutted just checked sky sports and Lennon still at our clubffs.Hopefully the players won't be paid then they can all fuck off fingers crossed.Wil we win another game this season ?
  20. Can only see administration now !
  21. Ed don't pay these lot anymore wages then they can all fuck off but then again who would want this shit!
  22. Bye bye Lennon worst Bolton manager ever relegation now a certainty
  23. 1win in 23 nothing else to say !
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