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  1. Oh by the way Heskey out for 4to6 weeks great now that useless Madine will have to start ! I don't understand why NL signed him he will be lucky if he gets a goal this season!
  2. What's up with Pratley we was told he would miss 3 games he's been out for 5 and no comments from NL on his state of fitness!
  3. How can he be behind Danns FFs he can't pass gives the ball away way too much!
  4. Been saying it for ages goal scorer and leader we need it mavies is not a captain too quiet !
  5. I will continue to go home games but no more away games sick of watching us lose our away form is awful not wasting anymore money! Does anyone know NL away record since he came to the club and how it stacks up against Freedmans ? I stand by my earlier comments though honeymoon period over!
  6. There is no positives anymore 8 games in 4th from bottom can't score enough said. Lennons honeymoon period is over he took over the same time houghton took over at Brighton and Clarke at Reading they have improved we haven't says it all . Madine is a waste of time Heskey is past it and Dobbie never been a prolific scorer Lennons fault he signed them!
  7. Honeymoon over Lennon get it sorted before it's too late it's not good enough.
  8. Losing 3-1 1 win in 8 don't see any improvement Lennon ,4th from bottom 4goals scored ffs its a bloody mess
  9. What is it with Pratley he gets injured and we are told he's out for a couple of games then goes missing for ages same as last season another injury prone player in our squad! Get Nolan back and fast!
  10. Tons of possession no goals we desperately need a goal scorer because Madine will never score!
  11. I would have him back no problem he would get easy 15 goals a season play him up top with Madine and he would galvanise the team.
  12. Got to agree about Madine lucky if he scores 5this season but hope he proves me wrong!
  13. Whoever takes over wil be a defensive coach no doubt NL will have a ready made replacement, good performance today onwards and upwards.
  14. I think league 1 is his level but good luck to him!
  15. Doubt we will sign anyone NL will wait for the loan market!
  16. I think he will try and off load Spearing or kamara to release wages to try and get a striker in ,that's if any team want them.
  17. Not too disappointed thought Moxey was excellent nice to see Mavies show up let's hope he keeps that level of performance up! Once Prats is fit shouldn't be too far off would love a striker but can't see it,NL needs to give Dobbie a full game even if he has to drop Zack.
  18. Have Nolan back anytime worth 15goals a season in the championship!
  19. Always go to this game hate them with a passion!
  20. Never rated mavies too lightweight and too injury prone goes missing too much! Thought Madine was ok not going to get many goals but a handful we need somebody to play off him for Danns useless sooner Pratley is back the better! Need a striker then we will be fine hats off to the defence look solid! Overall think we will be fine!
  21. Only team in the entire English leagues not to score a goal and bottom of the championship bloody wonderful what a great start! Never mind we are creating chances!
  22. Rizlar


    What I have seen of Clayton he could be the answer my worry is he injury prone!
  23. Rizlar


    Manure are struggling to get a striker what chance have we!
  24. Rizlar


    NL knew we needed strikers so he signd Madine and Heskey both not prolific goal scorerers and Dobbie the same really don't understand his thinking it's going to be a long season!
  25. It will Bristol City's aim will be to stay in this league then build for a promotion push the following season
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