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  1. Another away defeat no surprise for me, we are going down we just don't have the manager or the players to save us!
  2. RIP Howard a legend and part of the best midfield ever Kendall Harvey Ball and Morrisey.
  3. Believe it or not that's what I was told.
  4. :lol: no I have no reason to doubt this info same source told me about SKD and his fallout with DF and the club!
  5. Mounts no I was told by a friend of mine whose a referee.
  6. Been told today by somebody close to the club that this Thai takeover is true they are in secret talks with Eddie but do not want to deal with Gartside. I have no reason to doubt what I have been told.T he info has come from a former player.
  7. Great news DF signs trotter on an initial months loan more cash for Lennon.
  8. Yeah usual thing he will keep them up maintain it next season and then the fans will start moaning about the style of football he will then be forced out and they will then go down .
  9. For me can't make my mind up with Lennon I still support him but he definitely needs to improve because our away form is appalling and he can't keep hoping our home form will keep us up .1 win this season concerns me bookies are very rarely wrong! Pratleys comments in the BEN make me laugh how many times have we heard that drivel, instead of talking about it do something about it and win some bloody games!
  10. I am not interested in other clubs only BWFC, I am also not calling for all and sundry to be fired but what I want is a team that I can be proud of sadly at the moment I am not.i have said on several occasions Huddersfield was my last away game and I stand by that statement I am not a fair weather fan I just not spending my hard earned cash to watch a bunch of spineless couldn't care less footballers.
  11. Let's face facts we are in a relagation scrap and I really don't think that shower of shit that call themselves footballers have the balls to grind it out. I don't see us winning 1 away game this season and no improvement from last season at all Lennons honeymoon period finally over for me!
  12. FFS typical away result we will go down this season can't rely just on our home form! Losing patience with Lennon!
  13. FFS what is Lennon playing at we are hopeless with 3 at the back!
  14. What's happened to the defence we have gone from looking good to a bloody shambles!
  15. I can only see 1 winner now that's why IpHuddersfield was my last away match sick of us losing.
  16. What gets me 2-0 up and still we mess up what do they do in training !
  17. Normal service resumed!
  18. Rizlar


    If Lennon says he's playing within in himself that says it all for me he needs to give more in training if Lennon is going to play him!
  19. Overall pretty satisfied coming back from 2 down but shows how poor the championship is when Brighton are top
  20. That's always been my concern he gets that right it's onwards and upwards.
  21. I was bored naff all on TVs so decided to check NLs record for us. Pl 43 W13 D14L16 points 53from a max of 129 Away form Pl 22 W4 D5 L13 Home form Pl 21 W9 D9 L3 Last 2wins on the bounce December 2014.
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