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  1. Also sick of this 3 at the back shit it doesn't work this is the championship not the champions league just hope Lenny realises it.
  2. Disappointing another piss poor season massive changes needed.
  3. I love NLs honesty he will sort it give him time but wether we will be promotion candidates next season will be another issue,the 3 teams coming down will have bags of money plus the 3 failing at the play offs will be fighting for promotion again plus Wolves , Jokeburn and Forest.
  4. Great result and at last 2 big strikers up front more of the same please NSL
  5. I do feel NL wil do a good job but I am sick of the changing of tactics and players we need to stick to 1 formation this is the championship not the champions league ffs!
  6. Slowly losing faith with NL really didn't understand his tactics today sooner this season is over the better.
  7. All theseinjuries haven't helped but I am concerned with NSL comments about the players DF said the same its not good for team moral keep it in the dressing room. Everybody keeps saying about a clear out end of season we have no fecking money to buy players so how are we going to replace them!
  8. Hopefully ALF and Mcarthy will be back Saturday bannan for coke fe enemy for gudjohnsen and hopefully a win for us.
  9. Hope so! Bloody Hall is carbage!
  10. Will we ever win away again this season ffs
  11. If we lose to Millwall and Wigan I fear for us we have been in the bottom half all season NL really is up against it now.
  12. All I am going to say about this thread pound bakery enough said!
  13. Are target man is injured and guess what it's another fecking hamstring.
  14. At this rate we will be playing the under 18s team for the last 5 games with all these injuries .
  15. What's the news on Clough and Wheater?
  16. Can't be all down to luck too many hamstring injuries .
  17. Needs a clear out at the end of the season and sort the fitness levels out and the bloody training because the number of injuries is ridiculous.
  18. Why can't we bloody hold on to a lead NL needs to bloody well sort this out its been happening now for too long it was just the same with Coyle and DF really pissed off tonight.
  19. We must score first for a change an if we do I see a comfortable 4-1 win
  20. We will pick up enough points to stay up pretty sure of that and then NL job really starts getting ready for next season for me it's shit or bust next season due to the amount of money relegated teams from the prem will have after next season.
  21. What's wrong with Davies 2 weeks ago he was nearly match fit so how come still not being mentioned?
  22. Just read NL comments in the BEN don't think Mills will be keeping the arm band now!
  23. Looks like Dougie wants Mills on a free at the end of the season according to reports in the papers. Seems funny we haven't offerred him a new contract looks like he's on his way.
  24. Looks like we have to score 5 to get any chance of a result really is starting to worry me with this shit defence.
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