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  1. Same old shit can't defend can't pass can't shout fuck off Freedman and Gartside
  2. WTF is Freedman on about he's deluded!
  3. 8games in relegation battle ! So is ED and PG happy that we are already in a relegation scrap for the rest of the season!
  4. Normal service resumes time to fuck off Dougie! We have all had enough!
  5. News Flash Dougie reckons a win will come soonFFS oh and he was proud of the players today and our passing was great! What game was he watching cause I am dam sure it wasn't the game I watched!
  6. I must be mad watching this shit every week I really thought today we would win! It was a joke really lost the willto live with this carbage DF serves up each week, all the players were shit and the messiah Mark Davies wasn't much better! FFS Dougie do the right thing and resign!Why Mason upfront on his own ? I am now convicted he's deliberately taking the piss!
  7. Garvan decent he can pass but if johnny Williams rumour is true he's quality he's just back from injury and was excellent for Palace before he got injured.
  8. Please not Greg Halford FFS he's a defender turned attacker!
  9. My issue with Ed is it's his money why didn't he get involved more and questionWTF Gartside was doing? Isn't he supposed to be an astute businessman!
  10. I was under the impression that jokeburn would be subject to a transfer embargo so why have they signed a player from Everton for an undisclosed fee! Is it the case that only our club are so called playing by the rules is us are we not being told the truth, I really have had enough of Gartside ans Davis and freedman!
  11. Get rid was giving him until Xmas too late then we will be cut adrift at the bottom!
  12. Just seen the score not surprised still won't sack him! We are stuck with him and we are going down no 2 ways about it Leeds are in crisis but still we can't beat themFFS!
  13. What amazes me is the money Coyle spent on Mears, Eagles and Ngog and all are now without clubs just shows he was poor in the transfer market and cost us a lot of money! Wigan fans I know are of the same opinion of Coyle bloody useless!
  14. We are a complete joke can't defend at all we have to score 3 now to win a game Dougie fuck off please!
  15. This is awful if Dougie stays we go down we are hopeless!
  16. We are struggling against Crewe I am convinced its down to Dougies tactics and his arrogant attitude that we are in this mess!
  17. Why is Beckford always offside FFS this match is so boring!
  18. 1-1 not impressed will we ever keep a clean sheet!
  19. Has derivite been mentioned yet another brilliant signing by Dougie!
  20. Becoming we already are FFS
  21. So Dougie thinks we only need to play reserves in a cup competition wtf we are not in the prem anymore you imbecile freedman!
  22. I have lost my patience with Dougie I cannot see any positives with him he has to go but somebody else needs to pick the next manager because Gartside is clueless!
  23. Instead of the players attitude could it not be Freedmans seems he goes on about it all the time saying last season it was certain players attitude which didn't help and now it's Halls attitude my guess it's Freedmans arrogant attitude that is too blame look how he dealt with super kev!
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