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  1. I was hoping we would sign Hutchinson I was impressed with him when we played Wednesday last season.
  2. Will Grigg signed for them yesterday .
  3. Josh Cullen signed for Burnley forgot about him he’s been playing for Anderlecht for the past 2 seasons so he’s followed Kompany
  4. These 2 female commentators are bloody awful !
  5. Rizlar


    It’s in the local paper
  6. Rizlar


    Natives getting restless second month in a row wages paid late and no new signings 😂
  7. IE should put his boots on and play now that would be worth paying to see .
  8. Same here he’s not bloody ronaldo
  9. Doubt we could afford Stockton think they want a million for him
  10. In our favour Dempsey is here
  11. Rizlar


    The guy is such a fraud
  12. Rizlar


    Bassini was on Talk sport this morning what a balloon Simon Jordan made him sound like a right fool unlucky Birmingham
  13. Would not surprise me if the piemen sign him
  14. We are too predictable
  15. Browny as left Barriw so he’s available
  16. It was mentioned on Wigan today paper but only a rumour as they are after a right wing back striker centre mid and centre back! like everything this time of year only believe it once it’s official!
  17. Michael Duff left Cheltenham for Barnsley
  18. I will play City and Liverpool fighting it out again for top 2 Chelsea third Newcastle fourth Spurs fifth Manure sixth !
  19. I agree with most of your comments but it’s just not great to watch!
  20. Awful game stop watching at end of first half same old Italy!
  21. Think that was the game we chased them down the prom they got quite a going over that day
  22. Yeah never really bothered us that lot always legged it when we was in town in the late 70s and 80s
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