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  1. First 20 minutes are key here they are going to be physical we need to match them score first we win ,
  2. They will come straight at us from the kick off whether the storm score first they will shit out ! 3-0 to us coywm .
  3. Half time 1-1 pressures on them at home .
  4. Good luck today I am in Crete will try and find a bar .
  5. I thought we would have signed him in the January transfer window but got Vic instead . I would not rule us out in signing him !
  6. Think if they don’t get paid the ones out of contract maybe able to walk straight away but somebody on here will know the correct information.
  7. All players who haven’t been paid are not playing today and haven’t trained some decent players available who are out of contract .
  8. Meltdown in scouseland
  9. Well done to Plymouth they deserve to win the league and great fans good luck in the championship next season hope we join you 👍
  10. Brilliant away now for 2 weeks impeccable timing yet again .
  11. Players have returned to training but quite a few missing doesn’t look good tick tock !!
  12. 3-1 nice going into the play offs .
  13. They make me laugh so we play our best 11 and Bradley or Dempsey get injured what would they say then?
  14. Scouse cunts can’t be doing with them .
  15. Surely that’s a breach of contract so why should they bother playing again. They are well in the shit happy days 😂
  16. When they said they had sold a house to help to fund a club that was a red flag for me total bull shit got to agree admin looks likely now .
  17. Great news the journey continues and we are all part of it .
  18. Talking to a Wigan cunt at work the other day gloating saying 6 points for them next season when they play us as we are not going up ! I just laughed tried getting hold of him yesterday phone of tick tock knobhead !
  19. He’s injured won’t be back until start of next season so he will be off pronto!
  20. I posted yesterday that this would happen lots of players out of contract wouldn’t be surprised if they refuse to play the last game tick tock 😂
  21. What are you on about 😂😂
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