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  1. Players are tired !
  2. The next Ivan Toney apparently.
  3. Got to agree with Keegan and it’s not just football they are taking over the sporting world!! Don’t like Sue Smith her accent does my head in !!!
  4. Rizlar


    What injury does he have heard nothing from the club ?
  5. Sounds like Liam Trotter
  6. We cant complain 3rd in the table not even playing well but grinding out results which makes a change. 1 point is fecking Dan is shit wtf did IE see in him?
  7. So he will have reached 10 in 4 more games !
  8. Something happened at Orient looks like game abandoned due to crowd trouble?
  9. Like the look of Reid even if he missed that sitter as for our forwards oh dear apart from Dion and Bod the othe 3 are poor.
  10. Good win that they give us a game agree with most Bod defo not IE favourite anymore as for Dan no way should he start he was awful.
  11. Think our lot are tired .
  12. Couple of changes at halt time and we can beat this lot but IE needs to react to Evans game plan.
  13. How bad is Dan what did IE see in him and agree GT is going to get sent off !
  14. Bet Morley pissed off ?
  15. Rizlar

    Francis Lee

    Everton also had a boys pen in the Glawdys st end !
  16. Rizlar

    Francis Lee

    Great penalty taker also had a company in Bolton making toilet rolls made a tidy sum out of it .
  17. Relieved thought we would struggle well done whites.
  18. Dans chance to prove his doubters wrong hope he does 🤞
  19. That’s what I was thinking I don’t understand it.
  20. Our midfield is weak and short on players Dempsey is playing with an injury says it all , IE as messed up by not recruiting an experienced midfielder.
  21. Agree he was poor again yesterday .
  22. Red card for me , my issue our I’ll discipline is killing us GT booked again at this rate he will be getting more and more bans, Gethin was stupid this ref was known for handing out red cards and he puts in a stupid tackle. Biggest issue our manager sick of him ranting and raving at the officials concentrate on the game !!! Midfield is a major issue Evatt as not sorted it from last season otherwise battling point,
  23. First goal critical whoever scores first wins .
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