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  1. I don’t understand why IE bought Dan he’s another player with injury issues but IE reckons he’s the new James Toney !
  2. Are we saying 2m wasted ?
  3. I agree but if every team now sees this weakness wtf is IE going to do to change it atm nothing which is frustrating the life out of me I really have very little confidence in him anymore.
  4. But we don’t know what the players are coached to do and at corners it’s always the same 11 players in the box that as to be on IE and I am convinced the players are told to stick to the system no matter what.
  5. Cannot believe Ogbeta attempt with his chest sums our players up.
  6. And there we have it IE out coached and out thought and all other managers know this and IE as no idea how to change it as he signed players to play his system. Got to agree with other posters the strikers are poor Bod and Dan the imposter are made of glass . several posters plus myself have been calling for a strong tackling midfielder who can play as a DM IE chose never to sign 1. Hope they prove me wrong but play offs whoever we get I cannot see us progressing unless we are at 100%.
  7. Starting to lose confidence in this team and manager having the bottle to get us up really disappointing our knack of going a goal down is becoming the norm.
  8. Blew it again no excuses.
  9. Portsmouth get there usual pen!
  10. Well if that’s the case IE at fault it’s his job to get the players up for it?
  11. Why is Sheehan in the bench don’t get it surely we play our best fit 11 at this stage of the season whilst we have a chance of automatic promotion.
  12. 70 minutes Charles and Dan on Jerome and Collins off as per normal I would suggest.
  13. Way too many changes and way too many injuries.
  14. Unbelievable what a crock of shit .
  15. I must be a good luck charm ?
  16. Just got home couldn’t make the game and we are losing !
  17. All about consistency and Portsmouth are top of league because of being consistent which we unfortunately are not.
  18. Rizlar

    Pompey (H)

    Agreed it seems the norm with ex pie eaters they do there upmost to does us over !
  19. Rizlar

    Pompey (H)

    Dan is worse and he didn’t play either !
  20. Rizlar

    Pompey (H)

    Still games to play yet and anything can happen this is why we love football. As for the play offs not worrying who we get whoever we play we can beat them over 2 legs if we play our A game.
  21. Rizlar

    Pompey (H)

    That’s our problem when needed in the big games our strikers don’t take the chances we create.
  22. Rizlar

    Pompey (H)

    Only team that can beat us in the play offs are ourselves!
  23. Rizlar

    Pompey (H)

    Better team again and yet again missed chances have cost us still promotion is a possibility but out of our hands again. Don’t understand the subs can see why Dion but Jerome is never going to score a goal for us! On another subject Stockport and Wrexham promoted this league next season for us if we don’t get promotion will be a nightmare with Wigan and Blackpool still in it as well.
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