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  1. IE needs to keep his opinions on the fans to himself if supporters wants to criticise the team then they can as long as they are not being abusive or personal. 

  2. Going 1-0 down so early was always going to make it hard against Barnsley they are a tough team but we battled and got a point which felt like a win to me. 
    We just struggle against teams who play a certain way against us but with the signing of Collins he looks a player who as the nous to create chances. 
    Vics control is awful. 

  3. We all know how Barnsley will play high press and try and man mark Sheehan we need to get the ball moving quicker and use our wing backs and have Maghoma and Dempsey making runs from midfield and hopefully we beat them. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Steejay said:

    CMG thing is a funny one. He’s not dissimilar to Dapo, and Sadlier to some extent. Flair players who can do something different.

    However they don’t/didn’t fit into Evatt’s favoured system so I’m not sure why we’ve spent so much money on him.

    My sentiments as well don’t understand the signing unless it was IE thinking to give us a different option in some games . 

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