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  1. It’s going to be a long season
  2. IE is true to his word no sign of a tough midfielder going to be signed .
  3. Rubin Colwill listed as an attacking midfielder 21 years old .
  4. Bolton news check it out
  5. Just read that he will not be bringing in a midfield beast he is confident the players can adjust and sort it themselves ?
  6. Thrash Burton Saturday all is forgiven until we play Wigan again.
  7. Don’t think Dion will be going to Stoke they have signed a striker today.
  8. Thing is with Wigan it’s a long season and they only have a small squad a couple of injuries to key players they could struggle but saying that the squad have the mentality of us against the rest as they started with minus 8 which will drive them on.
  9. Too early to be making predictions will know more around Xmas time.
  10. He will fit in well .
  11. It’s a puzzle for Burton you could make a good argument for changing nearly the whole team but that would be foolish or does IE pick the same 11 and tell them to get it sorted (apart from Dan who I just don’t rate ) . My opinion I would bring Toal in for GJ drop Morley who was as weak as piss and Dion for Dan.
  12. This for me is a watershed moment for IE and the players they need to bounce back and make sure this doesn’t happen again only time will tell but a couple of new signings needed to add steel to the team. Only positive I can see is that it’s happened early in the season.
  13. What most of us think !
  14. They will either loan him or pay up his contract according to sky sports.
  15. Yeah just read it spot on !
  16. No way Shazza will allow that he will be off to Saudi or Turkey.
  17. Does any team want Dan on loan as for me he’s 6th choice behind Jerome .
  18. 300,000 for him waste of money .
  19. Yeah I can’t remember too many derbies we have won I have been watching us for 50 plus years it’s bloody annoying .
  20. If I was a manager of any team in league 1 I will see what happened yesterday and use the same tactics because we have no answer to those tactics and neither does our coaching staff . I agree with comments about Morley drop him and send him out on loan and bring somebody in who as some bottle.
  21. You are spot on had time to reflect and you are correct the buck stops with IE and Markham they go on about doing due diligence on players so 1 must be you must be a soft cunt with no bottle when the going gets tough because apart from Dempsey they are all a bunch of weak fuckers. I again have to go into work to get ripped to pieces by tics thanks to the inept showing of our team thanks a fecking lot !!
  22. Once Toal fit think Gethin will be either on the bench or RWB
  23. IE was out coached .
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