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  1. Derby after Tyler Blackett from Charlton and a midfielder from Sheffield United .
  2. He’s a decent player that Hughes of Wigan.
  3. What a shit game !
  4. Good riddance definitely wasted his chance with us.
  5. I can’t see it being Charles as for Swansea they are skint and Preston manager states it’s 1 in 1 out so he may rely on loans!
  6. Hull paper saying they are close to a major signing in the next 24 hours and the player will be in the stands against Birmingham ?
  7. Transfer window always loads of rumours I never take any notice of them until it’s reported by the club or IE.
  8. Hull have signed Billy Sharp from MLS and are after Max Bird of Derby .
  9. No way Swansea have the money to buy DC read a report in local Swansea rag they was looking to offer 750,000 not a chance that will be accepted.
  10. All gossip and rumours it’s transfer window time I will believe when it happens !
  11. Matheson could and would do a decent job at RWB.
  12. Sad awful news Gonzo condolences to his family.
  13. We have 5 midfielders we need 6 get a couple of injuries and we are struggling.
  14. We don’t need another striker it’s a midfielder and a LWB we need .
  15. 4 wins over Xmas nothing more to say happy new year to you all .
  16. No Clarke-Harris in the match day squad for Peterboro could he be off as they tried to off load him in the summer?
  17. Seems the natives are restless shit football and poor team selections.
  18. Critchley treading a fine line and Maloney at the tics as a lot of opposition from fans !
  19. They know a good player when they see 1!
  20. Scored tonight is it a championship club?
  21. Think you are right cannot see any team coming out of the chasing pack, I agree transfer window will be key can see Derby signing a couple .
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