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  1. My worry with Wycombe is if Sadlier comes back to haunt us .
  2. Time for a change upfront Vic and Dion both struggling Collins for Vic for me!
  3. We can still win this just make sure we take our chances which will happen.
  4. I would expect some changes but knowing IE he might stay with plan A and wait until the 69th minute.
  5. What an awful first half IE needs to sort we are lucky it’s only 1-0 .
  6. Soon as he came off his feet he was off !
  7. Ffs GT when will you learn !
  8. The club need to take a look at this those fans who attend more away games should be considered first for me but that’s just my opinion.
  9. According to him Peterboro will win the league as they have the best strikers !!
  10. 2 great results both Peterboro and Stevenage lose.
  11. Fecking joke feel for all the fans who travelled hope they get refunds.
  12. We need to score first and early for a change.
  13. Kachunga starts for Cambridge !
  14. Feel sorry for Ashworth he’s just started playing well bet he’s gutted.
  15. Rizlar

    Barnsley (H)

    IE needs to keep his opinions on the fans to himself if supporters wants to criticise the team then they can as long as they are not being abusive or personal.
  16. Rizlar

    Barnsley (H)

    Famous last words !
  17. Rizlar

    Barnsley (H)

    Baxter as been excellent this season do not understand the criticism.
  18. Rizlar

    Barnsley (H)

    Going 1-0 down so early was always going to make it hard against Barnsley they are a tough team but we battled and got a point which felt like a win to me. We just struggle against teams who play a certain way against us but with the signing of Collins he looks a player who as the nous to create chances. Vics control is awful.
  19. Rizlar

    Barnsley (H)

    Confident Dion will score ?
  20. Rizlar

    Barnsley (H)

    Early goal and we will smash them!
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