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  1. The merry-go-round never stops. I find Micah Richards annoying. Stop laughing at shit as though it's the funniest thing ever. Savage is stealing a living on TV & radio. Don't mind McManaman. Like Sutton on R5. Like Shearer. Nothing against Lineker. Hoddle puts me to sleep but knows his stuff.
  2. Would Sterling have them figures playing for West Ham? I would say no. Anyway, I'm no hater. Sterling does bring something to England.
  3. So it's ok to go on the pitch if you are celebrating/knee sliding/ flicking the Vs at the away supporters. There were zero Stockport ejections and zero Stockport in court. Any decent solicitor will be all over this. Fuck your solicitor off. I know a good one. Yes, you were a knob (no offense).
  4. Can I ask what was going through your head when you went over the fence? My Legal Dept is asking, what was the ejected figure for the Stockport invasion. And, more importantly, how many of the County fans are in the same position as you?
  5. Absolutely. Probably play in the Nations but don't know how he's going to dislodge Sterling. Southgate loves him.
  6. That's simple. It's the evening and it's a pain to get to and from at that time of day.
  7. Just looking at all them kids in the Rangers end at the Europa Cup Final. They'll do well to get to school tomorrow.
  8. I understand the issue with kids. But the counter argument is (because of a number of reason) some won't be able to get to the stadium for 7:30. Which actually means getting there for 7:15. Whatever time it is it will be inconvenient for plenty.
  9. If starting at 7:30 means you get your kids off to bed 30 mins earlier then it's a piss poor reason. Keep it at 8 for me. Less of a rush getting up to H town.
  10. Actual picture from that Stoke day. 5 of the AHM giving it the full Bean.
  11. In a nutshell. New Year's Eve 2005. Posh seats courtesy of @Casino. Abour 4 rows back from Bobby Charlton and his like. We equalised so that prompted Traf and myself to introduced ourselfs to everyone around us. We then went on to concede 3 more goals. Every goal we got more grief from the folk behind us. Traf said "fuck this" stood up and proceeded to verbally give it to them. Bloke at side of me, who we had no issues with the entire game went for me. I thumped him with my rolled up complimentary prog and we rolled around a bit. Stewards came down and, very politely I must add, asked us to leave. Casino had some explaining to do with his boss's when he went back to work.
  12. Racist chanting was ok but holding a porn mag up wasn't 🤔 Anyway, is Razzle still going?
  13. Good shot, Sir! 👏👏
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