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  1. Can't understand why folk don't vote. Lame excuses don't count as an excuse.
  2. Yes. I vote every time.
  3. I'm already looking forward to the 7th series.
  4. I had to pause a lot of the 6th series to Google some characters from previous series'. It moves at a pace so difficult to keep up at times. I found the 6th series just as compelling as the others. My thought process was conjuring up all sorts of twists as it went along. But I found the big reveal a bit of a anticlimax.
  5. For me it's between Gilkes and Doyle. Goals win games. And Doyle was there to bang them in. Gilkes, his booming voice and the general confidence he gave the team when he came in is immeasurable. Santos deffinetly gained from it.
  6. Didn't buy it, but Scouting For Girls - She's So Lovely is an appropriate reminder from that time.
  7. It doesn't matter that there are a million different gods. Religion is generally a good thing. People in religion are the problem.
  8. Well said. Anyway, the AHM top boy will be going down to the temple next Saturday. Loose lips 🤫
  9. Phil Brown comes out of this better than Todd. I know who I would want in the trenches. I also know which one I would want to have a beer and a chat with.
  10. OK, so my cunning plan didn't work. Wombley Stadium Babbacombe Model Village, Torquay.
  11. Undies Friday teaser. Impress me. Name the ground. UK. And, you know the rules...
  12. Haha serves you right you cheater.
  13. Is that actually a thing?
  14. Answered earlier. Millwall Vs Fulham '74. One of the first Sunday matches.
  15. Either way they are going to smash up the city.
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