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  1. Defining moment of the season. I reckon we can overtake Birmingham and challenge Millwall for the top spot.
  2. Why did you get collard and a fine for going on the pitch but no Stockport fans got that pleasure? I think that stinks.
  3. This world cup is going to be shit. And with England's form going into it means its going to be even more shit.
  4. 👎 👎 👎 Uncovered a clue. It may help for them with good memories.
  5. Not Wigan 👎 Not Chesterfield 👎 Venue for a big game for us in the 70s
  6. Sunday teaser. Not many I know that hasn't been to this place.
  7. Great idea. Did something similar at the top barn at Rivington last world cup. That was good.
  8. I get what you are saying. Apart from the CL City have aimed and hit every target they have gone for on a regular basis. Familiarity breeds contempt.
  9. Seriously I reckon it's pretty shit being a City fan. They are currently thumping Seville away in the CL. Their 3rd has just gone in and the camera cuts to the away fans and most of them haven't even got out of their seat to celebrate the goal. I've noticed similar reactions when City play at home in the PL. Being so good means that the only excitement they will get is at the end of the season when the trophies are up for grabs. By that I mean the CL, not the PL.
  10. 👍 👍 Ted Undies likes it. Thought my Grimsby clues were more Ted 😉
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