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  1. Judee Sill. A bit like Carpenter. Great voice.
  2. Can't remember. It must have been 10 years ago.
  3. There's a massive audience out there for GBN. As there will be for a openly left channel. I'm a bit uncomfortable about any channel that is openly political one way or the other. Folk will believe what they want to believe.
  4. I once watched a prog where regular army typs from all NATO countries, and a few from elsewhere, were pitted against each other with a set physical tests and general army shit to complete. The boys from Denmark came top.
  5. Yes, WWs is knackerd, I get that. But it seems to be more knackerd for some folk than others. When it first went pear shape I could at least read replies and bounce from page to page. Can't do any of that now. Cant even see the first post. I've logged in and out. I've rubbed it with a balloon. I've asked a child. I don't even know why I'm asking this question because I won't be able to see the replies. But what's the issue? and is it getting mended or not?
  6. Haha, that will go down well. I've been playing the idiot for years. It has its benifits.
  7. Yes. And I wouldn't trust me with any of them.
  8. Some long ones there. I hope the AHM logistics manager is on the case.
  9. Easy. Reversing the picture doesn't fool the professional.
  10. Like any celeb they will put on any football top that's thrown in front of them. But the story behind these pictures goes, and this is from the horses mouth. John McGovern had an interview with some reporter from a Midlands rag. He happend to mention that he likes acdc. Anyway, sometime later this reporter got in contact with JMc and said he's covering a ACDC concert in Leicester and would he like to come along and get backstage. Being Wanderers manager at the time he took some stuff. Bolton were in a financial black hole at the time and there was talk of a fundraising concert a
  11. My bad?? Stop that American shite 😉
  12. Front men for ACDC. Bon Scott is dead now. Like any self-respecting rock god he went out to a cocktail of drugs and alcohol 🤘
  13. Brian Johnson, not Bon Scott 👍
  14. 👍 I was on crutches one year when we played there. We put 3 past them then I had to hobble across that no-man's-land back to the car. Battles going on all over the place. AHM didn't hang about. They were in the car, engine running, all nice and safe while I was doing my impression of Chuck Norris with my nhs crutches.
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