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  1. There's an argument to be had that an orchestra is only as good as the conductor at the front. If the trombone player is poor is it because he's being told to do things differently? Or is he just crap and we need a new trombone? Its still raw with everyone involved with the club at the moment. Now is not the time for big career decisions. I think Evatt will have a good soul search in the next couple of weeks and address his approach. He has too. As far as I can see he seems to have the backing of the top brass so I would be very surprised if he walks.
  2. My top 4 ultimate disappointments watching Bolton. I never thought for one second that I would not return the next season - in no particular order..... Tranmere playoff final defeat Villa FAC semi defeat Stoke FAC semi defeat Ipswich playoff semi defeat. The next half dozen or so are all knocking on the door of being in the top 4. OINO.
  3. I've only heard. Maybe attention seekers. Maybe a knee-jerk reaction comment but with no intention of going through with it. But ffs if it is true I'm glad they are fucking off.
  4. I've not voted. But if I did I would be in the knows absolutely fuck all camp.
  5. After reviewing the votes. There's a obvious divide between folk who know football and them that don't.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Football can just fuck off until August.
  7. I've gone from thinking that Fury was a gobby charlatan to thinking that he's actually pretty decent. Since the Wilder years my opinion of him has gone back to him being a gobby fraud. It shouldn't do but his dad being a complete and utter bellend has contributed to my opinion shift.
  8. Don't not know how or why this happened but we were let down big time. Even the buzz with the fans before KO didn't have its feel. Maybe our trip to Wembley last year had a bearing on how things developed. The worst thing about the whole day was that Oxford weren't even that good. We've done teams like Oxford (and Oxford) all season - grrrrrr! One of the worst playoff finals I've ever seen. The manner of this defeat will take me a quiet a bit to get over. Not in my top 4 disappointments but it's not far from it. The release and retain list will be very interesting.
  9. Never wanted it from day one. I said it would be shit and a passion killer and it has proven to be. I'm thinking the PL won't vote against it. The question seems to be yes or no. It's too black & white. I don't think they will get the numbers to carry it through. But like most things the PL do they totally ignore the fans. I reckon if the fans had a say the vast majority would fuck it off.
  10. What time do the coaches set off?
  11. It's getting embarrassing. I'm sure it's embarrassing to SB and all them involved with her and FV. I put the shit stirring dictator at BWFC BOLTON TILL I DIE at the helm of HMS Sycophant.
  12. Roscoe actually did ask me to give him a shout if I heard of anything that might happen. Don't forget this was around the time of operation Gamma so it was kicking off almost everywhere Bolton rocked up.
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