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  1. The argument goes that this is being forced upon us with little to no consultation, and it is unnecessary. It seems we are all being treated with suspicion and more like customers than fans.
  2. I'm talking about carrying ID cards in respect of the government. That was the extreme I was talking about.
  3. Neither do I. But I still wouldn't want to give the government or my football club info they don't really need.
  4. Oh dear. That old argument. Take that thought into the wider world.
  5. Take this sort of thing to an extreme then it's a national ID system for us all next. It will help them control the social riff-raff will it not Daz 🤔
  6. The more I think about it the more I'm against it. As well as the point l made about the casual and first time fan being put off. I find this who thing a possible infringement on folks privacy. Why should the club have the right to know the name and address of all it's customers? Imagine if you had to give the cinema, a restaurant etc.. your home details before you could go. It's all a bit too Big Brother for my liking.
  7. Back in the day if you fancied going to a game you would just rock-up on the day and go. Over the years that impulsive choice that folk once had has been eroded away. You now have to jump through hoops just to get a ticket. Sometimes days in advance. But now any newbie or casual will have to weigh up the ball-ache of it all before they make the effort. I reckon plenty won't bother. It's bollox.
  8. I don't like the idea. Just seems an unnecessary faff for the casual fan and the potential first timer.
  9. Underpants


    It's rare for away fans to take over a pub which is spitting distance from the ground. Pickings are slim for Bolton fans at home. Beehive should be a home fans only. Fukc the away fans. They will always find somewhere else to sup. Anyway, it doesn't bother me. I'm in Bolton TC and a 7min train ride up to the stad. It's the future.
  10. Underpants


    The Beehive is opening back up in a week or two. It's about time we claimed that as a home pub.
  11. Underpants


    Cost me £60 the last halftime round I bought. That puts me in credit for the rest of the season.
  12. Underpants


    Top boy doesn't advertise his movements. Always a few steps in front of the OB.
  13. Underpants


    Fanzone for the riff-raff. Hotel Reflections for the superfans.
  14. Will be hilarious if they get relegated this season.
  15. I'll be on the Town Hall steps early doors. No assistance required. K2K.
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