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  1. Lianne Sanderson on TS. I've heard her ramble on about a few things over the last couple of weeks and it's just been noise coming out of my radio. Recently she was asked about sin bins being in introduced into the game but she set off barking on about VAR and refs, not sin bins. She's TalkSports equivalent of Robbie Savage. When it comes to talking football R5 are light-years ahead of tabloidy TS. And that's even with Savage on the BBCs books.
  2. Henry Kissinger. I thought he went years ago. 100, good effort, Kiss.
  3. Never seen that before. Ipswich had a fantastic team back then. I could probably names all of them. Like @Mounts Kipper said, it's a odd match to choose for TV. Having said that the pool of teams Anglia TV had to choose from was very shallow.
  4. It was the only Exeter.
  5. 12/15 it went pear shape at the end.
  6. Over the past 12 months Fury and his camp have gone down in my estimations. And to an extent so has Usyk. That last circus event Fury had in Saudi was the cherry on the cake. Fury even made the press conference to announce this fight embarrassing. I've not payed for a ppv since the Groves/Froch fight 10 years ago. 12 months ago I would have broken my self imposed embargo on ppv events and begrudgingly pay for this match up. Not now.
  7. Was never into cars as a kid. Even now I don't want anything special. I only look at them as a way of getting around.
  8. Away fans always pump it up. Normally in the first 10 mins. Then, more often than not, its never that intense. Unless they score that is. Unless it's a massive fixture then home fans have always took a bit of waking up. Maybe it's because of the familiarity of the surroundings and the all seater aspects of a modern stadia 🤔 I thought Stevenage made a din given their small numbers this season.
  9. Don't forget, not so long ago, that the club thought it would as a good idea to inconvenience home fans at the final whistle by doing the same thing.
  10. Is that just the use of bad grammar/English rather than being part of a passive invasion of our language? There's a whole different thread opening up here.
  11. Get-go is another one creeping into the lexicon. What's wrong with people? Ffs!
  12. I know the etymology of it. And that's where the problem lies. North American. US slang should stay in the US. It's a pet hate of mine that winds me up more than it should. No offence.
  13. My bad! My fuckin' bad! My mistake is what you are looking for.
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