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  1. First time back here since Saturday. You don't get this shoddy admining with BWFC Bolton Till I Die 😶
  2. @green genie Agent Mayflower tells me that there were big issues with the "We Are Argyle" surfer flag. Paper & digital fire certificates from the supplier were proving difficult to obtain. And the possible reduction in the surfers fire retardant capabilities was another stumbling block. Long story short it does look like these obstacles are being overcome - but it was a faff. Four (2 green & 2 white) brand new 2mx2m pitchside waver flags have had to be purchased just to avoid the same red tape problems that the surfer has encountered. Agent Mayflower says the pillow talk on this subject is now exhausted. Our operative is now imbedded deep within the first team coaching staff and is slowly gaining their trust.
  3. Agent Mayflower tells me that the fire certificate for the surfer has expired. So unless an extension can be arranged, or PA can prove that it's been retreated, then this surfer won't be ripping any curls.
  4. Tickets sold is already more than I thought it would be. Out of all the ways of getting to Wembley the Pizza Cup is right at the bottom of the pile. 30k would be a great effort. If we get to the playoff final I reckon a few wouldn't bother going because they've already chalked it off with the PJT.
  5. I don't even know what that means 🫣
  6. I had a dream about this place last night.
  7. I've got a good one for when this is guessed.
  8. To be fair I do fancy our chances against anyone in this division. Even on the backend of them results.
  9. ?? Wednesday W Barnsley L Derby L Plymouth D Ipswich Points wise, and with one game to go, our away record against the top 5 is better than our home record. But yes, the home record isn't good reading. But does this mean our record against the "shit" teams in the league is better than the other 5?
  10. Confirm by bloke in pub. Having said that it the numbers do seem to be heading that way.
  11. Evatt was out-managed today. Simple fact is Ipswich did a number on us. I'm not having it that we didn't turn up. Ipswich made us look bad. They high pressed us and basically made us rush our play all over the pitch. Zero continuity with our play. Well done them. We've not been at the races since Accy in the PJT semi. Enough time left in the season to make sure we don't fook it up completely. I'm still confident enough of making the playoffs and being a team to be reckoned with.
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