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  1. On 04/11/2021 at 19:16, Mounts Kipper said:

    Currently watching the Brondby v Rangers game and the stadium is bouncing, seems similar right across Europe but when I watch UK games the atmosphere isn’t comparable it seems to me we’ve lost something, we were once the most passionate fans here in the UK and now we are nowhere near. 

    Watched the Leicester Vs Warsaw Legia game last night. The Poles made a noise all the way through the game. Even after the game when everyone had gone home. No doubt singing about how tough they are and politics. They also lit hundreds of flares and openly took on the local law enforcement with some good old fashion windmilling. Like most fans on the continent they don't worry about the consequences of their actions because there aren't any. Unlike here were laws have been in place for decades, and now we have dictatorial membership schemes being forced upon us by Kim Jong-Hart. That's why atmospheres have gone down the pan here.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Francis Fogarty said:

    Medium only. I thought of getting one for our Loft but he's full sized.

    If it's a big medium then I reckon it'll fit. 

  3. Can't see the problem with the Barmy Army. Change, for the good in my eyes, the entire experience of watching international cricket.

    As for Ultras, it's a ridiculous continental thing. Politically motivated bollox.

  4. Got my picture taken with Jussi. I'm well older than him but I still felt like a kid.

    I was surprised on how far MND had effected Gethins mum considering how recently she was diagnosed.

    Great day for everyone. God bless the Jones family, and not forgetting Stephen Darby and his charity.

    Proud to be a Wanderer.

  5. 18 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

    I thought it was Bolton fans on the ESL concourse being a bit rowdy during a very short part of the minutes silence, probably having a bevvy & unaware the tribute had started.

    Really? I’ve seen far,far worse than Crewe, they worked their balls off in the first half and but for a couple of good saves by Dixon and them hitting the woodwork, the result could have been very different.

    Anyone have a good view of the foul that lead to our penalty?

    It didn’t look like a pen to me, but i was sat a fair distance away.

    I was in the WSL and the noise I heard definitely came from the Crewe end. Don't think it had anything to do with disrespecting the silence. More to do with some dick not knowing what was going on when he was making his way up to the seats.

  6. Nothing Hart said in his BN artical has changed my opinion. He is quick to use the word minorities when defending the membership scheme. Why should the minority change club policy for the rest of us? If he follows that strand of logic then he should be paying very careful attention to the vocal social media minority (as he puts it) on this subject instead of just waving it off as a bunch of random agitators. Its not my style to go head long in to something without giving it some thought. The scheme doesn't sit well with me so I've expressed my opinion. His explanation that some other clubs do it doesn't work. It's a minority of clubs that do it. The majority dont. And the going to a concert analogy doesn't work either. I don't personally invest in going to watch the same performer every other week. And I don't know what concerts he goes to but the ones I go to don't have seats in a mosh pit.

    My biggest gripe is that it is unnecessary and more big brother than anything else.

  7. 26 minutes ago, jeep said:

    Were it not Kick Off on Friday nights, and The Big Match on Sundays?

    Wasn't Kick-off both Friday evening and Sunday afternoon 🤔. I may be talking bollox but i think all regional highlight progs on a Sunday had their own names. The Big Match was the London one. But later on, for uniformity, they called them all TBM.

  8. A long, long time ago before we had saturated coverage of football all we had MOTD on Saturday night, and on a Sunday afternoon we had a regional football show called Kick-off fronted by Gerald Sinstadt. No co-commentators just one man saying what he see's. It was always a big deal when we were on telly because Granada, more or less, featured the Manchester or the Merseyside two. Anyway, this game always stood out as one of the best I watched



  9. FV have got the fans back on board with their PR and almost everything they have done since taking over ownership of the club. And I reckon that has given them some slack with a lot of fans over this membership scheme.

    Would people still be in favour of a membership scheme if it was implemented by the previous owner? Exact same scheme, wording and goal attached? I think it would have hit a lot more resistance.

    Fair play to FV. Strike while the fire is hot. But for me this scheme doesn't sit well.


  10. This will always be HW site. That will never change. For years and years Neil had for a avatar the logo that was on the front of the club shop at Burnden Park. Would be nice tribute if we could have that as a header on the forum.

    For the ones who weren't around back in them days the club shop was called The Happy Shop. And I think, but I may be wrong, the name of that logo was the Happy Wanderer. God knows where he got that picture from because I've been searched for hours looking for a good one. This obviously won't be good enough for a tribute pic but this is what it looked like. Anyway, just a thought


  11. The Cup tie at Arsenal. Think it was a TV game late afternoon. The club organised free coaches down to the Emirates. HW managed persuade the club to let all of WWs, who took up the free travel offer, to be on the same coach. Dry coach but no shortage of booze on the way down and back 🙄

  12. Obviously very sad for Neil's family. And a dark day for the community of WWs. The inevitable is not an easy thing to accept when it arrives 😔 I hope Neil's family can take something from the messages and thoughts being left on here. His love, all them years ago, for BWFC started something that snowballed in to what it is now. A community and the biggest and best Wanderers forum around. Nothing else comes close. He was the top man. The boss. The gaffer. Thank you, Neil.

  13. Been saying this for years. But from what I've been told in a lot of countries they are not chants to spur the team on. They are either political, or along the lines of don't mess with us because we are so fuckin' 'ard. Ultra mentality.

  14. 2 hours ago, fester58 said:

    anybody driving with room for fester and little miss fester ? dont fancy paying £52 on coach, and trains are a nightmare

    Get on the train. The AHM will look after you.

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