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  1. 1 hour ago, Zico said:

    well that's where I'm at

    however he deals with it offline is nothing do with me

    but if he's not reporting it or is being relaxed about it on here, I'm certainly not moderating it, as said, I'm not starting getting offended on other people's behalfs

    As I’ve said. I’m not referring to grey. You are. Let’s just leave it at that and I will deal with it my way 👍🏼

  2. 3 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    The only nonce thing I recollect is Rudy saying he stuck up for grey in a pub when someone, maybe a player playing under grey, referred to him as a nonce. 

    Dont think he actually called him a nonce outright. 

    Not taking sides or downplaying the story here btw just trying to piece together the actual allegations.


    We can piece it together over a suitcase of bing  at an away next season 👍🏼

  3. 16 minutes ago, Zico said:

    see that's the subjective bit, what should be moderated and what shouldn't

    like that nonce comment you mentioned - at the time, lots of sniping back and forth

    i've never met either - not for me to say what's true and what isn't

    one thing is for sure - Grey did not at any time appear offended by what was said, he appeared to laugh it off (or at the very least dismiss it) as more bullshit, he didn't make a complaint, nothing was reported (not that it woudl matter from my point of view)

    but I'm certainly not getting offended on his behalf and moderating what was said, grey dealt with it himself

    as said, most things tend to deal with themselves, either publicly, or, hazarding a guess, via PM

    like i said, there's very little if anything in the way of double standards when it comes to moderating

    you either like it, or you don't

    either way, try to move on

    grey and rudy have (for now, it would seem)

    or don't

    up to you

    but everything you post will remain as far as I'm concerned

    so still not sure what your "beef" is, but will happily leave you to it

    just wanted to make it clear, from this "mods" point of view, about the moderating aspect you have issue with

    This is the strange thing. I’ve not mentioned Grey in respect of comments made about an individual yet you keep on doing. 

    he’s big enough (well not literally) to fight his own battles should he choose. 

    But listen if you think it’s acceptable that’s entirely your call. Clearly we’ve got different views on it and that’s ok. Not for me to tell folk what’s acceptable and what’s not. 

    but let’s drop the top boy chat as a very minimum blood 😎

  4. 15 minutes ago, tomski said:

    Not seen as a pop don’t worry. Fwiw I think all involved are good poster plus I know a few in real life as well.

    Just don’t think they’ll be outcomes that will please everyone and it could all just go on forever which does no one any good. 

    To be fair if it can’t be put to bed then it is what it is and I won’t bring it up again.

    Stop being such a nice reasonable guy please as it means I have to be reasonable in reply. 

    I will let it drop. If…. Billy stops the incessant bullshit and the other makes his accusations to peoples faces instead of being a keyboard. Or when he does his usual then it gets moderated. Simple 


    and I can get back to talking about football, bing and brasses which I very much enjoy

    sounds reasonable? 


  5. 11 minutes ago, Zico said:


    as far as I know, neither Grey or Rudy are currently here

    no one's been fucked off, both out of choice

    no one's been banned

    no one's been moderated

    not by me anyway

    and for the record, I'm a tech admin, not a mod, I'm not banning users or removing content, am just here to keep the site up and running

    just not sure what your beef is, mainly because you never actually say, and appear to allude to things that haven't happened

    so just to clear up confusion - what is your beef exactly?

    (bear in mind, I'm not banning anyone or moderating anyone)

    Beef? Are we in a spin off of top boy?

    If you think folk being called racist , Nonces etc is acceptable Zico then you’re not who I thought you were pal. Simple as that. 

    some serious allegations made on this site about certain folk and nowt done. People behind them do it knowing they’re safe behind their keyboard.  It’s sad. 

    and if you think it doesn’t happen repeatedly and fuck all done then you need to open your eyes 

    anyway it’s clear it’s tolerated behaviour on here so be it. 

    and for the record billy bullshit has gone nowhere. 

  6. 36 minutes ago, tomski said:

    Probably time to move on from this lads. I don’t see anyone benefitting from continuing it on.

    I’ll drop it when they are fucked off. 

    but likely will be me as that’s how it works sadly. 

    that isn’t having a pop back at you by the way it’s a valid point you raise as is mine as to why it’s allowed to happen. But falls on deaf ears. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    That’s the difference 2 posters who respect each other’s views not someone who thinks there right and end of 

    You forgot the abuse and accusations and then being a massive shithouse 👍🏼 And protected 😎

  8. 10 hours ago, barryk32 said:

    Just done 2 minutes worth of googling.

    A football banning order is a court order.

    You don't need to be charged with anything for it to be signed off.

    It looks like anyone can apply for one

    Cheers so it’s the club then. I always incorrectly assumed shows like usual I know nowt. 

    if that is the case I would’ve thought the letter and character references etc should be sent to the club in advance so they’ve time to consider their position. 

    hope he got the right result. Does anyone know yet? Just seen the next post so that answers my question. Hope he’s ok 

  9. Just now, barryk32 said:

    Went on the pitch at Stockport away to let the players know exactly what he thought of them.

    Not arrested, not charged and released.  Got a letter off BWFC telling him he's banned


    But the fact he’s in court means he has been charged? No?

  10. 2 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    To completion?!

    I believe he nearly choked to death. Finished him off with his mouth. 

    horse wanted a 2nd date but handler wanted to press charges and here we are. 

  11. 9 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Just caught up with all this...

    Anyone heard anything?

    What even happened?!

    Wanked a police horse off outside edgeley park. Allegedly 

  12. Just now, Mounts Kipper said:

    Just checked and it’s not 65 million payable immediately on relegation but a significant undisclosed % of the 65 million. 

    Aye it’s not good. Think one of the rags were saying it was 65m in full immediately. 

  13. 1 minute ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    They have a £65 million loan that is payable immediately on relegation, it doesn’t look good for them. 

    Not quite that I don’t believe. I believe there’s a repayment schedule that’s contingent on them being in the prem. On relegation x is due (not 65m) If they’re not promoted back in year one more of the 65m is to be repaid that year and so on . Bad but not certain death. The amount was always repayable in 2025 in full as well I believe. 

  14. 3 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    Within 1 season we could be a more attractive option that Burnley. There are plenty of concerns that they are a financial basket case, their parachute money will be spent on paying the contracts of the players that aren’t out of contract and still on Prem wages, they’ve not got the continuity that Dyche gave them last time etc. etc.

    If we manage to go up next season, we’ll have bigger crowds, a better stadium, and be in a more stable financial position.

    When you look at the Championship now, I genuinely don’t think there are many attractive clubs in there that would turn Evatt’s head. Obviously that changes if we don’t manage to go up, he’ll only stay in this league for so long, but I’m not concerned he’ll get poached this summer.

    I’m not saying he will leave I’m saying he may be high on their agenda. And as much as i can see your logic you also need to think it’s a job for him. He may be on 5k a week with us? He would get 5/6/+ times that’s at burnley. A 3 year deal and his family are set for life. Isn’t always about the football. 

    and also as much as I love my club he’s got a significantly greater chance of getting to the prem with them than with us. 

    all depends on what his drivers are which will only be found out if someone comes knocking. There’s also the fact the FV would demand compo which may sway their minds.

    But there’s plenty of other candidates of young up and coming managers so hopefully he stays put  

  15. 2 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    Think fa want first few rows boxes off all around make it hard like old Wembley and it hits clubs in pocket 

    Problem then is like we’ve got now where club overreact and then start banning folk for disorderly behaviour like swearing and stuff. 

  16. Burnley will now go for a cheap(ish) up and coming manager. 

    evatt and Richardson will be high on their list if they go down that route I reckon 

  17. 8 minutes ago, Jol_BWFC said:

    Mr Grey (RIP) just asked me if @Rudy was there? 💣

    Owns a physio practice on chorley new rd I believe. 

    Rudy not grey 

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