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  1. I get my first taste of an old firm game on 1st feb at the cup semi. been a long time waiting! has anybody been before off here and can anybody recommend a suitable "rangers" watering hole for pre and post match in glasgow
  2. Escobarp


    thanks traf much appreciated In currently pay sky the princely sum of £100 a month and about time it got knocked on the head so looking for alternatives and one that offered foreign channels would be perfect
  3. Escobarp


    sorry im a bit of a techno phobe so i i acquire a skybox f5 what does that get me (apart from a skybox f5 obviously)? Do i then need a subscription to something and will it then get me all the channels that i currently enjoy with sky plus more from around thw workd such as NBC and fox sports etc from the states?
  4. the guy has served his time and whilst unsettling that he shows no remorse (for the record I think he got off lightly with the time he served for what he was convicted of) he should be allowed to get on with his life. murderers and paedos are allowed to integrate back into society (albeit castration would suit one half of that demographic much better) but we cannot have a situation where people signing a petition prevents a person from undertaking their chosen profession. if we do we are on very shakey ground indeed. Lee hughes killed somebody via dangerous driving. marlon King another example. obviously less sensitive crimes but still where do we draw the line that said will take a club with extremely huge balls to take him on.
  5. Bolty I can assure you that whilst I may well be deemed a halfwit by some folk justifiably I am most certainly not an alter ego of said blue nose Sheer coincidence mate
  6. Good shout Watt is an absolute head case though. Refused to train and alsorts at Celtic and also likes a drink far too much. Positives are that worked with Lenny before so a possibility and maybe he can control him again
  7. If your in then least I can do is buy you a cup of tea after you travelling 200+ miles
  8. I'm dyslexic. I work at tesco in the booze aisle and called Paul Meant to be tesco bar p
  9. Ah sorry for getting my wires crossed. Well whilst my balls may be big (blame the missus) I certainly have no intention of giving it big licks on here. Waste of time signing up to behave like a twat!
  10. Still not sure what it meant in response to ,y post but I will learn Also not sure if you are suggesting I'm playing billy big balls and if so not sure why. Just a talkative sole enjoying the banter
  11. Bradford away end only holds 1850 so not great
  12. Cheers. Quite a friendly bunch it would appear
  13. How can Thise pie eating fucks get the better of anyone. Embarrassing
  14. Samaras dreadful but probably a better goals to games ratio than heskey? Adam Matthews from Celtic would be a good signing. Not getting a look in under dahlia at the mo. Apart from commons at Celtic if we are looking at one of their forwards would take griffiths over that ira sympathising c*nt stokes.
  15. Not quite at the Romanian wife level yet mickyd but shall bare it in mind 30 years in bolton as well and only 8 up here so still very much English!
  16. Hello all Edinburgh based white who departed for all things "jock" 8 years ago. Suspect will get a lot of ribbing gif living North of the border but hey never mind Previously was a season ticket holder at both burnden and the reebok (as it was at that time) Still like to get to games when I'm home and have watched the banter from afar and you all seem like a good bunch so thought I would join in and partake in some bolton banter Cheers
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