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  1. Agreed. For example I had never heard of iredale before we signed him. And unlike others I don’t feel the need to go on wiki and the regurgitate on here like I’m a football scout in the making and had heard of him when clearly they hadn’t but I trust that he’s a bloody good player because we wouldn’t of signed him. Thing for me is we have a proper footballing identity now and whilst it has its flaws (see fleetwood on a rainy Tuesday) it’s great to be able to believe in a manager again.
  2. Some folk will have already written off our new signings before theyve happened. Experts
  3. Won’t be overly boozy 🙄
  4. Aye couldn’t have worked out any better that one eh. Will be there if back allows me to maybe see you there 👍🏼
  5. Carlisle on 16th July confirmed
  6. Aye so 16th my only hope for a boozy Saturday preseason but unlikely can attend as can’t sit down long enough to get there!
  7. I’m out of action til 16th July so hoping the 23rd is a good game but likely that’s a home game I reckon.
  8. Have we got a full schedule yet or still waiting?
  9. Was their left back from memory. I was about 15 feet from it where it happened/where he fell
  10. Fuck me 😂😂😂😂😂
  11. I’ve no recollection of that whatsoever. Had to be them though didn’t it really.
  12. Aye not sure they invaded? Can’t recall tbh
  13. When was last pitch invasion at wembley? Out of interest
  14. This is the problem it’s all cooncil tackle these men are on. Give them some proper gear like you say nae mither than. Just burning lugholes.
  15. Tbf I think we all would need it to sit in there apart from the bedwetters
  16. Boris has said today that for drug related football disorder it’s to be treated much more seriously with 5 year bans Also given 5million to help with drug testing on arrests at matches im absolutely fuming at the sweeping generalisation “Middle-class coke heads should stop kidding themselves, their habit is feeding a war on our streets driving misery and crime across our country and beyond.”
  17. Anyway season is over now. Let’s hope the victims get best next week and Sunderland and we can all have a nice summer. and we can then all get back to talking shit permanently and some lying permanently 😎
  18. Nobody is disputing the best teams are in the group stages of the champions league. But I would also say Barca are a top team. Beaten in Europa by…..
  19. Ginger cunt anyway. Enough said
  20. Or he doesn’t want the hassle and doesn’t need the money after we paid him off
  21. Dortmund aren’t a top German side? Just so we are sure what the benchmark is for a top side here.
  22. What illogical is how some Folk don’t get booted off. But that’s a different issue altogether 🙄 I don’t really like Scottish football per se. I just dislike some of the bollocks spouted
  23. Listen when folk talk about any team from any nation and use stuff like “imagine what such a body would do if they played them” when teams higher than that such a body have done fuck all in the same competition it is like listening to a spaz. I’ve zero affinity to rangers or any of them and Livingston don’t really appear on anyones radar so won’t get involved there. As you know I like logic. And a lot of the Shite spouted is illogical. Simple as that. you can always boot me off the forum of course as is in your gift 😬
  24. Best of luck to Frankfurt in the final against Leicester
  25. Only going one way this. Then we will see if the rangers fans are tired or not when they go on the rampage
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