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  1. I drink a pint of water from cooler in the fridge first thing every morning. Pish then pint of water.
  2. It has no place outside of a fridge or a freezer. Simple as that.
  3. Chocolate has to go in a fridge. Not worth eating otherwise. Or in the freezer
  4. Some folk are just soft Egypt you’re supposed to have to show vaccination status On arrival or do a PCR test. in and out airport in 20 mins from getting off plane and not a request to see anything relating to vaccination.
  5. Everyone is feeling the pinch now even the elite
  6. Cut down on brasses to twice a month
  7. I took the lead from one of our mods who ignores all abuse thats given out by the select few so I assume he had the perpetrators on ignore 👍🏼👍🏼
  8. Can’t hide money can you eh
  9. Arrived multi storey T1 1038. Bags dropped and through security by 1053. airport still advising folk to turn up early and then asking people what time there flight is when entering terminal and if you’re too early asking them to wait outside. Madness
  10. Chins up matt. You will get it sorted just keep going as hard as it may seem
  11. Always always always pay in local currency when using card abroad.
  12. Won’t be overly boozy 🙄
  13. Aye couldn’t have worked out any better that one eh. Will be there if back allows me to maybe see you there 👍🏼
  14. Carlisle on 16th July confirmed
  15. Aye so 16th my only hope for a boozy Saturday preseason but unlikely can attend as can’t sit down long enough to get there!
  16. I leave the outside tap on a constant drip during the day and he just goes and gets a drink from that. Not particularly good for saving water but he enjoys it so that’s all that matters really
  17. I’m out of action til 16th July so hoping the 23rd is a good game but likely that’s a home game I reckon.
  18. Have we got a full schedule yet or still waiting?
  19. On a test track on Wednesday with a Gordon Murray fan car whizzing pay. Fuck me that’s the quickest thing I’ve ever seen track I was on was where they filmed the Aston flipping on casino royale. Wasn’t quite the same in a van tbh
  20. Was their left back from memory. I was about 15 feet from it where it happened/where he fell
  21. Mini kievs and you’re talking a proper tea there
  22. Fuck me 😂😂😂😂😂
  23. Shall we have a whip round for Whitt?
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