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  1. I was meaning one of the two current teams playing in the semi final. Hammers will smash them
  2. Sad cunts screaming when that went in bad up here when one these two are playing the others are unbearable
  3. I can’t wait for the final til they meet one the premier league sides. They will get battered Oh hang on
  4. No not with so many footballing tactical geniuses in our midst. Pub league
  5. You want to see my estate. And if they win tonight fuck me I will be up all night with the dog whining. and the puppy will be awake too I imagine 😬
  6. Think bolty blocked you for bullying if memory serves me correct or was it being a ginger cunt now I think of it
  7. There’s wee support groups the lot going on via pm grim times. but if you are thinking of leaving pal please pm me first if you’re looking for someone to tell you not to leave and how the place wouldn’t be the same without you and I will tell you to fuck off 😬
  8. Who is it you’re asking? Ask them? Name names. You know the “rules”
  9. No only if you upset certain people. But they can do what they want. Consistency
  10. Hiatus at least get the terminology right or I will report you. and make you sure return with a bang as well if you do
  11. I had the misfortune of flying from Edinburgh last night. Was a sea of blue and luminous orange as far as the eye could see as they make their way by various routes to get there. Be some party over there that’s for sure.
  12. Facebook would be full of candlelit vigils over here if our plod waded in like these men.
  13. agreed it has a recipe for disaster written all over it this. I was watching a video other day of some real Betis lads who were looking for some bother at a game coming unstuck with the local constabulary. Nae messing about batons we’re raining down on them. Smashed fuck out of them they did.
  14. It’s sheer volume of numbers in tandem with the fact a lot of them are raging pisscans as per most folk from Glasgow. but that said I also think the way they were policed didn’t help. But it was outrageous what happened ultimately.
  15. No dwarf since little Whitt on kamagra has caused more damage than these men.
  16. I will stay a bit more with it next time in case that bar maid is on again 😎 And nobody invite sicky Dan ffs
  17. aye he’s still a young lad but needs to now really push on. I still think he will be a top player but I know about the same as everyone else on here which amounts to fuck all 😬 although listening to some you wouldn’t think it
  18. It is not cos they’re shit? Rather than cultural. or cos the turbans make headers difficult?
  19. Absolutely it would eh. What a set up that was. 🍺🍺🍺🍺
  20. I’m in for this if it’s the latest of the available dates as in hospital end of June so won’t be fit to play out til near the end @London Wandereryou fancying the long hour train journey to Carlisle for this if it’s on?
  21. Give over. It has plenty of both sides of the coin but I’m not having there’s many double headed (no play on words intended) knocking about up here.
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