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  1. There isn't in regards to your post though. You didn't bother to back up why you feel part responsible and embarrassed because of your so called white privilege. Read a book you say. Not seen any of Rudys posts regarding what issues he's been through in life because of his skin colour. Not sure if he's mentioned any examples. I would however like to listen to him if he has and how it's changed his life for good or worse. I grew up in Seacroft, Leeds. Half my mates are ethnic minorities. Although I didn't see them that way growing up... they were just my mates and still are. We went
  2. "I know more then you, I know I'm right and until you read books I've read... you will not get it". 🙄
  3. The patronising response I was expecting.
  4. You're not privileged because of the colour of your skin. Funny that this term 'privileged' is only aimed at white people, without anyone knowing what upbringing they may have had. But that's apparently OK because they are white. Judging someone's quality of life based on the colour of their skin. Not great. Is society against everyone that isn't white? or is it just black people that live in the West and have been given opportunity in countries they now deem racist?
  5. Taking the knee doesn't change anything. Neither will anything else the players do. It's not up to them to sort out anyway. It sends out a message just like Kick It Out did but it won't stop racism. BLM has bad links to movements hijacked by others and that's the problem. Racism isn't just one way and is sadly just a part of life... nobody will change this. I don't believe here in UK we had much of problem but unfortunately now it seems to be getting worse and not better.
  6. Slight problem... He's from Ivory Coast
  7. Same apart from I'd go James for Bellingham and change to a back 5 for our first game. James looked solid in a back 3 for Chelsea. He can mop up after Stones and Maguire. +Henderson for Pickford.
  8. I don't get what your point is to my post. Sorry.
  9. Think because TAA pulled out he can pick one of those as a replacement. Still pointless picking them all today.
  10. Those players played 8 days ago.
  11. Surely having warm-up games before a major tournament you play your best 11. This 11 is never going to start together so what's the point. Players left out shouldn't need a rest and players picked shouldn't need game time. Another piss poor performance. Johnstone is never going to start, Godfrey at rb when we have 3 others? Mings is terrible. JWP is decent at set pieces. Rashford looks like he can't be bothered. DCL non existent. I thought Sancho was some world beater looking at his stats in the German league.... poor again. Grealish is the main man. Bellingham looks decent and shoul
  12. Just finished watching. The position of their base was fucked up. Unbelievable really. The guy running around in a PE kit is the sort of guy you want on your side. Good watch.
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