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  1. wanderer1984


    Just looked at league 2 and it's hard to pick. Don't fancy any of the relegated teams. Tranmere at 16/1 and I've gone Watford 7/1. Those with Us is 2,039/1. Add Man City for 3,204/1
  2. Hopefully. Mane on the move, Mo stalling on a new contract. Signed the next Andy Carroll for 80 odd mill.
  3. You're judging the majority of one single country based on other countries actions. Yet nothing has happened in Hungary that suggests the rest of the world should be worried. As for national identity. What do you find far right about that? It's what makes us all and places we visit different.
  4. Mental health problems init. To be fair.. can't be right in the head to stab, run over or blow people up etc in the name of religion.
  5. Today's game being played at Molineux. Anyone know if it was planned to be played there before the fans ban? Only 3,000 (mostly) kids allowed to attend.
  6. No idea mate. Don't think it gets enough news/media coverage as it should.
  7. So more people voting to keep their Christian values, national identity and traditions is the big threat to us all and is comparable with nazi Germany? How can a political gain be more of a threat then an actual terror attack? Speaking of which. When was the last terror attack in Hungary? All I found was this from the government site.
  8. What has the far right in Hungary done that is deemed a big threat? And who is it a threat too? Same question to La Pen in France. How often are far right terror attacks here in the UK?... I can't think of any but must be some if you've said so. My last vote was the one before brexit, probably a local election... I can't remember. Not voted since and probably won't bother. This might sound odd to some but others will get it. I'd never vote for Labour and that's not because of its leader or MPs.
  9. The people they're doing it for are the ones finding it most offensive. So maybe not.
  10. Norwich caused a bit of stir posting this.
  11. Nation league is supposed to scrap meaningless friendlies. Teams are put in groups based on ability. A, B C and so on. Finish bottom on the group you get relegated. Top and you get promoted. Each tournament is over 2 years? So think we play each team in our group home & away. Top teams in group A (4 of them) play a semi.... then a final to determine the winner. Not sure what the winner gets? Wales finished top of group B group. This ment they qualified for a world cup playoff position. Not sure if that's replicated in other groups. Seems odd that team that finished Top of a nation league group can then go on to finish bottom (they didn't and came second) of world cup qualifying group but still make the play off. That's all I know and some of it might be bollocks.
  12. Same team that beat them in the Euros except Mount in for Shaw. 433 maybe.
  13. Do you really think people actually wish for that?
  14. Nothing wrong with it if it represents everyone. But by doing that it becomes too general and irrelevant. Which is the point I'm making.
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