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  1. Israel. Simply because the world would be alot safer and peaceful without Islam. On another note... my daughter (12) asked if her (muslim) friend from school could sleep over on Friday. When I said she could she replied " OK... but her parents have said you're not allowed to drink alcohol or have any in the house while she is here". Cheeky bastards. My house my rules. You lot think any different?
  2. I've answered your questions. You just ask more and more because you don't get the answer you want to hear. Its obvious what side you're on. All your sympathy is for Palestine. No shame in that but at least have the balls to admit it.
  3. Who knows.. I don't. But I do think Israel would put their weapons away if Palestine did first. And it would stay that way until the Palestinians started again.
  4. Also.... as you've just found out. It not nice being accused of something your obviously not. Take note.
  5. It's what you do best. And what I've said is if Palestine put down their weapons then there would be peace. Claim You're neutral then always lean on the opposite side. If you dont like what I say that's OK. The difference is I won't twist things you say. It must be tiring always being correct....a teacher thing I guess. Anyway... No worries, have a nice evening.
  6. Nothing. Because the big boys of Palestine don't care about the people. It would never happen. Even if land was issued back I'm pretty sure the people that lost it wouldn't get it back.
  7. So what if it was in your familys generation and you had to leave because of war. When you return someone else has taken over it. Would you be happy with that? Then the law where you live states you can claim it back because its in a disputed area. What would you do?
  8. No we haven't and yes I do. Do you think international law favours terrorism like you do?
  9. All depends on the person I guess + another 5 and its on the right side of 2
  10. This is the sort of thing you actually have to search for. Hear nothing about it on the news. Terrible
  11. I suppose it is if you're Muslim, since they can marry etc whilst still being a child themselves.
  12. 1948 isn't 3/4 generations ago.
  13. The latest kick off is over a disputed territory of east Jerusalem. The Israeli settlers say they have a legal right to the land based on Israeli law that permits Jews to recover property abandoned during the war.
  14. Trouble financially? I don't think so. They have at least 4 players that could sell for 50m+
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