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  1. Take your pick ... all of em shite tonight. WTF has happened to Brand Evatt? Big second half coming.
  2. ITV news reports the Houthis would target UK mainland if it had the resources in retaliation for what Israel is doing in Palestinian. Think it would be strategic attack Or they'd bomb the fuck out of everyone?
  3. Ah OK ...so the stuff my local mp got involved with, pushed and implicated didn't happen. It's OK though because according to you the other mp's I don't see doing stuff in my area might be better for the community. I dont care what party they come from. Good community work should be applauded despite what party they represent.
  4. How can my own opinions on things local to my area be wrong? They can't. Making stuff up again.
  5. I'd leave it to the big boys then if I were you šŸ˜Š
  6. Making things up šŸ˜‚ He's done the best for our community. Anyway, I'll leave you all to have a little moan. Can't wait for Labour, everything will be sorted and nobody will be complaining about how shit things are everyday on here. Just remember to tick the right box this time.
  7. Those that make the bigger decisions for the country as a whole are. Those that bring change to a small community is different. Posters moan on here daily about how everything is shit. You think voting another party in is going to change that then crack on.
  8. Aye voting for people that bullshit. Anyway ... Well done for putting a āœ–ļø in a box šŸ‘šŸ¼
  9. Locals. Making things up again šŸ‘šŸ»
  10. Just think they're all as bad as each other. I'll vote for my local Conservative because he's the only one I see doing stuff around here. Funding for a new childrens park, Helped organise funding for our village church to have its roof fixed, organising beach litter picks, trying to save local village pubs etc. Also know he's a school governor.
  11. I hope things do change ... just can't see it. Be great to see stability at the top. Won't be voting mate, only do local.
  12. Iā€™m basing it on your posts. Cant wait Give Labour a chance
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