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  1. Doesn't fit the system. Move on ASAP.
  2. You expected us to go up last season without even knowing what players we were to bring in? It doesn't need saying again but this time last year we were struggling in league two. Its because of Evatt and his signings last season we are where we are now. If it wasn't for him we'd still be in the division below. Maybe we've over achieved in your eyes.. that's why you expect more.
  3. Better games? He threw a throw in to the opposition in an attacking position. Fell over with the ball when on the attack which led to them breaking. Made an defensive header for them when the ball was put in their box. Lost the ball playing sloppy passes so many times. As soon as he gets the ball in a promising position he stops, turns and invites pressure. He then pumps the ball back 40 yards or loses it.
  4. Gordon has been our only threat going forward.... that's how shite we are.
  5. wanderer1984

    Lump on

    Depends on luck and how much research you put in. Big wins can be made from not much of a stake... especially in football. Also helps if you know when to cash out. Soccerstats is a decent site for any football league around the world. I usually stick to Efl, national league and seria a. Horseracing.net and oddschecker give good tips for the races... especially if you're betting on a money back if it doesn't finish in the top 4 of a race.
  6. Decent win in what was a potential banana skin. Surprised we didn't make many goal score opportunities after going 2 up. Fair play to Shrewsbury... gave it a proper go in the second half and at least made a game of it. Toss up between Santos and Dixon for motm. Shit Ref
  7. No positives to be taken from that. Rotherham's work rate without the ball was superb.
  8. Had a read through and tbf 95% of the thread was wishing our fans and club the best outcome. Was expecting it to be the other way round tbh.
  9. Goading is part of why this is happening on here and you've contributed with this post. Its snidely brought up in many threads on here. I've not bothered contributing to this thread because what's the fucking point. I know what will happen. Nobody will change my thoughts on what others preach to me, as I'll not change yours.
  10. Nice Post mate. This site is just something else! I don't post much compared to others but love having a scroll through and reading the weird and wonderful. We see the funny and stupid, the cheeky and irritating, the best and worse in people. I love it. I've never met Neil before but would like to thank him for bringing us Wanderers together by creating this forum.
  11. Agree but Isgrove has done alright. Thought Lee had a good game. We looked solid, breaking attacks down with ease. Maybe drop Sarc for Sheehan. All played well tonight. Stand outs - Dapo, Gordon and MJW.
  12. Unlucky... how much did you have on?
  13. What did he say? Whoops... just seen your last post. Sorry
  14. Seemed to play more advanced than those two. Maybe that was because of the opposition. Nice decision to have... all 3 are class. It's mad Lingard won't be playing club footie till Jan maybe longer.
  15. 100% confirmed? Who's the thicko? 😂 that's you BTW 🤣
  16. No .. Kick it Out was/is anti racism. It includes all people from different enthnicities. Not just black. You're the one with the problem.
  17. I wouldn't know... having been brought up in a multicultural area, living in multicultural areas around England and working with people from different cultures I've never come across those backwards fuckers.
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