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  1. How long has he been at that club.... 10 years? He's made them in to a team that no wants to play and produced decent players in that time. Wasn't Savic at City earlier on in his career? He ran on to the pitch to give his own team a bollocking at one point... Think it was their hard man Savic ๐Ÿ˜‚ Simeone is nails. Anyways.... I like him. He's loyal, passionate and plays to the strengths of the players he's got at his disposal. Would certainly ruff up some feathers in the EPL.
  2. Changed the game for us I thought.
  3. Mostly just banter Like I've said before... most of the Welsh that don't like the English are the ones that can't speak the language. You ask them why and they start shouting about events before their time.
  4. Can't fill the millennium stadium for the football.
  5. Not seen out from others aimed at Rudy on here. Not sure what this little gang thing means. Unless I've missed something. Which is usually the case.
  6. This feud still going on then.
  7. Yes really. I've said I don't read books. You know that I don't. By the sounds of it you're too busy reading other people's perspectives, thoughts and actions. I have my own. Just because it's in a book doesn't mean its right and everyone should follow by example. I've got my own life experiences and make decisions on what is best for me but firstly what is best for others. Try it someday.
  8. Do as I say not as I do. Selfish. Hypocrite.
  9. Sorry... I usually ignore what you have to say. I'm glad you recognise our leaders have done the right thing. You're getting there. Hopefully with a bit more time others will be sanctioned too.
  10. So we agree it exists then... cheers ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  11. Shame you missed how russian oligarchs use loopholes to launder money through the UK arts market.
  12. Bit like the money you take. If that's what you actually do. You probably didn't give a shit about him when he took over 20 years ago or ever since. Good on the people in power for taking action. Seems like the people in charge are damned if they do... or don't. Crazy
  13. Well done Boris and all involved ๐Ÿ‘
  14. Those last 4 games look favourable. A Doncaster, H Stanley, A Cheltenham, H Fleetwood. Teams that are currently in Play Off positions. Last 4 games. 3rd MK Dons - H Sheff Wed, A Oxford, H Morecambe, A Plymouth. 4th Oxford - A Fleetwood, H MK Dons, A Rotherham, H Doncaster. 5th Plymouth - A Wycombe, H Sunderland, A Wigan, H MK Dons. 6th Wycombe - H Plymouth, A AFC Wimbledon, H Sheff Wed, A Burton. Casing pack with us. 7th Sunderland - H Shrewsbury, A Plymouth, H Cambridge, A Morecambe. 8th Sheff Wed - A MK Dons, H Crew, A Wycombe, H Portsmouth. 9th Ipswich - A Rotherham, H Wigan, A Crew, H Charlton. Should be interesting!
  15. I've got a old Wanderers scarf with a few sewn on badges. One is YNWA BWFC
  16. Same... have watch a few second half's of games. Watched tonight's from the start. Not much happening apart from Carlos Queiroz having a meltdown.
  17. Semi Final of the AFCON. Cameroon v Egypt at the Olembe Stadium Cameroon. Looks about 50% full.... why? Thought it'd be packed.
  18. I'm sure he'll take great pleasure in knowing that.
  19. Yeah... not expecting for him to be sold to us. But if he has a decent rest of the season and is happy here. Would be nice to get a two year loan deal done.
  20. Haven't City loaned out a few players for longer then one season before? Jack Harrison springs to mind.
  21. I do ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  22. More surprised they've splashed out 40 million on Dele Alli. Not the best transfer window for them ๐Ÿ˜‚
  23. Reading back.... seems we all got what we wanted and more. An alternative to Dixon ... Trafford (19) Competition for RB ... Fossey (23) Combative CM ... Morley (21) A CF that can finish ... Charles (26) Experienced CF at a higher level ... Bรถรฐvarsson (29) Utility man that can play in various positions in midfield (mostly attacking) ... Sadiler (27) Evatt changing formations to accommodate ... whilst continuing with his philosophy has worked wonders so far. Also getting rid of ... Out: Ali Crawford (St Johnstone, free), Eoin Doyle (St Patrick's Athletic, free), Harry Brockbank (released), Dennis Politic (Cremonese, ยฃ50K) + Senior on loan. Can't see much game time for Delf (be good to see him moved on) Isgrove (when fit). I see a player in Amaechi but don't think it will be for us. Baptiste and Gordon also but get why these two haven't been moved on. I get the feeling Evatt knows what he's doing. Long may it continue.
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