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  1. Deflating this. Struggling for any real positives
  2. Supporters of neither Manc club round here see us as rivals. We don’t register with the united lot. Massives seem to hate us after the Richard Dunne handball game. The Oldham yonners despise us - think that’s way back to the mid 70s Rivals for me have always been Blackburn, Blackpool and Preston but they have obvious bigger rivals Only two clubs I genuinely despise are the pie eaters and the plastic bindippers from The Wirral
  3. This. They bummed us because they have better players.
  4. Terrible result. But move on. As Mr Grey says the games history now. Need to suck it up and forget it. If we are really honest are we anything more than a mid table team at the moment capable of great wins but also being dicked? Defence hasn’t been good all season.
  5. I always call the place Derry for no other reason than Derry City used to come up on the vidiprinter on Final Score back in the day so I only ever knew the place as Derry and still do
  6. Gutted. First match I've been able to go to this season. My previous season ticket and purchase history allowed me to get a ticket in AL1. L5-S1 Disk decided to pop out on Tuesday. Fucking agony so passed it on Anyway iFollow it is and a bad day for them. Another team that sells a big amount of away tickets and fucks it up. 2-0 us McLean? Like Rudy I have Irish in-laws. Totally get his thoughts on the poppy. Croke Park wasn't Britain's finest hour. But it was in the past. Don't wear a poppy but don't be a cunt about it. Be a cunt and expect the backlash
  7. Never get tired of watching that. Aye he looks like some little lad plucked from the terraces with that shirt on
  8. Hillsborough? Used to occasionally watch Wednesday when I was a student in Sheffield standing pretty much in that spot
  9. First thought was Maine Road and that big terrace is the Kippax but the local housing isnt right Only other northern ground I’ve been to with a terrace like that is Leeds Road
  10. She was 17 at the time 😂
  11. The youngest having one of her finer moments at a match
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