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  1. Just back from a week in Majorca Apart from the obvious of managing to get away on a holiday that had been cancelled and rearranged 4 times by TUI.... The positives: Deserted Manc and Palma Airports so no waiting, flights absolutely on time, and transfers quick and easy Half full planes - TUI put us on an EasyJet flight Majorca seem to be managing the situation well - compulsory masks in shops and walking around the hotel, sanitisers everywhere and nobody being an arse about it The negatives: The amount of forms that you have to fill in and documenta
  2. Only just seen the race today having been on (thinly veiled) holiday Like Rudy says it's the racing we've been calling for rather than Lewis disappearing into the distance As TMGJ says Max should just move on. He turned in and don't give me the bollocks that Lewis shouldn't have been there. Christian Horner should get out of his pram, collect all his dummies and toys and just fuck off. Whining cunt. And Helmut Marko, well he deserves his first name
  3. I'm with you brother. And hopefully Pauline Black would be lucky enough to meet me. My all time music crush
  4. I actually preferred Give 'Em Enough Rope to London Calling. It was an "edgy" album like their first which is my preferred sound from them. That said London Calling contained classic tracks like Clampdown, Train In Vain and Jimmy Jazz. It's a shame that they never included White Man In Hammersmith Palais and Pressure Drop on Give Em Enough Rope as they recorded them at the same time Remember being gutted when I came home with Sandinista and played it for the first time. Took me years to appreciate it at all. Anything after that was utter shite imo. Combat Rock was awful but it's all opini
  5. Worked with my ex FiL at Metal Box in Howfen when he was younger. Always spoke highly of him. A genuinely nice bloke
  6. I'm off to Santa Ponsa on Friday (hopefully!!) A TUI Far Eastern Cruise that Mrs Manc booked for March 2020 that has since been amended to Dominican Republic, Santorini (twice), that have all been cancelled last minute and now Majorca Still also got a break in Ghent booked via Traf that I need to rearrange at some point
  7. No preference on site domain name. Also happy to wait for HW as he deserves some input into what happens imo Will chuck in some cash whatever the outcome
  8. Problem. I logged out on both the iPhone and iPad. Couldn't then log back in to change the password so that doesn't work. Or maybe I'm just being punished for being an iDevice wanker. Had to fire up the laptop earlier to print a document and hey presto I'm still logged in on here. Changing nowt on this device
  9. Just managed to get in on my laptop but can't read most threads - just says not working or summat similar No chance on phone
  10. Different scale. They came with a brass and were chargeable and the company are a bit funny about stuff like that on expenses
  11. Aye 2nd episode is the best
  12. It’s Southport. They did it up a while ago. Doesn’t look quite as good in real life but it’s better than it was
  13. Last time I stayed in Scotland on business I got upgraded at the Hilton in Bellshill The upgrade consisted of a can of Irn Bru and a Tunnock's Caramel Wafer
  14. Watched first two of Time and first one of Liverpool Narcos Enjoyed both. Time to finish them tonight
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