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  1. Do the Scotchers and Welshies do anything to celebrate their National days? Or are they pretty much like the English and don’t do a great deal? I genuinely have no idea I love Paddy’s Day but never really took much notice of that until I married into a pikey family
  2. Utterly brilliant. Reading this made me think that my ex Mrs bought me the book that went with the series and I got divorced in 2002. BOB is 23 years old. Lost count of how many times I’ve watched it. Considering its age the special effects are stunning Pacific nearly as good. Not watched Masters of the Air as put off by all the reviews
  3. I got through about 20 minutes and switched off. Rape/paedophilia/disability. And repeat……
  4. Very enjoyable but yeah a bit tame is a good description
  5. Hearing that it wasn’t discussed with the FA Cup Committee who actually run the competition. Don’t know if that’s definitely true or just a rumour
  6. Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer Now, I like Jimmy Carr. He’s very, very funny in my opinion. Pushes the boundaries, doesn’t give a fuck, takes comedy where it should maybe go This is utter, utter shite. Not remotely funny. Nothing to make me laugh at all. Real shame Leave this sort of challenging cancel culture thing to Gervais. He’s way better at it
  7. Decent first episode to set the series up
  8. Aye. Both are firm rides but the Merc seats are way softer. Only driven Skodas a couple of times but those seats are hard
  9. Favourite Bolton keeper - Seamus - edges out Barry Siddall. Jussi was class but didn’t have to cope with the pitches that they did Favourite international keeper- Buffon Best saves- Jussi at Blackburn Iconic moment- Branagan vs Reading Icon- Schmeicel - took keeping to another level
  10. Completely agree. If it can be done then get the money in BWFC pockets.
  11. It’s a great idea but, realistically, with the approach from the station, the hotel entrance, the car park, is there enough room for one that’s worth it. Not against the idea at all, just wondering if it’s workable. And then add in GMP…
  12. If the comfort for the parents is a big issue I’d go Merc every day Such a low mileage I’d certainly consider electric or hybrid at the very least
  13. Just hit East Manc. Thunder, lightning, hail, the lot. Now I can see blue skies. Got to be into double figures the number of times the same thing’s happened today
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