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  1. Sonia’s gash face painted on their cheeks?
  2. Aye I’ve just seen them. That looks deep
  3. Yep. Bloke I was at uni with is involved with all the jet stream stuff. He melts my brain with the science but our weather all starts right down in the south of the globe and what’s happening down there right now tells us that we’re in for a shit summer. Warm but lots of rain. Jet stream, tidal flows, summat to do with circulating currents in the oceans. Way over my head
  4. The worst thing that I’ve done this year is click on that link Fuck me Really? Who on earth, that can actually string a few sentences together, would embark on a career writing that sort of shite? Granted, the tank at the bottom of Derby Street with its barrel pointing directly at the mosque further up was a bit suspect, but that’s not connected Whispers on the street eh? Any snitches on here been talking to The Sun?
  5. Maybe I was wrong in describing Oasis first two albums as groundbreaking. Maybe a better choice of words would be era-defining. As were the band. Anyone complaining that a band is shit because they’ve copied something from an earlier band. No shit. Happened forever. Most genres emanate originally from the different styles of early black American music - R&B, gospel, country, etc
  6. Noted. I know Blakeney but not been to Cromer
  7. I’m with va va. Whitby fish and chips best Ive had in the UK. Chippy at the bottom of the Great Orme ran them close but Whitby magnificent
  8. Soon as I posted I wondered who would be first 😀
  9. What happens if you put someone on ignore? Do you just see a blank post or no post at all?
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