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  1. Superb news!!! Really pleased for you Carry on your good work at local footy level 👍
  2. I was there playing at the junior levels, probably from around 76 to 80/81. I was the 6 foot fast bowler from about 12/13 years of age who was way taller than the other kids but I couldn’t bowl seamers. I could only bowl out of the back of my hand like a “leggie”. Used to drive Ray mad. I do remember a couple behind the bar so it probably was your parents. Were you in the junior teams? Brian Cole was THE Bradshaw legend at the time. Think it was Johnathon of the Legg’s that I remember
  3. I believe so yes. Think it was fester(?) who told me so. My Dad was good mates with Ray’s dad Barry and used to go to Wanderers games with him. It’s how I got involved with Bradshaw. Must make an effort next year to get down there and say hello to him. Doubt he’ll remember me but him and my Dad generated my love for the game
  4. Christ. I’ve been away from Bolton so long I had no idea that there wasn’t a Bolton League and Bolton Association any more and that some clubs played in the GM league Remembering back to the mid/late ‘70s I played at Bradshaw under the coaching of Ray Taylor. Loved moving up through the age groups to my one and only appearance for the 2nds at Heaton Would probably have stayed in the game if T20 and the like had been a thing back in the day. Taverners cricket at the junior levels ruined it for me. Hopefully T20, the 100, etc keeps kids in the game
  5. Decent team these lot. Having a bit of a poor run. Horrible, nervy, scrappy 1-0. Goal from midfield. Whinging about our forwards not scoring. This lot will be up there in the top 6 at the end of the season
  6. They were utter tripe. But how often in recent times have we given points to a team like that? Solid performance. Take that any day of the week
  7. With the current energy crisis, the one sport, awash with money, that could probably afford the gas is football Just putting it out there……😀
  8. Aye. I know. Couldn’t resist 😀 First one I’ve ever got so early i put it on a thread a while ago. Went there late 80s for an FA Cup game that we lost. No idea where we were going when we saw a hire company Luton van with roller shutter doors and an 0204 number on the side and followed it. Parked up and about 30 Bolton not-rights piled out the back into the back streets right next to the ground
  9. Seen that pic before with the folk on the roof My word those fans are high up!!
  10. Seem to remember that you could see the roof of the Kippax stand from Old Trafford when City redeveloped Maine Road
  11. That stand used to be 2 or 3 times that size and went further round to the right as you look. My dad used to go there in the 50s/60s watching BWFC when he lived down there. Sure I’ve got some old photos of his somewhere from back in the day
  12. Good mate of mine who’s a ST holder at Anfield and goes watching their junior teams reckons Beck is a great prospect but has reached his limit at that level. Needs proper first team time. Word is our facilities, coaching and opportunities are seen as top notch which is great. Downside is we sharpen them up for the scousers to then sell them on to someone else. Be nice if we got first dibs at a decent price. But the reality…… Definitely have the same concern as above about loanees vs permanent contracts in the first team squad
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