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  1. Can’t help but admire City. Did what they needed to do Brother left his car here today so I dropped him and his Mrs off at the Etihad and picked them up after the match. Waiting for them Radio Manc was the worst ever Massives Wankathon I’ve ever heard. “It’s the City way“ Just fuck off
  2. Said it before. Someone at the club needs to have a word with the Massives They’ve absolutely nailed it in terms of match day. Been a few times with my brother. Him, my BiL, and some absolute cocks round here don’t bother with boozers any more. It’s all City Square and having a pint in the stadium which is decent pints and quick queues. Used to be loads of boozers near the ground when it opened. Pretty much all of them have shut down. No trade. Only one still going is that Mary D’s shithole.
  3. Leeds will be down I reckon. They’ve truly fucked up recently and can see it continuing
  4. It was Montrose mate but more than happy to do Arbroath. Or even better the derby Just give me some dates and I’ll work in Leith on the Friday. Enjoy the game tomorrow
  5. Ta pal. She was always my buddy on aways. The kid to my flid and always wanted to go to the boozer where the not-rights were prematch. Back working again so really hoping she’s up for it
  6. Hopefully back in this season. Will probably go AL1 in the corner between West and North Lowers. It’s where I’ve been going when I’ve bought tickets on a match basis and quite like the view. Might have to delay until the half season tickets come round but now the youngest is over her mental health problems and other issues are resolving themselves I’m really hoping I’m back in the game next season
  7. Looks the right size to be Ron Atkinson so I’ll go Hawthorns
  8. Never had a problem at footy Bizarrely when hooliganism was at its height in the 90s I had more problems at Rugby League games Arrested - 1 Widnes Denied entry - 2 Leigh both times Mingling with problems in the away end - St Helen’s and Warrington numerous times
  9. With you there pal. Champions League is money. Big money. End of. Nowt else. Pays off the investment Folk on here will hate it but when the Scousers were winning Div 1 and then winning the European Cup that said that they were the best. Domestically and in Europe. No argument. Far and away the best They might win the CL. Best team in England? No. But they’ll be the best paid out and the Arabs won’t be happy. And therein is the problem endemic in football
  10. Never been so wouldn’t have got that. Have to say I’m a bit shit at this quiz. Only tend to get grounds I’ve been to
  11. Yep. No chance they’ll lose it now But then apparently the PL is far more important than the CL all of a sudden and Pep is doing a grand job. Aye OK. Maybe some folk round here need to have a chat with the Arabs
  12. In his Allegro with the bottles of diluted sulphuric acid in the glove compartment ready to swig should he be breathalysed? That man loved his ale.
  13. That bent fucking cunt Barry Knight I reckon Recognise that weird corner of terracing I think
  14. Looking at that you can understand how they packed all those folk in for that record crowd. Can’t even imagine those packed terraces without safety barriers. When my dad first started going in the ‘30’s he would pay in the Lever End and there was always a fella stood next to that wall separating the Lever End and Burnden Paddock who gave the kids a lift over into the more expensive paddock. That alamy photo is how I remember Burnden when I first started going. Was it about 76/77 when they reduced the embankment capacity by building that walkway at the back for the away fans to get into their pen on the Burnden side of the embankment?
  15. Much as the yonners round here take great delight in telling me how much they hate BWFC I do have sympathy for them. Their owner makes fat, sweaty, cunt Anderson look reasonable
  16. I’ve got lifelong mates who are Red scouse or United. Family and married family who are Massives. Mouth breathers round here who are red or blue Manc scutters Said it before, the Massives are DESPERATE for a rivalry Scousers are not interested. Far too deep with there hatred of United and Everton (which has turned really nasty over the years) to be really bothered United are a bit, yeah, whatever, their focus is on the scousers, Arse and Chelsea i couldn’t give a shiny one. None are relevant to me. The Massives round here are the ones who irritate me most. Otherwise, fuck the lot of them. More interested in Tranmere, Doncaster and the pie-eating cunts disappearing into non-existence
  17. Remember seeing a sad man sat at the bar in Fanny’s quite regularly on his own in those days. Must have been his local? When it was a shit Greenalls pub. He really looked like the game had worn him down. Funny how back in the day folk left him to himself and didn’t mither him
  18. Jimmy Armfield sparked it off for me getting us out of Div 3 in my first full season watching us but Greaves will always be my favourite manager. The seasons in Div2 and the Frankie years “made” me a Wanderer for life
  19. Very satisfying win that.
  20. Pretty much sums up what they are saying Hopefully they'll follow the Man Utd recruitment model
  21. Parked near The Beehive for that one. Dingles turned into pie eating cunts that night and were ambushing fans on the way back up De Havilland Way. Hiding in the bushes and going at families ffs
  22. Only two teams I can be arsed watching in the Prem. The rest can fuck off. They play to survive and take the cash apart from maybe Chelsea but they are a mile away
  23. Can’t see The Massives losing this
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