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  1. the tolerence on the circumference of a football is about 1 inch according to the law . works out , i think about just over 8mm difference in diameter between the largest and smallest allowed 'regulation' football. if they played with exact copies, the players would then moan that they cant use the magnus or bernouli effect or summat on free kicks anymore due to the construction of the new 'fair' ball. and that it flies too true. like when you had pro basketball players on milions of dollars ,erm, muffing passes loads after they changed the ball from leather to some synthetic material. or pakistan reverse swing bowlers moaning that they cant rag the shit out of a ball with a pepsi crown cork on the sly anymore. lol
  2. i cant believe how fast the two red uns broke away. seemed like 3 seconds from it being in koreas goalmouth to in the portugal goal. the dribbler even held the ball up, but the break still seemed lightning fast. dont think ive seen anyone run that fast to try to score a goal .
  3. its probably that kinda shit that makes the reet good ones decide to play for germany
  4. [quote]What does that mean??[/quote] when that italian defender pulled him back by the neck of his shirt. the cheating fucker shouldve been sent off, but saka did nothing after. i dont mean he got knocked out, but summat changed..
  5. its not that , its that they think he'll not change nowt when situations change. when saka got his clock cleaned, nowt happened . i dont think he shouldve been anyhere near the first 5 penalties after that. *i'd* have subbed him. no point being the best england manager ever that sat on his hands.
  6. dont , like, a lot of anglophone national anthems and patriotic songs and stuff have their origins in owd tymey drinking songs ? lol
  7. all the bullshit is coming from fifa. rainbow laces one week, dont drink its offensive to muslims the next, banning people on the sly. theyve took that many bribes from that many causes they cant keep their own story straight. come home so the qataris bankrupt fifa
  8. lol. dont look into where or why that were invented (do)
  9. he's older than lynham were when des moved to itv. About 2 years older.
  10. beer is banned but vuvuzelas werent ?
  11. " opened by saying: "Today I have strong feelings. Today I feel Qatari, I feel Arab, I feel African, I feel gay, I feel disabled, I feel a migrant worker." at this rate , idrissa gueye is probably already serving a 3 match ban for reading his bible at home.
  12. england shouldve fucked it off after getting two votes. shitbags like blatter "admitting" they were wrong ten minutes before kick off is disingenuous. theyll be banning idrissa gueye by stealth again in a month
  13. paul peschisolido is probably as old as owen hargreaves's dad.
  14. it might be a moo point but theyre called eggcorns. iirc
  15. i didnt mean it like that. at the time , it were batshit. fwiw theyve not really won much since. but the marcelino, sean dyche, etc rumours changed to "what ? FIVE years ? they were gonna sack him last week.." If the humbles think the same thing were gonna work here, sacking him three weeks later means they changed their minds, or ran out of money or summat. it looks like a feint that didnt work, because the No Money Left rumours are still going. i think a billionare will buy them in the end, and theyll be dropping 14million on various forwards from safety of the lower end of the championship. like they did with charles wyke from sunderland and magennis (lol. he'll have to shithouse his way out of a paupers wallet again).
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