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  1. thing about haaland jr. i dunno why pep the clever takes him off. he'd have about 80 goals already if he did the full 90 most weeks. its the kind of shit that backfires when you need him to do 90 minutes and score in a nil niller against real madrid. its making me wonder if he'll only play him once a fortnight soon as part of a big brained plan , that makes no sense to no one , to go out of the champions league on penalties. serious coyle-muamba flashbacks. at least theyre winning.
  2. at least when we're on last itll be before fucking midnight with this new speedrun ( 100% , no warps,) version.
  3. why are the comparisions starting points 12months apart ?
  4. they probably bank with Silcon Valley Bank somewheres. and that he (the burnley guy) used to be at lehman brothers is a bit funny. i bet theyre caught up in the same mortgage securities fuck up SVB are.. cant teach an old dog new tricks or summat and the AI App stuff in his Bio i've just read.... bit of a red flag.. lol theyre fucked
  5. i cant believe he mentions 1930s germany in the first place. folk werent trying to get into germany on an innertube in 1939.
  6. he werent refering to the wiermar republic , if he did mean that , he'd maybe possibly come to a different conclusion that really would get him canceled .
  7. but people like morgan and clarkson dont get that being 'even' gets them nowhere. being the most moral corpse in the graveyard doesnt work. its not the greeks and italians "letting it go" after a war. they didnt give a fuck that morgan or clarkson lost their jobs. they got what they wanted. if it escalates more then maybe itll stop.
  8. but you get that. its always happened. its only these "im just a comedian" types are getting shit back now like Ali G moaning about it after snake oiling his way into some charity event to rip on the upper class hosts. cant complain about manners and that now. too late.
  9. from about 23months ago
  10. its a tax dodge. he does shit for pepsico. they always fuck over indians.
  11. if lineker is self employed and/or registered as a company is he paying more tax ; or less than if he worked directly for the bbc ?
  12. screenshots from the that game's [the last of us] sequel are kinda nsfw and people took the piss a lot. reminded me of GoT getting stories of that george bush mask. or why henry cavill jumped ship from the witcher. or the guy from that amazon superhero show (the boys? ) not liking comics a lot of tv and media is written by people that hate it and its kinda off-putting. finding stuff to watch is weird nowadays. - [edit]not sure what ive pressed quote for . thats not right .. (!?) i think its coz im on me phone
  13. thats putting to much stock in worked things like the stanford prison experiment , when you should be reading about ones involving norway rats.
  14. dunno why but i thought the Thin Red Line remake were better than saving private ryan. i also rate that nic cage one where they have to guard the navajo indians in the field for their radio comms. entirely possible though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Quiet_on_the_Western_Front_(1979_film) and the 30s version did that well that they did the second book too..
  15. i think i have this album .
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