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  1. didnt do it over the nordstream pipelines the other day. at least trump x-ing that iranian was pretty hard boiled too. like Patton level hard boiled. they couldnt do fuck all and am still amazed he did it. come to think of it, he ordered a bombing that killed russian troops when the turkey / russia thing threatened to go leftwards. forget what it was about, but, it had folk panicking about WW3.. but them doing that seemed to stop whatever it was.
  2. probably not the same dude, but.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Grammar_of_the_Dialect_of_the_Bolton_Area ...
  3. folk bending over for china. its a smokescreen to take folks eyes off the ball over covid. especially now the "escaped from a lab" stuff is making the papers now. whenever they do owt like this , just steer the convo into directions they dont want. i can see why these muslims are sus. even if theyve more to fear from the disease that the average anglo saxon .
  4. broke: getting the vaccine woke: not getting the vaccine . fuck china. bespoke: calling Taiwan part of the Empire Of Japan live on Chinese TV after i get cast in the fast and the furious 10.
  5. just had a thought on this. if anne of cleves was black (in this or a sequel) would it get to air ? devils advocaat (heh) like. but its a thinker..
  6. e2e4


    wonder what this black bloke thought about it all... https://youtube.com/watch?v=ilZJB5vsmq4 wry smile at least
  7. id imagine the amount of pro VAX "stans" that have to handle raw covid viruses to put this plan into action would be pretty low. biological warfare usually isnt waged by hypocondriacs and people that are immunosuppressed. the chattle would just have to make coughing noises and after about an hour they could appoint their king. Anyway.. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/wuhan-lab-workers-fell-ill-24171164
  8. i know , but, was just trying to 'uncopyright' jokes in a stupid way. didnt think i had to be carl linnaeus (spelling?) or owt.
  9. yeah maybe they are two destinct things . i would assume ones from the bible or summat and the others norse or summat. the wild bunch was a firebird game , iirc, but it was more like the oregan trail and OK Corral thing , than the wild bunch film .. from what i remember.
  10. the post directly above mine was about copyright infringement and solicitors.. so felt ,kind of, that it was slightly redundant to quote it. if folk dont know garlic is an onion , then can see why it got lost. heres a similar joke about how dreamworks copies pixar. https://youtube.com/watch?v=55hjRyvEbhw but i only just found the video. im not trying to be big brained or owt im just makin' jokes. ripping him off wholesale means he might have to do what i was attempting and "generify" ( genericize?) the jokes so he doesnt get sued like the OP says.
  11. i never get the "experience" bit of the names of this kinda crap.. jimmy hendrix was in the jimmy hendrix experience.
  12. . ..and "cresta lemonade in a oversized container wont fit in the cupboard" "i ordered my holiday over the internet and went" "live from the highest floor of the tallest building in southport" etc
  13. "bootleg" peter kay bits. onion flavored wheatflour based food staple = garlic bread vehicle participate = car share etc.
  14. onion flavored wheatflour based foodstaple
  15. firebird dark bit of the day vehicle partcipate the pat key material
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