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  1. yeah you'd think , but what was used as the excuse werent that. "they cant even lie properly" was said when comparing it to leicester's robbie savage. i remember laughing a lot while it was pointed out to me.
  2. iirc eddie howe were homesick while managing at burnley. carlos tevez said it to once when he wanted to move to spain, but soneone figured out that where he were , were actually closer to argentina "as the crow flies" if you fly the actual shortest route. that made me laugh , even if it werent true. might have been "its 'closer' to argentina , but youre just not sat in a aeroplane for about half an hour more closer. "
  3. clive james said similar to sven here , but then they pulled out stem cell treatments and allsorts of other stuff and he lived for "ages" after, he even said he looked kind of foolish for sort of conducting his own wake or obiturary too early.
  4. 442 magazine (or some other football website) are saying forest have just sacked steve? cooper. couldnt really get passed the paywall, and its been rumoured for ages. but there you go. might be true , might not be
  5. werent one of the east berlin teams the stazi ? (just looked dynamo berlin , also now division 4) they stole all dynamo dresdens players once, who themselves had taken players from other teams in the past. the soviets loved messing with that stuff.
  6. footballs crazy.. carl zeiss jena are in the fourth tier now. think they got to the final or won it. (they finished runners up).. When ajax's reserves last got dead far in the dutch fa cup , they lost to utrecht in the semis on pens, wesley schnieder, nigel de jong era (so later than kluivert and them) but the thing thats pissing me off is they (utrecht) lost to proper ajax in the final and ibrahimovic scored , but fucking mido scored as well... i hated that bastard
  7. it were West Ham United vs Real Madrid B in the 80/81 cupwinners cup Its On Youtube (the return home leg) LOL . they lost the away leg which is pretty funny, but they where also in the second division (same as rmB) at the time. and this is similar to what i thought (but its not what i'm misremembering). but in this case, A reserve team and a first team both playing in the second division where eventually ,- The reserves got promoted to the top flight but the first team got relegated to the third tier. sounds dodgy, funny, but dodgy.
  8. remember when their reserves got to the dutch cup semi finals when kluivert , van der sar ? , seedorf and them were all kids. [o maybe it was a few years later] pretty weird. although i *know* some eastern euro league had a reserve team win the league in front of the first team at least once. but i forget when where and who. and i'm pretty sure west ham played against (and beat) a team's Bteam in europe (probably in the cup winners cup, but maybe uefa cup) Steau Bucarest (the armys team) cannot play in the top flight anymore but that Commercial team with the now funny fcsb name does. because i think state owned teams are now forbidden from it (like in spain) so be even rarer now, even though its only happened about 3 times before. half remembered facts, i'll have to check.
  9. theyve got some kinda 'no relegation' from the 2nd division rule in at the mo (a la gartside), so if it falls to pieces they probably cant do a Wolves.
  10. who sent the first email about it ? wheres the video ?
  11. "human resources dept drama"
  12. yeah, not getting involved at all seems the winning strategy. "womans footballs on" "best turn it off before we get arrested"
  13. if they pick the camo one the newspapers can use- "The White Death" or "SBS - Special Bolton Service" when we win. "Heroes of Television" if we are on sky.
  14. blue shoulders suits it better if theyre going after the normid away look.
  15. the red one doesnt need the white shoulder pads
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