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  1. be piss funny if its the reebok. but like "the reebok stadium presented by authentic brands at middlebrook"
  2. i wonder (not that ive looked proper) if hes one of them scores boatloads against mid table teams , but against tip top teams doesnt do it.. iirc it were what they sed about aubamayang at arsenal. i think he's good, just dunno if you go looking. if they played bayern munich he either seemed to not play or not score and theyd lose. might be an illusion, but all these youtube highlight vids show him scoring 5 goals at a time against the likes of nuremberg.
  3. remember when he threw a paddy when they wanted willy cableros to save the pens in the shootout ? in the league cup too. [quote]bit of karma for Kepa that 😂[/quote] time is a flat circle
  4. e2e4

    Lincoln (H)

    played the long game getting him back. good remembering from the staff or whatever.
  5. i missed that zach clough moved to adelaide . a lot of former whites play down there. sturidge too..
  6. he got homesick for oxford when swindon* paid big bucks for him. i dunno if they got their moneyback but it were after about 14 days, and i think oxford were in the shite at the time, so maybe not. [edit] *lol, totally forgot the west ham move that kicked all the merry-go-round off.
  7. dutch indonesian or other "voc" ancestry maybe ? gretars former wife had a weird spanish first name but her last names an iceland normie patronym (not an eidur regular world surname) https://www.instagram.com/manuelaosk/ but according to the internet he is married to dave bamber's dowter now.
  8. he definitely packed in once his contract ran down. he did an interview in the BEN about the injury not long after that (maybe a month after he packed in).
  9. i thought he got about 20 minutes through a game against liverpool (might have been his debut) , then nowt. iirc he got sent off- not injured. if he played 3 games as you say, thats news to me.
  10. dunno why i didnt remember his name proper. but am laughing at the forgotten names of some of the allardyce ones.
  11. werent gretar steinsons wife "miss iceland" or summat too.. i know he got crocked after about 10 minutes but steve davies from tottenham or fulham or portsmouth..
  12. thats about a penny per dead bird
  13. drake bell and kevin spacey public information film. jesus christ almighty
  14. paulo dicanio AND THEN gus poyet. both of them fucking hell fire. thats like us getting holloway after coyle
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