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  1. e2e4

    Neil Hart

    rings the police when someone uses the term "play the white man" during a dispute.
  2. i wonder if the actor took this role as a funny joke for himself ? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0040613/ like mohamed ali being all Nation of Islam when he were kinda in/directly named after this guy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassius_Marcellus_Clay_(politician) summat funny going on.. if you ask me..
  3. this lists a load of overseas french cup results
  4. they'll stay up , their GD is ok compared to some nearby, things might need tweaking a bit. lampard can probably do it. many other batshit teams have stayed up looking miles crazier. fluke it for another season, and stop buying players the manager might not need or want. if they can stop meddling too much theyll be ok.
  5. that thom boley (or however you spell it) that owns chelsea is bonkers. long term contracts for unknowns, thinking he's getting nolan ryan(s) with every signing. wouldnt be surprised if stories come out that he tries to pick the team.
  6. e2e4


    the way he didnt just drop made me think hed broken his neck or summat. or that fainty stand up thing folk do with low blood pressure .
  7. e2e4


    its the middle of the night but thats pretty scary. that reminded me of the kevin everett injury from a few years back. the fucking replacement programme were a tony robinson travel documentry .. but the second or third sentence were summat like "a breakneck journey along the burmese coast" hopefully theyre just being OTT and hes ok , but it looked not good at all.
  8. not paying wages on time does not indicate that they can overhaul the squad. but if they never went down when they got the points deduction , then to go up imediately the next season, surely you are 'in front' by at least 12 months. cant see what the owner's plan or expectations were. for instance we got relegated twice during our money strifes. mustve been one of them things where the guy didnt know what division they were in coz of the weird names. or maybe the gregorian calendar threw them or summat. to be in the championship now , what 30 ? months after nearly going bump is pretty good. imo. he should have bought derby or summat if he wanted it faster.
  9. dunno why they spent like fuck to escape relegation then go up only to stall at it now.
  10. umbape were the only frenchman that turned up today. even superman cant do it all on his own.
  11. it were 2-0 when you first posted that. lol
  12. imodium must have kicked in
  13. did you have to sign a disclaimer they make them "hottest curry in the world" eaters sign against accidental death. ? badger arse glands squeezings in ice cream is another one. blarfgh. ooh, penalty..
  14. i were think more of escargot doing summat like that. but i just meant normal tomatoes , cheese , beef verses 'corned beef'. ive just remembered that french ? cheese with the maggots in. holy shit, its a wonder theyre never not on the bog.
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