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  1. Does it really matter if you’re on the train for an extra 20 mins or so? The 17.11 will be too tight anyway, esp with a lot added on etc… So get a couple of cans and amble back. What’s the rush? Point taken re Avanti but there’s still 4 trains an hour. 😁
  2. Crewe station is not an issue with trains, well serviced by Avanti. Theres 4 per hour just to Picc after the game. Wont take long at all to get a few hundred Bolton away.
  3. Park near BMW garage or other car dealerships on the way in. Quick getaway after too.
  4. A lot of people seem to forget that this team we had pre January actually went 7th after we beat Shrewsbury in early October. I accept that we have more strength in depth now, but we’re currently 11th. We may never know the truth re Sarce etc but the whole thing derailed us for virtually 3 months.
  5. Can do without this after being @ Cheltenham Festival all week. Liver is pickled…. Anyway we will be there.
  6. These ST’s are such good value. Cant beat these Tuesday nighters. Never known as many……
  7. 10 days between a post says it all….. Oh well let’s be content with half way up the league.
  8. Wasn’t going even if it was a 3PM game. Out.
  9. You’re right…… 😎😎
  10. Agree. They will come unstuck away from home soon. At the end of the day these young morons are making the match day experience worse for us middle aged guys. 😳😳
  11. Plymouth turned up @ Sunlun earlier in the season. It’s a big city, they’re pushing for promotion, have a lot of lads and most won’t have been here before in this position. Forget the notion that whoever comes here gets a slap. Morecambe & your Cambridges might but don’t assume the claret mentioned earlier on was on a green shirt……
  12. Yes I do agree but we went 7th In October when we beat Shewsbury at home, so the previous team weren’t all that bad. There is one hell of a lot of improvement needed in order for us to challenge for the top 2, but I feel the play-offs should be within reach.
  13. Erm… No. That’s the 1 win. 😀
  14. Disappointing result. Anyway check out our form against the current top 8. That’s the sobering reality for everyone who thinks next seasons play-off spot is virtually assured. Take out Oxford and we’ve won 1 game and lost virtually all the others. 1/1/10.
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