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  1. I seem to remember mass brawling when England were last in a tournament. Perfectly understandable if that was the case.
  2. Did u drive back on the day of the game?
  3. They outnumbered us significantly that day.
  4. We’ve signed “potential” and he works hard. That’s good enough for me.
  5. First can opened and BBQ ready to be lit. Happy days.
  6. No room for sentiment in football. A massive no.
  7. Was hoping for a mini tour of Scotland or preferably Devon. What a load of tosh but we will definitely do Barrow.
  8. I am sure that you posted on here a month or so ago that you may be able to afford to retire as you own property? Look into it properly financially and If you can afford it then I can recommend it. I’ve done 4 weeks now and the freedom is fantastic…… Life really is too short.
  9. Phuket opens 1st July if you are double jabbed with no ASQ on arrival. I can also quarantine on return to the UK no problem, so there will be a number of options in a few weeks IMO. USA could be OK too. It’s this 2 week quarantine on arrival back in the UK that is the stumbling block for many.
  10. I need to get somewhere soon as this weather is doing my head in. I can quarantine no problem on arrival back in the UK but I’m not willing to pay for a hotel, so no red list countries. Double jabbed first week June and I’ll assess the travel situation then. Seriously considering Phuket in July for a month as ASQ restrictions are lifted and you can travel elsewhere after 7 days...
  11. I was there that day. Got there at 1 ish and it was full of drunk zombies even at that time. When the screen didn’t then work it was absolute chaos. I didn’t realise that society produced people like that en masse. Scum.
  12. We stayed over for the friendly a few years ago and Newport as a whole and especially Pill is one of the roughest areas we have ever been too. That said I would still prefer Newport or FG to go up for a new/newish trip.
  13. I meant coldest not wettest. BTW nothing is dry in the valley.....
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