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  1. We bounced back after Newport. Again after Grimsby. And we will do once more after Exeter.....
  2. Folk are getting the discount and the actual price/subsequent cost per game mixed up. Its not the fact that it is relatively inexpensive, it’s that those people have not been fairly rewarded. Two different things. MMW if the dross served up pre Xmas had continued then they would have done more.
  3. Oh sorry I’ve not read it properly.
  4. 10% is poor in my opinion. Token gesture. A lot were loyal to the club when they possibly couldn’t afford to be and had no idea how long non-attendance would actually last. That loyalty has not been fairly rewarded. For fear of not appearing like a true fan most will say they are happy with the 10%. I expected at least 25% and If we don’t get promoted then it’s simply not enough.
  5. What are your thoughts on the numbers that will travel?
  6. Feral rats. We counted 4 separate kick-offs. Scum.
  7. Sorry I took in the wrong context. Sincere apologies.
  8. This “lot”. C’mon Ani. Win next week and we are up.
  9. Do it. Morecambe was brilliant. Check Crawley official Twitter. They will surely delete it soon.
  10. Me - 7 promotions, 9 relegations. Jnr - 1 promotion, 4 relegations. 2K plus at the ground on Saturday. Evatt’s interview was pretty much a summoning.
  11. Are you an Accountant? If not you must have a job where you don't need to communicate with people.
  12. Promotion on the same weekend as i retire would be something quite beautiful.
  13. Yes I didn’t even consider Cambridge. So therefore the point that the analysis is incorrect still stands. I think that this, along with my point, shows that the probability of going up with 78 points, is definitely HIGHER than the probability of going up with 77.
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