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  1. Stop making excuses for him. He’s the captain and he should have shown some leadership and bollocks in adversity. It comes with the territory. If he stays he has proven to us all he is not a leader and should not be captain any longer.
  2. What really pissed me off was the fact that 70% of their support didn’t really care. There are very few clubs who could get so many at Wembley with an average home gate below 10K.
  3. IE is absolutely excellent at the galvanising side of it. I agree re mentality. He’s like a typical Sales Manager and the town has bought into the dream. Unfortunately he’s been proved to be all talk with little substance behind the long words and patronising. Tactically naive, stubborn and one-dimensional. Mentally weak too, which rubs off on his team. I really couldn’t give a flying fuck how much you supposedly love the club and the town and the fans etc…. Just get us promoted and shut the fuck up. FWIW I think he will walk anyway.
  4. That will happen for sure once people realise how many games are not going to be 3PM Sat anyway. We had an opportunity to really kick- on with this momentum and it’s gone. A really really strong start is the only thing that will get it back because people won’t forget this any time soon. Mental strength is the most important thing within a football club and we have zero. I don’t trust this lot and never have. If they were 4 points top with a game to go they would still find a way to fuck it up.
  5. Nothing will ever change with kids football. Generally poorly behaved parents who don’t understand the game and think their little Johnny is the next Rooney. Get your kids into a local running club instead. It’s bloody hard going, especially the training in winter re the UK weather etc and being covered head to toe in mud, but “tough love” is good parenting for us. Most parents can’t be bothered and/or claim they don’t have the time. I’ll be honest, it is very time consuming, especially with weekend competitions and travelling but it was honestly the best thing we ever did for ours. Also great for their general fitness, diet, stamina, competitiveness and camaraderie. Mental well-being is obviously becoming more important too these days. Stands them in good stead for when they go University too re joining running clubs etc.
  6. Been to Crawley twice. Shit away day. Wont be making it 3.
  7. Any momentum and feel-good factor within the club has been smashed to smithereens in 90 minutes. Complete clear-out needed starting with IE and then we can look forward to pre-season.
  8. About as baffling as giving Morley a long term contract earlier this year. We make some staggering decisions.
  9. I knew they would beat you in the end. 🥲
  10. Over promises and under delivers. Rinse and repeat. A stubborn, arrogant bully who is out-thought time after time after time. A team of talented players on their day, yet mentally weak cowards when it really matters. We’ve bought into your bluster and promises and you have failed to deliver. We really don’t care how much you supposedly love the club and the fans. I’ve worked with hundreds of people like you, who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Anyway, he will not be here in August in my opinion. Some sugar coated bullshit from the owners, because he is not only lacking in ability, he doesn’t handle pressure well at all. That will mount now. Anyway a 4th season in this fucking awful league. Burton here we come.
  11. I’m not telling all these southerners what’s right at all. I’m saying that’s it’s inconceivable for me personally.
  12. How anyone can miss tomorrow is inconceivable for me. It comes down to how much BWFC means to you and your family, because your partner should support your decision and your kids will understand in time. It’s a “one-off” that may not happen again for 20 years or so.
  13. Crypto only 😆
  14. I honestly don’t know how some Bolton “fans” manage to cross the road. I’ve never read so many ridiculous questions on various platforms, including here. Grown men behaving like bloody primary school children. Do these people never leave their houses for Gods sake? Stay at home you fucking imbeciles, it’s safer for you.
  15. Northamptons last gasp equaliser at Barnsley meant we played a team and club in disarray, instead of Oxford. Peterborough would have beaten Barnsley too and got to Wembley. We now avoid the clear second favourites Peterborough in the final. It’s fallen into our lap and after a season where second chances have been squandered time after time, we have yet another one. If we can’t beat Oxford United then we don’t deserve to be promoted. Simple. Let’s see if we have the bottle, because we sure as hell have far more ability than our opponents.
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