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  1. Always poorly attended, similar to Boro. Awful train journey and unattractive place. Seem to remember taking a lot when we won 4-1 though?
  2. I left on 86 mins and was parked on the Middlebrook. Still took me 20 mins to get onto the M61. When the game is lost, then why stay and end up queueing for at least an hour, possibly longer yesterday. Madness in my opinion.
  3. That miss from Doyle was horrific.
  4. Lee needs to start next week IMO, instead of Sarcevic. If we go toe to toe we will lose.
  5. Don’t disagree with any of that. I said something similar at half time in ESL. I don’t have a solution though…..
  6. “Mid-table” Rotherham won in a canter. You simply cannot consistently concede first, especially against the better teams. The second half was absolutely awful.
  7. All this nonsense about catering. If it really is that bad then don’t queue. Surely you can wait until after the game for a pint? For anything non-alcoholic and food/snacks etc, then just take them in yourself. Easy, just a little bit of planning involved. Anyway the only thing that matters in football is the 3 points. There was no complaining under BSA when we were grinding out 1 nils against the big boys in the PL. 😎
  8. Indeed that is correct after 7 games. IE says that it will be our most difficult game of the season too and that is good enough for me. Anyway let’s wait and see. Hope you’re right with your prediction.
  9. Interestingly both these & Sunderland have a mid-week game before they play us, so no excuses re fitness. This lot are one of the top 3 teams in the league IMO and we cannot afford to give them a goal start as has become customary. 1-1.
  10. One of the best teams in the division. I wouldn’t be too dis-heartened with a point here.
  11. You’re trying too hard. Plymouth is the one. 😎😎
  12. Bowie would be cringing. 😎
  13. Really pleased for the lads off here who undertook that arduous trip. We hadn’t scored a goal there in our previous 6 visits!!! Njoy the trip back, you deserve it. 🍺🍺🍺🍺
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