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  1. @Leyther_Matt Hotel already booked I guess?
  2. Strong team. Hope Santos is OK.
  3. I was born there. My Dad is a Miller in truth. I’ve never missed a game at either Millmoor or New York. We’ve never won there in my lifetime which really fucking pisses me off ☹️
  4. You want names? Ask your mate from Millwall.
  5. I keep saying to my lad that one wrong “word” and it’s a ban and your job is in jeopardy too. It’s bordering on ridiculous.
  6. No scramble for these I would have thought.
  7. Got face in the crowd and a pair of Reebok trainers when we won there 2-0 in the naughties. Crap draw but a new ground for my son, so I’m happy for him.
  8. With the quality England have had over the years then it’s unbelievable that they haven’t managed to win anything. GS has done better than most I accept that but they always fall short. This is the best team for years though and surely surely will win something soon. The midfield is outstanding.
  9. Easy group - qualify. First tough opponent after that and out we go. Rinse repeat for nearly 60 years. How the fuck you could get motivated by GS I’ll never know.
  10. Surely JDB will start at Pompey now?
  11. If they win today that’s a great response to the 4-0 home defeat with 2 away wins. Cant see them not finishing top 2.
  12. Job done as long as we win at Harrogate and not today 😂
  13. I agree but I did say from a personal point of view. Harrogate away was always going to be difficult and I’m only missing Sutton then after going to Stevenage later in the season from the current 92.
  14. Went to see the Pogues a few times. Sloskys in Manc was carnage in the 80’s. A true poet who lived life. RIP Shane.
  15. Not too concerned about this. It’s got to be full focus on the league & limiting injuries. A draw and a new ground to tick off will suit me personally although I think we will win. 2-0.
  16. It felt somewhat chilly on arriving in Manc airport this morning at 6AM after a month of 30+ degrees 🥶
  17. Correct I originally thought they were playing on Sat in the league.
  18. Happy with a draw last night. We could well be down to 3rd by the time we play Pompey so will need to win there to go back top. I’m more confident there than I was last night but you’d still have to take a draw I guess. Things are looking good.
  19. Enjoy girls & boys. Would be happy with a draw.
  20. We were in there last season. Decent pub & 5 mins walk to the ground.
  21. Unfortunately that’s where I am this season re I-Follow.
  22. Utd for me. Despise scousers.
  23. What a character. Not many about these days. RIP El Tel.
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