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  1. Thank God we’re due some nice weather finally 🙏 We’ll head off somewhere on Sunday for a few days.
  2. Shame it’s not on the Saturday. Family fun day must have been sacked off this season.
  3. Hate the horrible bastards. Euro 2000 was horrendous, just after the Leeds stabbings. All tooled up and thousands of them in Brussels.
  4. The next Manager will be exactly the same boring bastard. The days of characters has long gone unfortunately.
  5. When their captain doesn’t know when their next game is, then it’s time to go home. 😆
  6. That’s where I’m at. Ive had enough of his bluster for a couple of months yet. I’ll start treating him seriously when we are top of the league.
  7. Iceland were 40/1 on the exchanges.
  8. 27th will that family fun day shit. 😆
  9. I think that date will be the home game against this European team as we’ve had no Sat home games. If we’re going to Scotland then that will surely be after the game up in Bishop Auckland?
  10. I’m presuming we will go north after the Boro game and it will be mid-week. If it is we’ll do both.
  11. We’ve been over the Pennines today and ended up doing a few laps of Hollingworth Lake on the way back. It was fine and sunny but my God it was bloody cold with that wind. Its June for goodness sake. ☹️
  12. Doesn’t matter who plays. First time they play anyone decent in the knock-out stages they will fold. Rinse and repeat. They are mentally weak like we are.
  13. I was referring to Whisper but we called in there and Hop too.
  14. Had a lovely walk on the hills today. Nice and fresh but no rain 🙏 Now for a few beers. £2 a pint on Wednesdays at the local real ale place.
  15. Just back from 15KM. Face numb with the cold and bloody drenched. Like you say it feels like winter and long range is awful too.
  16. Hope so. Net migration zero is a few decades too late for the UK.
  17. Weather a major major factor - constantly raining and cold. Without my long walks daily it’s fucking depressing here. Always stay here in the summer re weather, but they are becoming a wash-out too. We are gone when my youngest finishes Uni.
  18. Does immigration not concern you?
  19. Wrong. Need more like him and his value will be more now. If Collins and his goals couldn’t get that lot over the line then I’m not sure what would have done. A top psychiatrist maybe.
  20. A major problem? What is wrong with the far right in your opinion?
  21. Predominantly 2 tier-policing. Amongst many other things.
  22. Great speech afterwards which reminded me of Broken Britain too. He will still win the next election. We need another Thatcher to sort out the mess here.
  23. Brum are massive favs. Still a feel good factor around the place with the new owners and investment. They will absolutely piss the league IMO.
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