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  1. This lot ain’t no great shakes at home. 1-1
  2. It’s unlikely but football is exciting again. Its the 3 away games against the bottom teams that give me hope.
  3. When BBC Sport call him a “Super sub” then that’s good enough for me.
  4. Kieran Sadlier. The end.
  5. I think it’s more to do with the place than the cash aspect. Us and a lot of regulars are not going as it’s an awful away day experience. 2K would be commendable, but the southerners will bump it up.
  6. Charles will be missing too for that game in March.
  7. This won’t be easy but if we’re going to mount a play-off push then it’s a must win. 2-1.
  8. Was that pic after the game waiting for “our” train?
  9. On a serious note. Kieran will play a big part in this team, given the chance.
  10. Ignore the boring prick. He’s just a wind up merchant who should be in the library on a Saturday afternoon, not at a football match.
  11. Sexist pig. 😄😄 But you are of course correct…..
  12. We looked very very good today in patches. My God though, they were awful. If it doesn’t rain, we could play at home on a good surface each week we would be in the top 2!!!!!
  13. I’m concerned about these grey areas too. Already worry about the lad on away days as I’m sure a lot of Dads do. There are already potential life changing consequences for minor football indiscretions these days. I’m getting close to sacking aways off personally. I’ve already been thrown out once this season & name taken etc and even the Officer had no idea why. Homes are boring as. Where this will end I don’t know but take lads out of football and I don’t want to go anymore anyway.
  14. This lot haven’t won for well over 2 months. 3-0.
  15. Wind up merchant…… 😀😀
  16. Told you not to bother 😂😂 Nothing town, team and ground. Drop in midweek too. No chance.
  17. Don’t worry, just write it off because we’re on a good run. You are of course correct.
  18. Away themes have developed over this season. Small clubs with no fans and a small stadium, coupled with poor weather/pitch surface and we simply don’t win. Stockport, Fleetwood, Accrington, Hartlepool, Morecambe & now Burton. My God that list is horrifying…..
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