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  1. On hols, so out, but would have definitely gone to this.
  2. Just been looking and this lot are not great away from home. They have won only 2 of their last 8 aways - Doncaster & Cambridge. Generally they are on a little bit of a wobble Still take a point mind……
  3. Little to do around the ground anyway. I’m sure he’ll enjoy himself doing something a little different.
  4. Lads birthday so we’re giving it a try based on your recommendation. Something different I guess.
  5. That was so last season….. 😎😎
  6. Well done Bolton. Time to Party here in The Gambia. 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
  7. Surely the football experience is about the match day atmosphere? It will surely be better therefore with a large away following. FWIW I think we will beat them too.
  8. Best? They won’t bring any more than Ipswich did today. SW & Sun will fill top and bottom.
  9. Could have gone either way but we deserve a bit of luck. Well done Bolton and let’s just hope that breeds a bit of confidence and we can now put a run together. Draw next week and then kick on at home.
  10. Yes you know, or yes it does? 😁😁
  11. Does anyone know if a screenshot of the actual ST on your phone scans the barcode properly on entrance? Thanks.
  12. We play every Tuesday in Feb. Don’t worry though, one of them is away.
  13. Another defeat will really not help but we won’t go down. That said nobody in their worst nightmares could imagine league form of 2/2/9 after the start we had. That’s in addition to embarrassing cup exits from lower league clubs. We must stop the rot ASAP and if that’s a 0-0 draw on Sat then so be it. We desperately need a win from one of the next three games to give us some confidence for the 3 after that which are all biggies in and around us. Confidence is totally shot, we systematically concede first, cannot score or win 50/50’s and the distribution from dead-balls is farcical. We also lack leaders which is a big big problem in times like this. Apart from that all is fine but we will still end the season with breathing space above the drop.
  14. Hardly been this season. One game? Very odd.
  15. Every game recently with the exception of Rotherham we have been favourites and lost. We have to start with a clean sheet. If we don’t achieve that then I fear another defeat.
  16. Not as systematically as we do. Just take a look at our stats of conceding the first goal. It’s staggering and been happening all season long. I agree we cannot finish or score neither but a 0-0 will be a start.
  17. If we concede first, we lose.
  18. You are 100% correct. Leadership is too much for many people. He is one of those. Nobody on that team talks at all. MJ appears more captaincy material to me.
  19. We didn’t. We stopped @ 9-15. 😆
  20. OMG. You cannot say that on here!!!!!! It’s apparently going to be a mid table finish. In all honesty, you will not see an easier away win all season. No leadership whatsoever. Absolutely dreadful, dreadful second half. We really need to avoid defeat on Saturday. Its a start…..
  21. Compare Evatts body language to Ainsworths.
  22. Played ok and don’t deserve to be losing. Score next and we win. Ref will buckle.
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