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  1. 1 out of 2 ain't bad. Hopefully we don't see Zebedee again. MJ undoubtedly improved after the first few games, he was always reliable for keeping possession but in last month or so I thought he improved his range of passing, long and short, instead of always the safe option. Defensive mid is one position we won't be looking to strengthen.
  2. Billy Bodin released by PNE, still only 29. Its nailed on he gets a League One team, wouldn't mind it being us. Then again I was expecting Maddison to be good based on track record so it shows how important it is to have watched a player in the last few months before handing out contracts. No doubt "triallist" will be playing a lot of pre-season friendlies again.
  3. 25/1 for Wycombe, same odds as Fleetwood and Crewe, I'm struggling with that logic. They looked as good as any of the relegated sides and have one of the stand out managers. And nobody's "cup final" so they can go under the radar. My £2 going on them.
  4. And with 10 months interest free, £30 a month for adult ticket in ESL. £7 a week!
  5. Very poor of IE not to point out that we would also need 2 draws. And that 1 of our wins would have to be against Morecambe.
  6. Good point re pre-season, and great to feel normal, or put another way not to be one of the current basket case clubs. Re the retained list, surely those under contract are here next season unless we can sell them (more likely, loan them) and those not under contract are free agents? Yes we can offer the likes of Baptiste another year but nothing to stop him signing for someone else that offers to double his wages. If they are any good and don't get a better offer they will sign for us, but that will be one at a time rather than a "list". Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Great read that, he's got some tale to tell.
  8. It seems fair to assume Neal would have only been aware of him because we played Halifax a few times in the league and the 3 FA Cup games in which Brown stood out and scored. Maybe the course of history would have changed if we hadn't been drawn out of the hat against Halifax! He was a huge influence on us getting promoted to the 2nd tier and everything that followed, not to mention being BSAs assistant. I'm grateful we signed him but I bet not half as grateful as Brownie is that Phil Neal spotted him when he was already nearly 30.
  9. Forgot about club call, but I wasn't a big one for that. I have a vague recollection that people mainly phoned that from their work phones and ran up some huge bills😃
  10. That resonated with me, about scanning the BEN for news of new signings. In those days the only source of such news was the BEN and GMR tea time sports news. In many ways I miss that anticipation, buying the BEN was a big part of most days if there was any hint of a transfer rumoured. We weren't even getting a mention in transfer gossip columns in the tabloids until at least our promotion back to equivalent of championship under Rioch. When I was on holiday even in the UK it was impossible to keep up with any BW "news", I got a week's worth of info when I returned (usually amounting to zil
  11. Top post, especially that last bit.
  12. Great post, we should not forget where we've come from and what might have been, and we won't. Whatever happens from here on, Sharon is a BW legend up there with the others we still hero worship, she deserves permanent recognition in our history. Not just for what she's done for BWFC but the positive personal impact she's had on the Bolton community.
  13. Love that, nice one. My 24 year old son came home from Canada after 2 years last week, sat with him last 2 Saturdays living every minute on edge trying to get promoted. Priceless. Once in a lifetime stuff. Last week, after the Exeter disappointment, I asked my step daughter who's got her own life in Newton with her family, if I should renew her season ticket with mine, she said "of course, I cant imagine ever missing a season". You cant buy that, what a day.
  14. Me too, couldn't agree more.
  15. No idea either, I switched off. Mark Iles has Baptiste MOM FWIW. I think he's been an 8 out of 10 in every game of the unbeaten run, and occasionally Santos, John, Lee or MJ has been an 8.5 or 9; yesterday I thought they were no more than 7's, not their best games for me, so Baptiste MOM.
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