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  1. The membership is a pain in the backside but its been many years since an away following sold out, and anyone could turn up and buy a ticket on the day, even less pay cash on the gate. Possibly that's never happened at this stadium, happy to be corrected. Cambridge on Tuesday night however, if they aren't encouraging anyone and everyone to turn up, its a sad day.
  2. He looks more attack minded that Sheehan to me. Far better scoring ratio, those clips suggest he's more advanced up the field. Sheehan happy to build attacks on the halfway line, I would have thought Morley was more of a Sheehan type. Although who cares, they all bring something different to the table. Attack and midfield looking reassuringly strong now.
  3. Any player who looks to score goals will do for me, we've been lacking those for years, its been a bugbear of mine that our players don't seem to enjoy shooting (that's one reason I enjoyed watching Politic in his brief spell). Sadlier and Charles definitely a step in the right direction and the headers from Sadlier could be a bonus.
  4. I'll give you that! God knows what I was thinking.
  5. I always thought it was "wherever" you may be...anyway, it was great that "we are the B W F C" fit so perfectly into the song, there are hardly any other clubs with 3 syllables in their initials and the likes of Chelsea have to put "famous" in there to make it work. Our's always sounded more authentic and it got sung at the majority of games I was at in the Burnden years.
  6. Every time we score I'm grateful we don't have VAR. That Lee goal v Ipswich would definitely have had a check to kill the moment. And yesterday' unforgettable scenes....Jon Dadi may have been a cm offside and in the keepers eyeline, who knows, but all the celebrations would have been cut short while we waited for a bloke at Stockley Park to look at 15 replays.
  7. They are mitigation factors but some things run through every team from none league to Prem - you need to be good at delivering and attacking set pieces, otherwise you are going to have to make up for it with more open play goals than everyone else. And you need a good keeper to provide a solid base and to give confidence to the defence. IE has a lot of positives and credit in the bank, but its still hard to fathom how poor those areas have been. Aside from being a manager he must have known the importance of these from his long playing career. I'm not sure being new to a division makes any difference.
  8. Yes a huge few weeks coming up, its also 12 games in 6 weeks from next Saturday to Plymouth on 12th March. 7 at home and 5 away, a great chance to make progress now that the squad is stronger, and the fixtures kinder on paper. Only 8 matches left after this busy spell.
  9. That was a great moment, especially in the thick of a relegation battle, and I'm fairly sure our late equalisers are more rare than late winners. Although they never feel as euphoric as a win, there's some extra satisfaction at shutting up the giddy home fans, one minute they're giving it the celebratory songs, the next they go silent and we take over and though its just 1 point it feels like we've got the bragging rights. Very very rare however!
  10. Maybe there have been more than 5 I've seen, I need to check! Last one was Wildschutt at WBA, still makes me smile thinking of it. That donkey managed it again in the next away game, at Reading. And Yourri's winner at Everton, 2004. Tony Caldwell Freight Rover at Wigan, absolute carnage. They are few and far between, definitely none since August 2018 in front of fans, before yesterday. New thread alert.
  11. In 40 odd years the last minute winners away from home that I've seen can be counted on one hand; last time I was at Shrewsbury (Gay Meadow) we scored a last minute winner in front of a packed away terrace. Close range header from Stuart Storer on first day of season. Not long after that we signed their best player, Tony Kelly.
  12. Got to hand it to Morecambe, I think most of us expected them to be relegation certainties, and they might still go down, but they seem to be in great form and scoring goals (Stockton mainly). Our 2 games against them looking like tough games now instead of just a great chance to get some more points on the board. Their manager (Steve Robinson) had a nightmare at Oldham 5 years ago, as everyone does, then got Motherwell to two cup finals in one season.
  13. Johnnyrotten


    Completely agree, Derby's behaviour (cheating) was disgraceful. But it was a few individuals as such not the club as a whole and certainly not the supporters or town. As Neville alluded to, whatever some blokes that just happen to be at a club for a spell do, the fabric of our game and communities should be treated as "listed". I'm not saying that's easy to achieve, but whatever tricks an Anderson or Bassini try to get away with, the "football family" has to find a way to keep the clubs intact if at all possible. We're only another bad owner away from being the next Derby or Bury in a few years time, it shouldn't be allowed to get to that stage, and Neville put it better than I can.
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