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  1. Agreed, quality player with class on the ball and bite in the tackle. Criminal of Hill to put him in defence. Also captain material which over the last few years has been few and far between. The only others in that category in recent times are Gary O'Neill and Karl Henry, that I can recall.
  2. They seem to be one of those clubs that just doesn't do famous players either on their way up or on their way down. The only exception I can think of is John Fashanu, 36 games and 11 goals 83-84. I was surprised their record transfer fee received was £500k for Gareth Ainsworth in the 90s and even more so that the buyers were the mighty Port Vale.
  3. Presumably this could virtually rule out any games in England at professional or amateur level on Saturday, it may even extend to other sports and events. There's every chance England won't finish runners up, making that day virtually football free. Not sure why we couldn't play Sunday about 2pm but I'm sure they'll have their reasons.
  4. Scotland have qualified for Euro 2024 play offs, by winning a few games in the 2nd division of the Nations League. They had a win v Ireland, 2 wins v Armenia and a win and draw against Ukraine. If they are dishing out Euro qualifying for winning Nations League games, surely that should be only if you're in the top division. I may have misunderstood this but to me it looks like you'd be better getting yourself relegated to play worse opposition and improve your chances of getting in play offs. Wales will have a great chance next time after relegation but Scotland probably no chance after promotion??
  5. They had a fantastic team and I enjoyed watching them, but looking at their average crowds they never even got 15k in their best era and it wasn't long before their crowds more than halved.
  6. I'd missed that. Just read an Unsworth quote: "I genuinely think this club is a sleeping giant, one that can climb up not just one league, but 2 or 3, in a short space of time". God knows what his idea of a sleeping giant is, but good luck to him. I might be revisiting that quote in 18 months because if he can get even in the top half of the National League in that time he's done a great job, unless they get a Wrexham/Stockport type benefactor.
  7. Bilic only got 18 months, so its basically promotion or he's out with best part of a year's comp. If they go up, they'll struggle (as he did at WBA) and when he gets sacked before Christmas they'll only have to pay up a few months.
  8. I watched the game today not knowing the score (back from holiday) and you played well. Not sure it was championship quality overall, thought Ipswich looked very average and I'd expect us to beat them at home if they played like that. I know he scored but Ladapo looks a bit laboured. 2 superb strikes for your goals, they look like 2 quality players. Ipswich fans as quiet as they always are here, a strange bunch with a lack of passion.
  9. After 7 games PNE had achieved a record 7 clean sheets from the start of the season, a fantastic achievement. 3 home games later and 1 point, they have scored 3 goals in 10 games. Chants of "you don't know what you're doing" when substitutions were made. Talk about small margins.
  10. Aimson a more than capable stand in, and less likely to do a Port Vale/Plymouth style game changing moment. Re MJ, he's great, but any choice of Morley, Dempsey, Lee, Tomo, Dapo, Sheehan, Sadlier brings other qualities and more of an attacking threat and in the case of Morley, Sheehan, Sadlier someone you'd want to be taking your set pieces.
  11. I don't see that at all, other than Trafford for obvious reasons. I don't see another outfield player we rely on, I used to think Morley and Dapo were automatic picks and that's been well and truly disproved. Santos was vital today against Clarke-Harris but we won't come up against him every week. Williams has some qualities others don't but if he was replaced we would have more of a threat going forward. The best thing about this squad for me is we don't rely on any one player. If Posh lose Clarke-Harris can they replace him? Can Sheff Wed cover for Bannan? We have cover in every position except keeper.
  12. Joke of a KO time on a Saturday. As for the result, if you'd offered me 100/1 for Rotherham to be above Watford, WBA and Boro after 10 games I wouldn't have had a fiver on it, especially after their top scorer went to Sheff Wed and Ladapo went to Ipswich. Hats off to them, and it definitely gives hope to us that if/when we go up, its possible to compete. Not to mention that Wigan have won the most away games in that league (I'd love us to have that ability to win a game when you're 2nd best, hopefully it won't last). Boro - Chris Wilder having his first struggle as a manager, will be interesting to see how much patience Steve Gibson has.
  13. Yes, surprised to see he's played for Bury and Oldham, 8 years ago. I'm not sure what the definition of "journeyman" is but his record is outstanding in the last 3 years. 72 goals in 133 games, and some of them that I've seen on TV were absolute class. Scored 20+ in the Championship for struggling teams. If he played for us he'd get a bagful this season, and he wouldn't have to come up against Santos again!
  14. I was as impressed with us today as I have been with any win (after a dodgy first 20 minutes that we got away with). Last 70 minutes I thought we were superb, combining great battling with some outstanding passing at pace. Williams, Thomasson had a bit of everything in their game (apart from shooting obviously!), Jones was immense, I always think he'll get outpaced or be found wanting at times, but he comes out on top 9 times out of 10 and his passing was back to his best today. Santos just outstanding. Charles took half an hour to get into the game but really came to life and must be a nightmare to play against (a goal wouldn't go amiss though). Bradley is at times just different class, sometimes I think his main strength of doing things really quickly is also his downfall, occasionally too rushed and lacking a bit of composure, as maybe shown by his miss. Overall, they were good but we were better, and its not often we've been able to say that. A tremendous, fully deserved win.
  15. I'll be surprised if Bruce is still at WBA after the international break. 1 win in 9, Norwich away this week and then the traditional period for changing managers. And Sean Dyche wont be available forever.
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