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  1. My memory isn't what it was, but I'm sure I remember Dixon pinging a few 40 yard passes to feet, I bet as a kid he could play as an outfield player. Apologies if I'm wrong. Trafford's kicking is average at best, I've no problem with that, he's a keeper not an outfield player. Just clear the damn thing! But not booting it into touch wouldn't go amiss.
  2. Yes last time I went to an away game they had a thing called a ticket office, wierd concept, it was an office that sold tickets. You youngsters wouldn't understand, there were people there, you could speak to them and everything 😁
  3. I agree, not sure why we need to loan a keeper, as that takes up a loan spot, there must be plenty of experienced keepers that are 2nd choice that would love to be No 1 for us next season. I'm not seeing him as a ball player, kicking is worse than for eg Dixon. Anyway its really not a problem, if we keep him great, if he gets a better gig good luck to him and we sign another keeper, its not like he's got 10 shots a game coming at him like Matthews had.
  4. I still don't see him being No 1 for a championship side next season, I'm really not seeing the amazing keeper I keep reading about. He's good for us, no more, no less, not championship level for me yet, put simply I need to see more good saves. Rather than the type of goals Charlton have scored against us (home and away), and those at Plymouth, Shrewsbury etc. If we don't go up, I'd expect him to be either back here or at City as maybe 3rd choice. Happy to be proved wrong, not for the first time.
  5. Thanks both. I'm not getting far TBH, don't even have the option to buy one now, I'll have a pint and try again later. Then just go to the ticket office tomorrow probably (unless phone lines back on in morning). But cheers anyway.
  6. I know this has been covered previously but I can't recall which thread, so any help appreciated. I'm trying to get 2 tickets for Wycombe and have got a number of S/T holders in my "network". As soon as I select 1 ticket, the rest is greyed out, as if that's the maximum I can buy. How do I get 2 seats? (together). I've only ever bought away tickets over the phone before but lines still closed.
  7. I'm with you on that. Its a pain trying to get a ticket in ESL, which is frustrating given the number of empty seats even when its "packed" like v Derby. I'm as guilty as the next for buying a kids ST for £35 knowing it would be used 3 or 4 times. If it was double that price, which would be perfectly reasonable, I wouldn't have bought it, and someone could have used that seat on a game by game basis. Instead of maybe not going to the game at all because ESL where their mates sit, is sold out. That isn't a moan, I'm fully behind whatever the club decides, just giving another take on it.
  8. Just tried ringing ticket office, for both home and away tickets (different options) and it says "ticket office phone lines are closed until further notice" - something to do with protecting staff from Covid. Anybody know anything about this, or been to ticket office in person this week?
  9. I'd be lieing if I claimed to have noticed he's significantly improved, I thought he was good before, had a great start to the season, and he looks to have just carried that on when recalled. I admit I don't pay huge attention to all the defensive work, but I wouldn't put him in the same bracket as Williams or Dempsey on that front, or Bradley, who all make loads of challenges and interceptions. Morley excels in possession more than those 3, always has done, and probably the only midfielder we have with a decent shot, now that Dapo and Sadlier have gone (I may have forgotten someone).
  10. TBF how many players get the luxury of a solid run in the team to prove themselves? Such a luxury wasn't afforded to Baka or Sadlier for eg, they got 10 minutes here and there to prove themselves, others got game after game even if they weren't performing (Kachunga, Charles). The likes of Bradley, Toal and now Shoretire showed their quality from the off, Dempsey was definitely a slow burner, and he's showing his quality now. Morley getting dropped for so long was nearly as strange as John, not saying he should never be rested, but he didn't play for about 2 months, what was all that about.
  11. Forgive me Farrelli I just couldn't take any more
  12. If Stoke manage to finish below 3 of Birmingham, Rotherham, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Blackpool and Wigan, with a 7 point lead over the last 3, I'll sing Delilah on the town hall steps 😁
  13. Don't know if I'm just getting old but that's what strikes me now about transfer news & gossip, whether its our league or Prem, I've never heard of 90% of them. We're supposed to get excited when Chelsea spend £80mil on the next sensation and they may as well be signing a gymnast for all the impact it has on me.
  14. A couple of very familiar faces from ESL, and going back to Burnden Terrace days and away days in Phil Neal era etc.
  15. I've noticed him last few weeks, what a quality player.
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