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  1. Just checked the goalscorers from that season and although we had some painful goal droughts, there were a lot of regular scorers: Vela, Madine, Clough, Wheater all got 9, Beevers 7, ALF 6, Spearing 3. We also had the assists of Ameobi pre-Xmas and Morais post Xmas. This team now looks better in so many ways but being a potent goal threat either from open play or set pieces is a concern.
  2. Strange one Mullin. As recently as early 2020 he was at Tranmere and spent the preceding season in the conference. He only scored 8 goals for them in 42 games after 6 in 40 for Swindon. It would be a big gamble to give him a 3 year deal like Wrexham have after just 1 good season. I'm sure he'll enjoy playing left wing for Parky.
  3. Thanks Paul, that's the first time I've seen any clips of either of those ties and to this day I regret not going to the replay, I had to go football training. That crowd of 22,799 (approx 22k home fans) was 3 times our normal home crowd and we didn't know at the time we'd never see that many at Burnden again.
  4. Thanks for the tip. The Big Match is great nostalgia and memories. Some of the actual football is ponderous and laboured, and if it was the main match the "highlights" didn't disguise how poor it was, showing non event corners, throw ins and the like. I also loved the post match interviews, they just said it as it was, and if they weren't in the mood they mumbled short answers. No media training in those days. Another noticeable thing is the lack of away fans for many games, virtual silence when away goals were scored, and when the match finished there was no clapping of the crowd and hugs
  5. Will be interesting to see if Boris's latest announcement (2 jabs needed to enter venues where large crowds gather) is applied to football crowds. I'm unclear if "outdoor" events are exempt, but so much time is spent on the concourses etc I'd be surprised.
  6. Its a sad state of affairs but imagine the fallout (racist or otherwise) if Sterling had missed the decisive pen. I wouldn't blame any player for not wanting to take the last pen in these days of twitter etc hatred, and if they happen to be one of those players who "divides opinion" and/or isn't white, even more so. Southgate's choice of Saka for any pen, never mind the last one, beggars belief.
  7. Agree with that. Looks every bit a journeyman, he'll probably score a dozen but they'll be wondering how to get rid of him in a couple of years.
  8. Supporting England is completely different emotionally to BWFC. This is "fun", not unlike getting behind the England cricket team or the GB Olypmic athletes. Great while its on, and once its finished, its over, forgotten about within days by most of us. BWFC is a way of life, there are consequences to failure. If we had lost a few games in March, we'd have been looking at going out of the league, the club's very existence can be in doubt with a few bad years. No such worries for England, its all fun, no real failure, like being the fan of a top 8 club. What is great about Englan
  9. 1 month to sell another 1,000 then, must be doable. Feelgood factor if England win tomorrow may not have a direct impact on BWFC but nationally it can only help get a few more fans on board for the new season. And for the first time in 3 years, after yesterday's announcement, anyone buying a BW S/T now is guaranteed to see some actual games (for the foreseeable).
  10. Agree with your general point about ex players etc, but that's a bit harsh on Basham! Sheff U were poor last season but they've had 2 or 3 fantastic years before that and Basham has been a huge part of that, always looks like one of their better players to me. Coincidentally another ex BW (loan) player is there, Kean Bryan, and yeah he's not Prem standard in a million years but I'd happily have him back for league one.
  11. Johnnyrotten


    Apologies if mentioned elsewhere but Swindon the latest to be in the mire. No manager, pre-season delayed, only got 8 players and they haven't paid rent on their ground for a year. The new manager (John McGreal) left after a month and the players weren't paid in June. Doubts over a takeover going ahead...etc etc, all depressingly familiar, just glad its not us any more.
  12. I liked him too, decent player, good character and scored a few. I wouldn't have had Baptiste down as an Evatt type really, but in the 2nd half of the season (after a poor first half) he became an integral part. Its not impossible that Wheater could have had the same impact, and we might have gone up sooner with him being a fairly regular scorer below the championship, even in his dire time at Oldham he scored 4 goals.
  13. Agree with that. If the goal is anything like borderline for offside, great goals like our's yesterday feel maybe one up from getting a penalty. Its great, but you haven't actually scored it until they kick off again. Watching the Ukraine winner v Sweden as a neutral, another great and dramatic goal, I was just waiting for them to say there was a VAR review and felt like their celebrations were premature. So glad there's no VAR for Bolton games.
  14. Goosebumps seeing them from Manny Road when they were on for a night match. At away games I was always surprised how poor other floodlights were in comparison even at iconic grounds like Anfield and OT, it made me appreciate our's even more.
  15. I'd feel happier if he looked just a little less like our previous keeper! https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18624478.bolton-sign-former-everton-target-billy-crellin-loan-fleetwood/
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