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  1. Most were, ironically the one Iredale took wasn't bad, even beat the first man and didn't overhit it! We are used to poor corners, but not the complete lack of urgency in getting the game played. If we're chasing a goal in a home game near the 90th minute, I usually see some urgency, sprinting to take corners and throw-ins. Cogley, Jones, Morley all looking up for it, irrespective of quality delivery or not. Saturday was like the last 10 minutes of a pre-season friendly, literally going through the motions other than Dempsey.
  2. It really is unfathomable. We see mistakes in other games, poor play and poor defending eg that awful pass back by a Crawley player that nearly gave Crewe a penalty. But I just can't recall seeing another professional game of football, with something at stake, have so little energy, appetite, desire, fight, urgency. Yet it came as no big surprise, that's not the first time is it? As others mentioned, Iredale strolling over to take the corner summed the whole performance up. That were loads of shouts of "come on" etc at that stage, which could be interpreted as "come on whites, we can still make a game of this" but was actually folk shouting "come on Iredale, show a bit of interest and urgency, get the corner taken, do you know we're losing?". A truly bizarre and embarrassing match, given how many people have watched that all over the UK and beyond.
  3. As much as I enjoyed the buzz of the concourse (lower tier), it was a bit claustrophobic with the numbers in there, the beer garden of The Torch was decent and relatively spacious as numbers were controlled. If I had to go to Wembley in winter I'd feel differently but great weather yesterday for being outside until near kick off time.
  4. Its a shame the result/performance overshadows everything, but generally the experience of the day upto about 4.30pm was great. We might not be back for 20 years. Yes there were knobheads/piss pots, but the joie de vivre or whatever you want to call it, was special. Everyone on a high, enjoying the carnival atmosphere from getting on the tube at Ickenham and it gradually filling up at every stop with whites fans, the bedlam of coming out of Wembley Park to a sea of Whites, the atmosphere in and around The Torch (I didn't venture far), walking up Wembley way seeing faces I'd not seen for months or years, the unbelievable sight of 32k of our fans, most of them buzzing to be there, touching promotion. I remember commenting at 4pm how I just wanted this positivity and high to still be there at the end of the game. Going from a great high to the lowest low within half an hour is something we'll all struggle to come back from. But we did have the high, those days out at Wembley are great and whenever the next one is, I'd love to be there.
  5. Honestly not having a pop at IE because I know exactly what he's contributed to this club, and I thank him for what he's done. But if I heard tomorrow he's off, I'd be out of my post-Wembley depression in a flash. In fact I'd say its almost worth not going up, to have the possibility of getting a better manager in (if we're honest the championship could have been a car crash with this squad and with IE's tactics). If they say he's signed a new deal, I'd think Sharon and co were rewarding failure - that's not going to happen surely? I respect all opinions, but if the target is promotion rather than stability/nice football, after the last two years I just don't get why anyone would be in two minds unless its a fear that we we'll fail to find a decent alternative.
  6. 17 out of first 31 at home and only Oxford and Pompey of the recognised "tough" away games. Not downplaying some of the excellent performances in those 31 games, just that if the aim is top 2 you have to be able to pick up wins in at least some of the big games, obviously.
  7. If we're talking about ex Bolton players (which I don't go along with anyway, but just joining in) I'd take Leam Richardson before any of the others mentioned. I'm not counting his relegation at Rotherham because everyone gets them relegated/promoted, but he did a superb job down the road and has always come across as the sort of decent chap that Sharon would approve of.
  8. And the evidence is that if you give him till Christmas, and we are in the top 6, it will be 3 of the others that are also in the top 6 that will find a way to get the critical results to get over the line. Looking at the managers of the 3 relegated clubs (Duff, Evans, Mowbray or Rowett?) they are all going to be Derby/Pompey/Oxford/Sheff Wed/Rotherham of previous season clones - physical, dark arts, tactically astute, set pieces etc etc. They won't get beaten very often by an IE team unfortunately, I'd love to think we could beat them with our style of football but I know I'm kidding myself if I think that.
  9. PNE fan I work with says they couldn't wait to get rid of him, and without checking his record he seems to sacked by a lot of teams. And seems like a miserable git too, which wouldn't exactly lift the mood! On Nolan, I hate the thought of legends that we all love having to put up with getting stick and being booed when we lose 3 on the spin. Its like going into business with one of your mates, it will be fine for a bit then if and when its time to part, its all a bit awkward and the relationship never recovers. Owen Coyle etc.
  10. That feels like being indecisive. We were 2nd in late Feb with just 14 games to go, it got us into the play offs. We know we can beat the teams we are supposed to beat most weeks. Its the not being able to win the big games that renders all that meaningless, and if the fixtures in the first 10 games are kind to us, of course we'll be right up there. That misses the point of why IE isn't going to get us in the top 2, and its not a new thing, its been obvious for 2 years.
  11. I don't want to wade in on IE, its all been said well by others on here. But personally a new start, getting rid of all that baggage of being incapable of beating half decent and/or rivals, would put a spring in my step for next season and I'm fairly sure many other fans. The thought that we might not be watching the walking football and the over reliance on Tomo/Sheehan/ Cogley/Santos/Charles (and Jones and Toal out of position), week in week out regardless of form or opposition is something that right now feels very appealing. Thanks for what you've done for BWFC, good luck in your next job.
  12. Its one or the other, you can't have both.
  13. If for arguments sake IE wants Ogbeta for a L1 season, but wants better for the championship, it could be a strange day for him and some other players tomorrow. There will be some who's only hope of pulling on a white shirt and getting a decent contract next season is if we lose. That bit of winning promotion has always been something I've struggled to get my head round, they all celebrate like they've won the world cup on the day, but they are signing their own exits at the same time. Not that I care, just chat to waste time 😀
  14. Agreed. Its my (elderly) mum's birthday tomorrow and there's a family gathering, some travelling from the midlands and others more locally. Me, my son, one of my brothers, nephew and step daughter will be at Wembley, it was never in doubt for me but I get that others would face more "persuasion" from family members who simply wouldn't get it. We often get visits from family on Saturday afternoons when BW are away and its a complete pain in the arse trying to explain why I'm not very sociable between 3 and 5pm. It must be a wierd concept for non football fans to grasp, and its impossible to explain if its not ingrained in you.
  15. Its who you know etc; Graham Alexander was his manager at Fleetwood when they got promoted about 8 years ago and he scored the winner at Wembley. He'll probably help to get Bradford up in the next year or 2 - then sign for another Div 2 team, he's not done Salford yet.
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