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  1. Agreed. Aimson played well in most games I saw, but when we play with wingbacks he has to build play a lot more than a CB would in a flat back 4. That's not his game, but he's got loads of qualities, same with Johnston.
  2. Not sure where you got that from, Sadlier is nowhere near being a wing back. He just looks better at beating a man than Fossey, for me. I enjoyed watching Fossey play for us, and he's a good character, but that applies to loads of other players in this squad too. He didn't stand out to me any more than a lot of our other attacking players but we all see things differently. I stand by that his main quality is pace, which is fantastic, but only really works if the opposition don't match it.
  3. It will be interesting to see where Fossey ends up, I don't personally see him being a championship level player. Much of the good he did for us was down to his pace, which was great for us, but helped greatly by the lack of pace in Lge 1. In games when he was up against a full back that matched him, I can remember being underwhelmed by his play, lacking the quality to beat a man or to get a quality pass/cross in, often turning back, unlike Sadlier who could beat his man. In the championship I'd expect him to be found out against quicker full backs, but good luck to him, unless its at Wigan obviously. But if its Wigan I'd be encouraged that they are signing players unproven at that level.
  4. He could be a poor manager but still get promoted, thanks to having a better team/budget than the others, potentially. Scott Parker got 2 promotions in 3 seasons, does anyone know if he's the real deal or would anyone have got Fulham and Bournemouth up? Can't be compared to the achievements of a Wilder or Cooper, but he'll probably get more plaudits if he succeeds, hopefully he doesn't.
  5. If the purpose of this is to speed the game up, which I'm sure most of us would be in favour of, why don't they just give you 10 seconds or whatever maximum for a throw? We'd be spared all that drying the ball, getting the big lads into the box while they attempt a 30 yard throw. I'd be in favour of firing them off as we can neither defend nor attack them * * If we sign Andy Carroll and Mitrovic, ignore the above.
  6. I know where you're coming from - so that its not the same as a free kick - but its a great excuse for a defensive minded team to keep putting it in touch if the opposition have to go backwards.
  7. They've got Peacock Farrell and Wayne Hennessey (assuming they're still under contract?). If they don't want either of those I'd be happy for them to come here. Trafford isn't going to be first choice in the championship at 19 surely, and no point going there to be 2nd or 3rd choice.
  8. Not sure about last year but in 2020/21 under Valerian Ismael, when they got to the play offs, they were all about physicality, long throws, in your face football. Obviously it worked for him there, and failed at WBA last season. Last year Barnsley had an unknown Austrian upto November then an unknown (to me) Swedish-Iranian till April so who knows what style they ended up with!
  9. I started to watch it not expecting it to grab me, but I'm a sucker for old rarely seen, colour footage from the 60s etc. Not just football related but Glasgow ship yards and blokes on nights out in pubs etc (they all looked about 50 and were probably in their 20s). Great if you like reminiscing.
  10. Let's hope that turns out to be as strange an appointment as it seems. Only managed Malmo for 2 seasons in recent times, expect a few Scandinavian signings.
  11. Good appointment by them, I would expect them to be top 6 with Duff, although no doubt he'll have to make a lot of changes to the squad first.
  12. Stephens was in my step daughter's year at school, in Deane. We always hoped to see him in a Wanderers shirt before he retires, no sentiment and all that, but he's a quality footballer if he's still got his fitness.
  13. As a traditionalist, I was pleasantly surprised that Sunderland and Sheff Wed both played in their striped home kits for both legs of the play offs, and both had what looked like identical coloured black shorts and dark socks too. I'd have thought that was as hard to distinguish for the colour blind person as Newcastle v Sunderland.
  14. Agreed. If the season started tomorrow I'd be more than happy with our squad, apart from the obvious (keeper). Any other improvements are a bonus, especially now that the injury list has largely cleared. 1st games last year, Doyle the lone striker, Delf still a regular back up and Sarcevic a regular. I'm not going to get concerned if we don't sign Fossey etc, we'll be properly competitive from the off this time and its not often we've thought that recently.
  15. That seems unbelievable. I was passing that stadium a few weeks ago and its basically an athletics track with a couple of small stands. Capacity 3,500. Sunderland will take loads but Rangers will swarm the place especially on a Saturday. Crazy, pointless fixture. And how cringey is "the Lads"?
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