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  1. Fleetwood Youth (u18’s) play ours at the Academy in the morning, they’re all staying to watch the match afterwards, that will double their support.
  2. 4Things That We Saw/Learned at Burton :- Their crazy corner 😂 Doggy Daycare sponsor everything Charles goal was class “Youre just a shit Billy Crellin” sung to their keeper who was having a blinder
  3. Santos still down on one knee when they kicked off just about sums up our complacency. they’re up for it, game over?
  4. I’m not joking, there’s more of us than them!
  5. Just bought tickets, they got about 100 left, got to collect from ticket office . that’s about 1500 going
  6. I’m having a bit of 5/4 for home win, I think that’s decent value with the team we got out.
  7. MJ and his one touch brilliance created our goal, class!
  8. Lots of good stuff been said, things I would add: Trafford got a great kick on him, that punt for our goal. Fab play out from the back at times. Great high press at times. we have got a real “variety” of players now with complimentary strengths they couldn’t live with our one touch passing.
  9. i LOVE one touch football me 😍
  10. Loads of people trying to buy tikits at tikit office, it’s a shambles 😩
  11. Sunlan bringing 5000, plus a few without tikits I suspect
  12. Well we are 12 months on and it’s now time for your predictions again! i wasn’t far wrong last year, I said we would finish top, let’s face it we should have!!! i thort I’d bring this thread back as it makes good reading, sort the wheat from the chaff kind of thing. Our style of play to this point last season gave me hope that if IE recruited well in January then we would come good, he did and we did. However this time round I’m not so confident, so I’ll go for a steady 9th place finish. Dont get me wrong I’m still positive that IE will get us up to the championship, it’s just gonna take a bit more time, maybe a bit longer than some of yous will allow. so take a chill pill, work it out, n give me ur predictions? A bit of reasoning would be appreciated.
  13. I agree that it may have been IE making a point last night. FV need to dig deeper to allow us to make the progress required. im ultra confident that IE will sort if allowed to do so, he’s a young mgr still learning, but he’s hungry for success, we need to back him with cash. Also, if u knew we would be mid table in L1 twelve months ago then who wouldn’t be fully behind IE now?
  14. Lovely summers evening, wide pitch at Leyland ; world beater Wnter evening under floodlights against stumpers ; ? Ive seen enough! Ok I’m being harsh but I need to see more end product from the lad in future, I’m sure he will get more chances to prove me wrong and I really hope that he does.
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