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  1. If this were a boxing match the ref would av stopped it
  2. I know a few people from Blackpool area so I can’t sit on the fence on this one, come on Lincoln. 😃 Lincoln out singing Blackpool, to be expected I suppose. Fatty Madine just had a free header from a corner, managed to jump about 3 inches off the ground.
  3. Deserves his own thread. Deserves a three year deal. im so pleased about thIs, he can make things happen on the pitch, he can change a game. Just hope he realises that the hard work has only just begun, he’s got a great opportunity to become a regular championship (or higher?) player if he keeps taking players on and doesn’t become complacent like some others before him. well chuffed, get in.
  4. Remember folks, rock and roll never dies!
  5. No wonder it spread thru Europe like wildfire, they were all cuddling in the covid car
  6. Have we ever lost to San Marino?
  7. I’ve got an outfit like that, used to wear it to the red lion at four lane ends
  8. Ours, poor mans tom grennan, big drift in betting now
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