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  1. Dean Moxey playing for Torquay v Derby in fa cup now, aged 36 I think, he used to play for derby so he must be buzzin to be playing against them at this stage if his career. I may get slated but I always rated him quite highly when he played for us, found him to be solid n dependable. It’s sunny on the south coast today
  2. 5 Things to Look Out For if you’re going to Victory Park today. 1/ The Pitch. New grounds man started just after the pre season friendly with us when the grass was patchy and too long. He’s worked wonders in a short time and pitch looks fantastic now. 2/ Connor Hall. Likeable ex Wanderer is slimmer and fitter than ever, scoring for fun this season. 3/ A Pint. Have a pint in the sunshine whilst watching the match. 4/ Ustabasi. Chorley player who has pushed further forward this season and getting into the box more, quick and skilful, enjoy his performance, will probably score. 5/ Ice Cream. Celebrate a home win with a cheeky ice cream at Fredericks on the A6 after the game. Believe me, it’s worth queing for. ENJOY YOUR DAY 😁
  3. Wheats played full 90 mins for Darlington, not unduly extended, as you would expect he dominated in the air and was dangerous at set pieces, he was knakerd at the end! Connor Hall scored a breakaway goal when he beat the offside trap, he’s looking fitter and sharper this season. Went off in 75th minute as Marcus Madison was introduced for Darlington. He looked back in love with football and seemed raring to go, didn’t have enough time to alter the game but showed a couple of nice touches.
  4. Well done for sorting a plane, sounds like a well executed plan! have a fab day!!! 👌🏼✈️🤞
  5. Evatt needs to man-up, he was whinging like a chick all afternoon. 😂
  6. Pitch looking good, bar open, should be interesting test for Chorley who won 4-1 at Euxton this week, what’s not to like?
  7. Hope and Glory Stadium
  8. Fleetwood Youth (u18’s) play ours at the Academy in the morning, they’re all staying to watch the match afterwards, that will double their support.
  9. 4Things That We Saw/Learned at Burton :- Their crazy corner 😂 Doggy Daycare sponsor everything Charles goal was class “Youre just a shit Billy Crellin” sung to their keeper who was having a blinder
  10. Santos still down on one knee when they kicked off just about sums up our complacency. they’re up for it, game over?
  11. I’m not joking, there’s more of us than them!
  12. Just bought tickets, they got about 100 left, got to collect from ticket office . that’s about 1500 going
  13. I’m having a bit of 5/4 for home win, I think that’s decent value with the team we got out.
  14. MJ and his one touch brilliance created our goal, class!
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