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  1. If this were a boxing match the ref would av stopped it
  2. I know a few people from Blackpool area so I can’t sit on the fence on this one, come on Lincoln. 😃 Lincoln out singing Blackpool, to be expected I suppose. Fatty Madine just had a free header from a corner, managed to jump about 3 inches off the ground.
  3. Deserves his own thread. Deserves a three year deal. im so pleased about thIs, he can make things happen on the pitch, he can change a game. Just hope he realises that the hard work has only just begun, he’s got a great opportunity to become a regular championship (or higher?) player if he keeps taking players on and doesn’t become complacent like some others before him. well chuffed, get in.
  4. Blackpool going up for me, u knew that when they let mj go. this game ain’t a good advert for L2 but I suppose there’s too much at stake for good football. Spearing was, is , always has been absolute shyte. That’s all folks
  5. I might class a good level differently to u
  6. It’s a great feeling , gonna enjoy my day with a smug smile on my face 🙃
  7. A BIG well done to gilks for stepping into the breach when he did, he’s made a massive difference to our performances and long may it continue. id be happy to go with him again next season but we will have to see what happens. quick mention for BC, presume he’s gone back to Fleetwood now, good luck to the lad, sorry it didn’t work out, he’s got the best feet in L2 and I’ve no doubt he will play at a good level in the future, I’ll certainly go to watch him and give him a cheer when he plays local.
  8. On our promotion? I was looking at a mahoosive payday if we had won the league, best odds I got was 200/1 back in January. Of course , I realised that was a tall order so I covered my stakes by backing us for promotion, ended up about a grand in front. Note - i don’t condone betting and u shud always stop when u get bored blah blah blah 😃 how did u do?
  9. Remember when they used to let us attend matches? well, last night at the stadium was better than a attending a match! what a laugh, great scenes, terrific atmosphere. Coach arrived two minutes after my last post, think Doyle managed to get off before police made the coach drive off over safety concerns, coach parked up on Chorley New rd opposite settles bakery for a while whilst they cleared the entrance
  10. Great atmosphere ere coach here in 2 mins this is gonna be fun
  11. Up at the stadium waiting for the coach, about 80 here
  12. See yall up at the stadium ta-Raa
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