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  1. 6 years ago. youll be singing it all day now 😂
  2. That’ll do. job done. keep it tight Tuesday, stifle them then nick a goal n it’s over.
  3. Well that was shocking by their keeper, just after he done a fab save
  4. All of a sudden the game has opened up, owt could happen…
  5. Maghoma , that was beautiful!
  6. No probs, we’ll just have to wait n see
  7. The old fool has put his job n reputation on the line trying to appease sir soft starmer in covering up the cracks in the Labour Party. He will quit soon. many hypocrites on here quite rightly holding the tories to account but making excuses for their favourites, can’t have it both ways. Anyone with half a brain knows that Labour sleaze will be far worse than anything the torques have done, but hey-ho you’ll just have to live, learn n regret
  8. I took my lad to his first away game, versus Leicester City, we got whupped 5-3 if I remember rightly. How the hell we lost I’ll never know! Shout out to Anyone on here taking their kid to their first away game tonight.
  9. Ruba Mustafa


    They’re paying a bit more than that, not much less than us, their top earner on £400 or so 😂 the problem seems to be that the old bury fc fans are upset that they set up a new team afc bury n now they are merging there’s a boardroom battle for control so still more infighting to come, hope they get sorted so they can focus on football n moving up the leagues
  10. Slow as fuck. It was SOCO caught him next day when they came to dust the car
  11. Aww I’m sorry to see him go, he’s my favourite player and I’m gonna miss his one touch wizardry. He played a big part in getting us out of the shit and I’ll always remember and be grateful for that. Best wishes n good luck fella!
  12. Might as well do away with VAR if that’s the kind of wrong decisions they’re making
  13. Evatt will have learned a lot from this, that at least 4 of his signings aren’t good enough for where we want to be, big summer coming up, he’s going to be busy
  14. Connell shouldn’t have even been on the pitch, anyone playing with their shirt tucked in deserves to be sent off
  15. When I saw MJ going back up the tunnel after half time I knew we were fucked
  16. They thoroughly deserve their lead. get Williams n Thomason off. get MJ on n Anyone else I don’t care! Just someone!
  17. Barnsley came with a game plan and executed it well, so fair play to them. However, were only half way thru and we will go there with our own plan so it’s still all to play for. If you don’t score goals then u don’t win games, we were fortunate that Charles sniffed one out, otherwise we were never gonna net yesterday and that’s my main worry in the return. great to see Connell enjoying himself and playing with purpose and skill, I’m so pleased for him! I’m also glad that he got a haircut. im just gonna enjoy the next game whether we win or lose coz i know this team will be better n stronger next season whatever league we are in.
  18. Ruba Mustafa


    They’ve fucked it up n missed out on promotion from north west counties however I think they’re planning on another vote to secure the merger n get back to gigg?
  19. We need to set off like a train! get at them early, ruffle them, bang some shots at that kid keeper if he’s playing? Tother keeper Lynch used to be on our books a long time ago. make no mistake, they will be up for it. just hope we keep our heads n play our game.
  20. The birds don’t sing ; they screech in pain. watched two episodes of BEEF , looking forward to watching some more tonight. There’s 10 episodes on Netflix, it’s v good.
  21. Some great hints, tips n info on here! so in summary, it may be best to either go down on the day or go down the day before and stop over either for one or two nights. Or u could go there n back in a day. Travel ether by car, mini bus, coach or train. Get in the ground early or late, drink local or away from the venue!😂 my preference is actually to suggest an area close to a tube station a few stops from Wembley and meet up there late morning with the first to arrive to find a good boozer, catch the tube about 2 pm, works for me. Anyway, whatever u do next time, hope u have a great time! (Again) see u in May
  22. What went Right, What Went Wrong and What Will You Do Differently Next Time we are at Wembley?
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